Wednesday, August 11, 2004

"Hin", "Zin" & "Bloomy" Are Real Words

Tonight was date night. Erik got home kind of late but we cooked dinner anyways. He guided me as we made spaghetti and garlic bread with salad. As is our usual modus operandi we engaged one another in a really great conversation. He's so amazing. We work so well together. I can't even explain how happy and content I feel when I'm with him. After dinner was finished we baked some cookies for dessert and decided to play a game of Scrabble. I turned on the TV long enough to watch Ashlee Simpson perform Pieces of Me on the Teen Choice Awards. As soon as she was finished (she lip-synced by the way) off went the TV and we went back to our game. I got totally lucky with the tiles because I won by a huge margin. My best word was "Squaws". We didn't play with the dictionary because we decided that we would know a real word from a fake word. After the game was over we pulled out the Merriam-Webster Dictionary just to check out a few questionable words. Indeed, we found out that "Hin" is a word (it is a Hebraic unit of measure), "Zin" is a word (something to do with metallurgy) and "Bloomy" is a word (referring to something that blooms or something like that). We ended up using all but 4 tiles. Incidentally, you can be assured that when we play again that "Zin" will be used evermore.

I love date night. It's so low stress and we get to spend some great quality time with each other. I love domestic life with Erik. Wee!