Wednesday, June 04, 2008

It Must've Slipped His Mind

John Mayer got himself in a lick of trubs yesterday when the police pulled him over for driving his Land Rover without any visible license plates. And, as luck (karma?) would have it, Mayer's traffic violation occurred right in front of TMZ headquarters on Sunset Blvd. which put the entire incident on display in front of the paparazzi:

Photo credit: Splash News

Perhaps John Mayer should stick to jogging. Less paperwork involved and fewer embarrassing photo ops. E! News confirms the pop-rock crooner was pulled over Tuesday in West Hollywood at 12:15 p.m. after officers observed Mayer's green Land Rover was missing its rear license plate. The "Waiting on the World to Change" singer was ticketed for a registration violation, according to the West Hollywood Sheriff Station's watch commander, and then sent on his merry way. But not before the unbashful blogger issued an apology to the paparazzi who, as you can see, were at the ready when the incident went down. In fact, Mayer's run-in occured right in front of TMZ headquarters. "We'll take care of this, it's an unfortunate situation ... we'll make amends," Mayer told the assorted shutterbugs.

In Mayer's defense, he does have quite a few automobiles in his fleet of vehicles so I imagine it's difficult to keep track of which ones are registered and which ones are not. In the end, this is such a non-issue ... I just think it's kinda funny that the guy got busted by the po po right in the pit of paparazzi central. [Source]