Thursday, September 02, 2004

I'm Not Worthy was the first blog that made me want to "do better". It is generally the first blog I read every day and I refer to it as much as I can throughout the day to see if it's been updated. has posted an interview (and a very cute picture) with Stereogum Scott. Here is an excerpt:

Britney has always pushed the envelope. Her music is so manufactured and vocal talent so limited, the naughty schoolgirl act was a necessity. I didn’t pay close attention to real Britney until she broke free from her handlers around the time of her 21st birthday. Who would’ve thought the most successful popstar in the world would have the absolute worst judgment. Each headline was crazier than the last. Britney ingests only Red Bull and Marlboros! Britney stages suicide in new video! Britney proposes to random guy she just met, second time this year! Britney wears shower curtain to 7-Eleven! But believe it or not, I’m a fan. It’s all just fun. I don’t take responsibility for the nasty comments people post anonymously on Stereogum. Um, so short answer to your answer: yes, but I’m not nearly as bad as Star Magazine.

Now you can see why I'm such a fan. It's a great interview. It's very cool to learn about the man behind the myth. Who knew he had such cool hair? Well, I think on some level I always knew ...