Monday, February 28, 2005

Knocked Out, Bit By Bit Bit

Well the Academy Awards are in the can and all there is left to do is to talk about what happened ... c'mon, you know I have to do it so let's just get it over with ... it's not like I was pathetic enough to blog thru the entire telecast. Gawd, who would do that?!

Personally, I cannot wait until the day comes when I get to step on that stage to collect my own award:

I promise to remember all the little people that I will crush and step on to reach my achievement. I'm sad to announce that I did not win the Thigh Master's Oscar Pool (but neither did he) ... I didn't even come close ... but I was pretty happy with the way my picks turned out:

I got 10 of them right ... and if I would have followed my heart entirely I would have chosen Clint Eastwood to win Best Director and Morgan Freeman to win Best Supporting Actor and I would have gotten 12 right. I prolly would have picked the Spanish song that won (the first Spanish language song to be nominated and then win for Best Original Song) as well but I was trying to play the odds.

I knew that Hilary Swank was going to win Best Actress:

She was so great in her role in Million Dollar Baby ... I have to say, though, that it's not very hard for her to play poor white trash ... she's been able to parlay those roles into mad dolla$!

Clint Eastwood won 2 Oscars for Best Director and Best Picture and deservedly so:

Baby was defo my pick for Best Picture ... that movie really takes hold of the viewer ... that's a what a good movie should do.

This drunk lady was my pick for the best dressed of the evening:

And Joan Rivers was my pick for the celeb in most dire need of more Nip/Tucks:

When Beyoncé wasn't too busy singing all of the nominated songs for Best Original Song:

(whoever came up with the idea to have Beyoncé sing every other song all night long should be taken out into a dark alley and beaten to death ... what a horrible, horrible idea!) then Counting Crows were embarrassing themselves in front of billions performing their song Accidentally In Love from Shrek 2:

Adam Duritz just looks so ridiculous ... how is it that he has been able to put his penis inside both Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston (individually and maybe both at the same time)? God, prolly the same way that K-Fed is able to hump Britney ...

... and speaking of ... it can't be all Oscar talk ('cuz I'm bored with it already) so let's get to the fun stuff. Britney Spears is determined to make her dog a star! But we'll get to Kevin in a little bit, she also wants to make sure her chihuahua Bit Bit gets some attention too:

Maybe it's time that I pick up a teeny tiny poochie to carry around everywhere I go ... I could call it Ti Ti or Ent Ent or something totally fagola like that. Whatevs, her little dog has its own section of her official website devoted to it and that just drives me crazy! Ah well, I still love my crazy-ass Britters.

Her other dog needs to be put down:

I finally picked up a hard copy of Details magazine and was able to read the full Kevin Federline/Britney Spears interview ... let me share with you my fave quote from the entire interview:

Kevin: People can write whatever they want. What you hear about in all of those bullshit-ass magazines is bullshit. Look, my ass stinks like everyone else. I think the best thing that I'll ever have going for me is that I am me, you know what I mean.

I also love how every other word out of his mouth is either shit, bullshit, fucking or fucking again ... he really swears a lot. I can't wait for his album to drop!

BONUS 'cuz I love y'all: Click HERE to download a fun mash-up called Tic Toxic (Gwen vs. Britney).

Nine Inch Nails have announced more US tour dates HERE. There is also a new picture of Trent in the studio:

Detroit isn't one of the dates announced ... so I have to decide whether I want to drive to see a show or wait and hope for a Detroit date ... anyone want to go with?

Paris Hilton can be pretty skanky:

And she can drive really fast ... In case you didn't know ... and Nikki Hilton doesn't just stuff her nose full of finger, she also stuffs her face full of food:

I love the Hiltons!

Yesterday, MTV aired the last 4 episodes of My Super Sweet 16 back to back with commentary from the Super Sweet 16ers:

I cannot stress how much I love these bitchy little beyotches! I have already decided, my birthday this year is going to be a Super Sweet 16 party ... even if that means it'll be me in a tiara talking about how I am a diva to anyone who will listen. Woot!

And now, the news:
So we were able to see Cursed yesterday and it was hilariously funny! It was very Kevin Williamson (a bit gay and full of the 90's) and very fun to watch:

I wish I could get the mark of the beast ... but oh well, we can't all be werewolves. There were 2 very cool things about the movie that made me love it instantly. First, the high school used in the film was Torrance High (aka West Beverly High, aka Sunnydale High). Holla atcha Hellmouth! Second, there was a Slumber Party poster in the guy's bedroom ... Holla atcha D-town love!

Anyways, the movie is fun and really funny ... check it out!

One last thing, I found a picture in Details magazine that I really, really liked:

I've been wanting to get a star tattoo for the longest time but I could never figure out where I would want to put it ... I think I am going to put it on my neck like the guy in this picture. Isn't it so kickass?! It's in the perfect spot ... it can be hidden for work and still be shown casually (and sexily). I told myself that if I'm still excited about it in a month then I'm definitely going to do it ... but spring break is in 2 weeks ... I might do it then. Comments, opinions ... let me know ...

I haven't been this excited about a new tattoo since '97 ... Wee!!!

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Let's Go To The Moooovies!

It's finally here! The biggest night for Movies all year long ... That's right, it's the night that Britney and Kevin head to the local cineplex to catch a flick just like the normal people:

These pictures tell us 2 very important things ... First, Britney has dyed her hair dark again ... Second, at least 2 people went to see The Wedding Date ... a big night for Hollywood, indeed!

Oh yeah, and tonight are the 77th annual Academy Awards ... do we really care who's going to win?

Well I do ... I need to win the Thigh Master's money ... what's your excuse?

Well, just in case you do care you can print out your own ballot HERE and see if your picks ended up winning.

The Independent Spirit Awards were handed out last night (they are always handed out on the night before the Oscars ... how indie!) and Gael Garcia Bernal won the Best Debut Performance award for his work in The Motorcycle Diaries:

And Garden State won the award for Best First Feature:

Sideways won a bunch of awards ... 6 to be exact ... I think one of them was the Best Semi-Consolation Prize for Lead Actor Who Didn't Even Get Nominated for a Real Academy Award award. You can find out who else won these "awards" HERE.

Did you know that Avril Lavigne likes the colour pink?

Pink is the new punk! She showed up on TRL UK looking quite blonde and quite the little pop tart ... I wonder why she doesn't dress like that on this side of the pond?

The Superficial has some great pictures of Scarlett Johansson and her TWIN BROTHER ... yeah, I had no idea either:

I think he looks pretty good as a Pussycat Doll.

And finally, the Pope has learned that if you fall ill and have to be hospitalized then it will behoove your popularity to wave at your fans from your hospital window:

All the big name celebs do it ...

And now, the news:
Not sure what we're going to do today. Erik will probably run for hours on his new (150 billion ton) treadmill and then, I'm fairly certain, he is going to dye his hair dark -- he wants it known that he "thought about it first" way before Britney Spears did (but I have to add that she actually did it before he did).

I want to see Cursed so I'm going to lobby for a matinee:

We'll see ... Later!

Saturday, February 26, 2005

High Times

I'm starting to really like Aaron Carter:

Homeboy likes to hit the pipe ... But, isn't he like 15-years old or something like that? Whatevs ... I knew those dark circles under his eyes had to come from the mary jane ... Holla atcha Stoner!

Colin Farrell has already begun shooting scenes for the upcoming Miami Vice movie:

I think he will make a much sexier Sonny Crocket than Don Johnson ever did.

So what does one do with a dead horse? Why, you beat it of course:

Click HERE to play with Paris Hilton's Sidekick.

I swear, I'm about done posting pictures from the new super celeb Pepsi commercial ... but David Beckham ...

... well, there's always time for pictures of him.

Madonna spawn, Lourdes and Rocco, take Lourdes' dad out for a walk:

How else would he get people to take pictures of him?

Usher looks like he's got some problems:

Ouch! I mean, Yeah!

Ashley Olsen, the one who eats, was out and about showing off her meaty legs:

Even with a scowl she looks good!

I have to say it, Xtina Augilera looks great with her new hair 'do:

It's the first time in a very long time that she's had great hair ... I wonder who she stole it from.

In an attempt to make her husband feel less ugly, Jennifer Lopez appears in public sans make-up:

Okay, we've seen enough ... got put your face on, J. Lo.

And finally, Robbie Williams finally gets to live out a life-long dream:

Trouble is, he makes one helluva ugly woman! [via Oh La La Paris]

And now, the news:
Spent the morning clamoring for more Tori Amos tickets ... I'll be glad when we finally get to actually SEE Tori perform.

Yesterday night, Erik was able to purchase his new treadmill ... the only problem is that it weights 80 million tons ... it's still in his car because we can't lift it out. Hopefully we'll be able to bring it into the house at some point today.

Last night we also went to ULS to see the musical Once Upon A Mattress (a musical comedy based on The Princess and the Pea). It was fantastic! So funny, so good ... we were very impressed. What a great last theatrical production for me to see at ULS.

Plans for today ... haven't happened yet ... stay tuned!

Friday, February 25, 2005

Letter Of Truth: Bit Bit Edition

February 23, 2005

I hope none of you really took my comments seriously when I was talking about Bit Bit and Tinkerbell. I was just being silly and of course I think that Tinkerbell is very cute. Who knows? Maybe they will have a little play date together!

Britney Spears added a special section devoted to her dogs on her official website.

This is why I love her so!

Fred? WORST!

Okay, so I lied, it wasn't the last word ... well, not really a lie ... I did say that there were more pictures from Paris Hilton's Sidekick that we've yet to see ... well HERE are some more. [via Page Six Six Six]

There are emails (from the magical Sidekick) that hint at a relationship between Paris and Fred Durst Worst, does this picture confirm that relationship?


Also, pictures allegedly from Fred Durst's Sidekick have also hit the Internets:

You can see more HERE. [via ONTD!] WARNING: THESE LINKS FEATURE VERY EXPLICIT PICTURES. Most of the pictures are EXTREMELY NSFW. They feature Fred's penis and a naked woman ... sadly it's not Paris Hilton? Could the dirtbag have released these pictures to get back at her or something? Maybe to one-up her? If you're interested, and I know you are, there is also a self-made Fred Durst porn clip available for download ... get it while you can. Don't blame me if you go blind.

Oh magical Sidekick ... what other secrets will you bestow upon us all?!?

Bad Boy, What 'Cha Gonna Do?

Things have been relatively quiet for Spederline while they are away on vacation. We know from Lynne Spears' letter that Britney and Kevin are on the coast maxin' and relaxin' ... let's hope they are staying out of trouble:

Kevin does look like he could be featured in an episode of Cops, don't he?

The weekend is almost upon us and Hollywood's biggest night is just days away:

Have you made your Oscar picks yet? I've made my picks so the Thigh Master better watch out ... I think I'm going to win it all! Kurt Loder is a tool but we agree on a few Oscar hunches.

Speaking of His Royal Thighness, check out some really awesome pictures from his National Lampoon's European Vacation.

Defamer always comes up with the best stuff ... behold Keanu Reeves Heaves:


Hmm ... Jessica Simpson looks pretty chummy with this random dude:

It's interesting how she's "out shopping" and then "randomly" runs into "some guy" on the street and "hugs" him ... very, very interesting.

Hilary Duff was out on the town tearing it up with the beautiful peeps:

Word is that she spins some mean shit ... I can only dream of being at a club where Hil. D is spinnin' the tunes.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were spotted grocery shopping together:

I bet he paid for her pads.

Drew Barrymore is launching a new beauty line for Lancome:

She looks hot!

Nick Carter was seen hanging out in front of a hotel in West Hollywood:

Note the Sidekick ... Hello, Sidekicks are going to be so over in about 10 minutes.

Did y'all catch Alyson Hannigan this past week on Veronica Mars?

If not you can download the clips that feature Aly HERE.

And now, the news:
So, yikes, I have over purchased lately so I'm broker than a joker. Hello, it's not my fault that all these concert presales snuck up on me! I can't be expected to curb my normal spending when I don't know that very important concerts are about to go on sale. Ugh! It's so unfair!

Ah well, this weekend looks to be a quiet one anyway ... But I wouldn't say no to accepting donations ::wink wink::


Thursday, February 24, 2005

2 In The Pink ...

... here's a SHOCKER for you ... a whole other post for today. I ended up with so many pictures and more news stories that I just had to post again ... but please DON'T GET USED TO IT ;) Let's get to it ...

Helllllo Colin Farrell:

Lookie, lookie ... he's bulked up a little bit ... I greatly approve!

The international trailer for the Fantastic Four movie is online HERE and features more of Chris Evans as The Human Torch:

Hello shirtless ... Thanks to for giving me the heads up. Timmy Ray also has the scoop on some Reichen Lehmkuhl Burke news. What is with the hot guys this afternoon ...?

You betta work! This is just what the world needs, a set of RuPaul dolls:

I have to admit, it's a very good likeness. There are other RuPaul dolls to check out HERE. These dolls are fierce, ba-by!

Pop Quiz ... can you pick out the real woman in these pictures?

Samantha Fox (Naughty Girls Need Love Too, I Only Wanna Be With You) is back on the scene ... I'm not quite sure what her goal is but I hear that comebacks are in vogue right now.

This is Mary Kate Olsen, right?

I have a hard time remembering which is which ... she looks so thin and frail ... this girl needs a hamburger, STAT!

What do you think that Lindsay Lohan (or Ashlee Simpson for that matter) does whenever she hears Kelly Clarkson on the radio for the 10 millionth time?

Yeah, that's about right.

Oh no ... it's finally happened ...

I knew Mischa Barton was doomed from the start. Ah well, we'll miss her ...

David Beckham tends to be very proud of his sons:

Hence the Cruz Shoes ... Ah Becks, you gotta love him!

So, if Pink is really pregnant then why is she still smoking?

And why is she looking like piss? These celebs really go down hill in between projects. She needs to release a new album or something ... sheesh.

I think Nicole Richie is tired of Xtina Augilera stealing her lime light:

I mean Nicole did get engaged first ... Hey Richie, do us all a favor and beat that beyotch down!

And now, more of les news:
So yeah, the Tori Amos ticket presale was a fucking extremely stressful adventure. Sarah and I have been through many Tori presales but this one was insane:

The tickets disappeared before we could even log on. Sarah managed to get through and secure us some 3rd row seats for the Detroit show but we were unsuccessful at the New York and Chicaco presales. We're going to have to try our luck at the general sale on Saturday morning. There are a lot of pissed off Tori fans with sad stories to tell. Thankfully, we aren't among them. We didn't give up though ... I think we're both going to suffer the effects (carpal tunnel, blindness) of constantly refreshing the webpage in the hopes that more tickets would become available.

I'm beat ... I got an email that totally MADE my week! I'm happy, y'all!