Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Two Bad

We all know that The Joker (played by the late Heath Ledger) is the big bad in the Batman sequel, The Dark Knight, due out in theaters this summer ... but we cannot forget that Harvey Dent (played by Aaron Eckhart), Gotham City District Attorney and all-around best bud to Bruce Wayne, is also heavily featured in the upcoming film -- and at some point in the future, Harvey Dent becomes the supervillain Two Face. Well, he may become Two Face sooner than you might imagine ... Slash Film, by way of Comic Book Resources, has a huge spoiler look at what Harvey Dent may look like when he actually makes his transformation into Two Face:

Click above to see concept art

If real, this first look at Two Face feels about right. I suspect that the concept art will still be further tweaked to look even more grotesque. I've always felt that Two Face needs to look really repulsive and not at all like a joke. Clearly, they are planning on taking the character more seriously. [Source]