Thursday, September 02, 2004

I'm Not Worthy was the first blog that made me want to "do better". It is generally the first blog I read every day and I refer to it as much as I can throughout the day to see if it's been updated. has posted an interview (and a very cute picture) with Stereogum Scott. Here is an excerpt:

Britney has always pushed the envelope. Her music is so manufactured and vocal talent so limited, the naughty schoolgirl act was a necessity. I didn’t pay close attention to real Britney until she broke free from her handlers around the time of her 21st birthday. Who would’ve thought the most successful popstar in the world would have the absolute worst judgment. Each headline was crazier than the last. Britney ingests only Red Bull and Marlboros! Britney stages suicide in new video! Britney proposes to random guy she just met, second time this year! Britney wears shower curtain to 7-Eleven! But believe it or not, I’m a fan. It’s all just fun. I don’t take responsibility for the nasty comments people post anonymously on Stereogum. Um, so short answer to your answer: yes, but I’m not nearly as bad as Star Magazine.

Now you can see why I'm such a fan. It's a great interview. It's very cool to learn about the man behind the myth. Who knew he had such cool hair? Well, I think on some level I always knew ...

"Baby, You Don't Know ...

... What it's like to be me." -- Britney Spears

Egads, I've been so behind on all the latest Britney goss it's actually sort of depressing for me. I pride myself on having my fingers firmly on the pulse of what's hot and I like especially following Britney's every waking move. With the end of summer and the start of a new school work year I am finding less and less time to devote to BritneyWatch2004. I do plan on finding all the goss on America's favorite pop princess but it might have to come in spurts. Like now, this could be considered a Britney spurt. As I talked about previously, Britney was a no-show at this years MTV VMAs. I just knew the rumors about her supposed antics at this year's VMAs were too good to be true. I think I knew all along that she was not going to be in attendance. My guess is that she got tipped off to the fact that she would be an award shut-out and she probably figured, "Why bother?"

So what has Ms. Spears been doing since she's been shirking her pop-princess-video-award-attendance duties? Well, she has been spotted shopping like a fiend all over Los Angeles. And it looks like she donned a pair of Mary-Kate sunglasses perhaps to throw off the paparazzi. She fooled no one [all pictures credited to]:

In this photo set you can see Britney 1.) trying on a really ugly hat, 2.) picking a wedge out of her bum, 3.) slurping on a double-shotté-latté-mocha-frappacino and 4.) puffin' on a nasty-ass cigarette. Now that's class baby! Click the image above to see it larger.

In addition to shopping, she has also been fake-and-baking at her favorite, and now famous, tanning salon Miami Tan:

In this lovely photo set you can see Brit-Brit 1.) pulling down her dress (or maybe picking another wedge?), 2.) going into Miami Tan and 3.) sporting, what looks to be, a hickey. That is soooo W.T. circa 1988! Click the image above to see it larger.

And finally, what Britney exposé would be complete without some pics of her gallivanting about town with her handsome prince, Kevvy:

Here we have the happy couple, 1.) looking quite the "happy couple", 2.) contracting throat cancer together, 3.) sporting the latest in serial killer fashion and 4.) sitting down to a nice, romantic dinner ... at what looks to be a piss-poor diner or bar! Click the image above to see it larger.


I don't know how much I believe that she had to go to the doctor for a "knee check-up" that resulted in her inability to fly (like, say, to the VMAs or to her performance camp for kids) because it looks like she's doing just fine ... well, as fine as can (lately) be expected from Britters.

And hey, she seems to be doing MUCH better than her ex-hubby Jason Alexander.

Shocking & Awful

Oh.My.Gawd! Star magazine is reporting that Jason Alexander, the guy who was married to Britney Spears for 55 seconds hours has found someone knew to spend his time with. "Her" name is Ana and she's got a little more to offer than the average woman does (click the image to see more).

"The moment Jason saw Ana, he went straight over and asked her to dance," said an eyewitness at Miami's Club Space on the night that Alexander, 22, met Ana. "They spent the next four hours dancing, kissing and drinking ... I don't think he knew he was kissing a guy. Mind you, he seemed pretty drunk" ... "In Miami, Ana is well-known as a she-male -- a guy who looks like a girl but still has his male equipment," explains the source. "But most guys from out of town don't have a clue that Ana's a transsexual."

If you would like to learn more about Ana you can visit her offical website HERE. Or, you can go HERE to see her escort page.

Hmmm ... well, there is more to read HERE and I'm sure there will be more still in this week's copy of Star magazine.

Today's other shocking news, Kobe Bryant gets away with murder (so to speak). The judge presiding over his rape trial has dismissed the charges against him because the woman who brought the case against him told prosecutors that she could not go on with the case.

"This case is dismissed," District Judge Terry Ruckriegle said in an Eagle, Colorado, courtroom, bringing a stunning and abrupt halt to one of the most closely watched criminal cases in the United States ... Neither Bryant nor his 20-year-old accuser were present but the Los Angeles Lakers star issued a statement that apologized to her without admitting any wrongdoing ... "Although I truly believe this encounter between us was consensual, I recognize now that she did not and does not view this incident the same way that I did," Bryant said in the statement ... The woman's parents were in the courtroom to hear the prosecutor explain that the woman, who has had death threats, could not go through with the trial.

Is Kobe the new OJ? Whether he did the crime or not, it just goes to show that if you have enough money and enough fame your guilt or innocence is of no consequence at all.

In other news: And that's it for now. Yesterday was a very trying day. I am finding my new increased workload a bit overwhelming. I'm not going to lie, last night was rough for me and Erik really came through and made me feel better. Our date night was so amazing, I cannot believe how lucky I am to have him in my life. I'm at work now ... so much to do and no time to do it ... I just hope I can keep it together.