Thursday, September 02, 2004

"Baby, You Don't Know ...

... What it's like to be me." -- Britney Spears

Egads, I've been so behind on all the latest Britney goss it's actually sort of depressing for me. I pride myself on having my fingers firmly on the pulse of what's hot and I like especially following Britney's every waking move. With the end of summer and the start of a new school work year I am finding less and less time to devote to BritneyWatch2004. I do plan on finding all the goss on America's favorite pop princess but it might have to come in spurts. Like now, this could be considered a Britney spurt. As I talked about previously, Britney was a no-show at this years MTV VMAs. I just knew the rumors about her supposed antics at this year's VMAs were too good to be true. I think I knew all along that she was not going to be in attendance. My guess is that she got tipped off to the fact that she would be an award shut-out and she probably figured, "Why bother?"

So what has Ms. Spears been doing since she's been shirking her pop-princess-video-award-attendance duties? Well, she has been spotted shopping like a fiend all over Los Angeles. And it looks like she donned a pair of Mary-Kate sunglasses perhaps to throw off the paparazzi. She fooled no one [all pictures credited to]:

In this photo set you can see Britney 1.) trying on a really ugly hat, 2.) picking a wedge out of her bum, 3.) slurping on a double-shotté-latté-mocha-frappacino and 4.) puffin' on a nasty-ass cigarette. Now that's class baby! Click the image above to see it larger.

In addition to shopping, she has also been fake-and-baking at her favorite, and now famous, tanning salon Miami Tan:

In this lovely photo set you can see Brit-Brit 1.) pulling down her dress (or maybe picking another wedge?), 2.) going into Miami Tan and 3.) sporting, what looks to be, a hickey. That is soooo W.T. circa 1988! Click the image above to see it larger.

And finally, what Britney exposé would be complete without some pics of her gallivanting about town with her handsome prince, Kevvy:

Here we have the happy couple, 1.) looking quite the "happy couple", 2.) contracting throat cancer together, 3.) sporting the latest in serial killer fashion and 4.) sitting down to a nice, romantic dinner ... at what looks to be a piss-poor diner or bar! Click the image above to see it larger.


I don't know how much I believe that she had to go to the doctor for a "knee check-up" that resulted in her inability to fly (like, say, to the VMAs or to her performance camp for kids) because it looks like she's doing just fine ... well, as fine as can (lately) be expected from Britters.

And hey, she seems to be doing MUCH better than her ex-hubby Jason Alexander.