Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Reunification Of Spederline?

While mama Britney Spears has been bizzy taking meetings with billionaires and putting the finishing touches on her guest appearance on How I Met Your Mother, her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James have been having a grand ol' time with their daddy Kevin Federline in the meantime. I have to admit, The Federline has really been stepping up in the "OK guy" category regarding his kids and his ex-wife Britney. Here is a pic of K-Fed and his sons enjoying a lovely day with their nanny and bodyguard at the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific earlier this week:

I am so happy that K-Fed has stopped being a douche bag and has started acting like a grown ass man. I've been so impressed with his commitment to his children and his commitment to working with Britney so that she can spend much needed time with her children. It's amazing how many strides both Brit and K-Fed have made in recent months (in Brit's case) and years (in K-Fed's case). It looks like they've finally both started to grow up. [Source]

Additionally, here are a couple of supercute pics of Jayden James making his way out of My Gym in the arms of his nanny yesterday:

Photo credit: X17

I cannot believe how big he's gotten already. I understand that Britney may be enjoying an overnight visit with her sons for Mother's Day this weekend, something that K-Fed would have to allow. Truth be told, I've been so impressed with K-Fed lately that I wouldn't necessarily mind if he and Britney started hanging out together again with their kids. They may have been a bit of a mess the first time they got together but maybe they can get it right this time around. Yeah, I can't even believe I'm saying this either.