Wednesday, August 11, 2004

"Hin", "Zin" & "Bloomy" Are Real Words

Tonight was date night. Erik got home kind of late but we cooked dinner anyways. He guided me as we made spaghetti and garlic bread with salad. As is our usual modus operandi we engaged one another in a really great conversation. He's so amazing. We work so well together. I can't even explain how happy and content I feel when I'm with him. After dinner was finished we baked some cookies for dessert and decided to play a game of Scrabble. I turned on the TV long enough to watch Ashlee Simpson perform Pieces of Me on the Teen Choice Awards. As soon as she was finished (she lip-synced by the way) off went the TV and we went back to our game. I got totally lucky with the tiles because I won by a huge margin. My best word was "Squaws". We didn't play with the dictionary because we decided that we would know a real word from a fake word. After the game was over we pulled out the Merriam-Webster Dictionary just to check out a few questionable words. Indeed, we found out that "Hin" is a word (it is a Hebraic unit of measure), "Zin" is a word (something to do with metallurgy) and "Bloomy" is a word (referring to something that blooms or something like that). We ended up using all but 4 tiles. Incidentally, you can be assured that when we play again that "Zin" will be used evermore.

I love date night. It's so low stress and we get to spend some great quality time with each other. I love domestic life with Erik. Wee!

The Ink

I bet you'll never guess which pop diva has gotten her inner wrist tattooed with a star ... click the picture to find out.

If she was going for the cool-indie look then I think she nailed it. Tattoos are way more punk rock than simple nose piercings.

But, it would have been much more simple to just get a white belt at Hot Topic.

[Goss via Ultragrrrl]

Guess Who's Back On Top

Whoo Hoo! After debuting at #1 on top of the Billboard Album Chart (selling over 1 million copies) Ashlee fell to #2 last week. This week she reclaims the #1 spot selling more than 286,000 copies! I love it when I pick a winner. It's easy to say that her first week's success atop the music charts was due to the throng of teeny-boppers who rushed right out and purchased her album because of the incessant influence of her reality show on MTV. It would be valid to believe that was the case. But going back to #1 after being bumped down to #2 would make it seem that her album is actually good. She is getting great reviews which I think is helping sales of the album. She's already had more success musically than big sis Jessica (who hasn't recorded a single song that I have liked). But now it's time for Ashlee to tour! She needs to strike while the iron is hot.

On a completely unrelated note, have you heard of QBoy the U.K.'s "hottest gay rapper"? From his web site: The UK's hottest leading gay rapper QBoy is not shy by any means and at the age of 25 exudes confidence and a cute cocky nature that is both sexy and witty, prominently displayed in the title of his debut EP release that covers the humour, attitudes and experiences of the "half Essex, half Spanish but 100% queer” rapper.

It's funny, you would never know that he was a "gay rapper" by looking at his promotional pictures (which is actually more or less true, Eminem has been known to show off his ass on stage and on TV; see for yourself HERE). It's only when he opens his mouth that you can tell that he's reallllllly gay.

"A lot of gay people are rap-phobic... brought up in a culture where gay people are supposed to like Kylie Minogue or going to G.A.Y. (club), doing all that stereotypical bullshit … just because I like cock in my mouth doesn't mean I'm going to like that sort of music."

Hahaha! What-Ever! But anyways, GO ASHLEE!!

The Lord Of The Ring

I have gone and done the unthinkable, even for me. On a whim (and because of a stupid ad in the back of US Weekly) I ordered a replica of Britney's engagement ring from

I was all wrapped up in the hoopla surrounding Steve and Stephanie's wedding and I thought it would be funny to order the ring just to have. I mean c'mon, it was under $20. Whatever, don't judge me! Anyways, I placed the order and then completely forgot all about it. UPS just delivered the ring and I have to admit it's pretty cool-looking. It's real sterling silver and the cubic zirconia looks really sparkly. OMG, I just turned into a girl! Hahahaha ... whatever ... I've already told Erik that if we get hitched I better be opening one of those baby blue boxes from Tiffany & Co.

Blame It On The Music

Don't call it a comeback? Britney Spears is rumored to give a thrilling performance at this year's MTV VMAs. has news of Britney's top secret performance plans. The news was "leaked" by VMA insiders and is allegedly trying to be suppressed by MTV. I'm not sure how much of this (if any) is true but it would be pretty cool if Britney gave a stunning performance (like the one she did when she performed I'm A Slave 4 U in 2001).

"So Britney will come out of a huge pyramid dressed as Cleopatra to perform a Boom Boom/Outrageous medley. She'll concentrate on sexy moves and fire circles, sexy men holding her down to the fans and then, an easy-to-do choreography. Britney loved her VMA 2001 Slave outfit so bad that she asked the same designer to do her eye-attraction costume for this year's show. It'll look a bit like Elizabeth Taylor's costume worn in her Cleopatra movie. The performance from Britney is one of the most anticipated ones during the night."

It seems odd to me that she would be asked to perform since she is supposed to be recuperating from knee surgery. Though, on the other hand, it does make sense that she would be asked to perform since she had to cancel the second leg of her U.S. tour and any performance would be greatly appreciated by her fans. I hope it is true, I'd love to see Brit give a hot performance that will leave everyone talking all night long and will create a buzz all over the Internet the next day. We'll see ...

Last night I downloaded the new Hilary Duff single Fly from iTunes (suggested to me by my friend Shane) and I have to admit that I love it! It's not as good as Ashlee's stuff but it can hold its own. Geeze, with all this pop stuff getting released (Lindsay Lohan has a song on the Princess Diaries 2 soundtrack) it's hard to keep track of all of it. I just found out that Ashlee's Autobiography is getting released in Japan and that it will include 3 extra songs (Harder Everyday, Sorry, Endless Summer). I would be *very* interested in owning that cd. Oh yeah, and Lisa Loeb has just released her latest album (The Way It Really Is) this week. Whether it's pop or rock I'm down with all of these kickass ladies. Ack ... so much new music to procure!

Today and tomorrow are going to be very laid back (i.e. they will involve no money at all) so that I can replenish my financial reserves for Erik's birthday. So, I'll probably be blogging a lot. Here's today's lowdown:

And that's it. I will leave you with a stunning picture of Julianne Moore that was shot for this month's issue of W Magazine:

There are more pictures to check out HERE. She looks amazing in all of them. Enjoy!