Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Stop & Go

After spending the last few months on the downlow, refusing to be seen together at public events to promote their latest movie Stop-Loss, Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish seem to have relaxed on the clandestine nature of their relationship and boldly ventured out together to pick up some snacks and soda at a Hollywood area CVS drug store:

Photo credit: X17

I suppose it's *possible* that the Stop-Loss co-stars have remained good friends but the pair do look very coupley in these photos. As much as I don't relish the idea of Ryan Phillippe reattached to any one else, I guess I don't really mind if he's found happiness with Abbie Conish. Ugh, his ex-wife is supposedly romancing Jake Gyllenhaal so I'd be fine with Ryan being with Abbie. I'd be more fine with Ryan being with Jake but the thought of those two doing the nasty might make my head explode. Le sigh. [Source]