Thursday, March 10, 2005

Nice Try

On the second, extremely pivotal, day of testimony by Michael Jackson accuser Gavin Arviso, MJ tried to pull another fast-one and cause a delay in the trial. You may remember that in January MJ mysteriously fell ill which caused jury selection to be delayed for a week. Complaining of a "serious back problem" MJ did not show up for court this morning. The judge threatened to issue a warrant for his arrest and forfeit his $3 million dollar bail if he didn't get his ass to court by 1 PM. Michael Jackson showed up 3 minutes late in his silk pajamas:

I have to say, I do not believe Michael Jackson at all ... not for a single second. I am quite convinced that he is guilty of some wrongdoing. I am also convinced, though, that the prosecution will not be able to convict him during this trial. What a world, what a world we live in.

No Dogs Allowed

Yesterday I reported that Britney, Kevin and Bit Bit were ejected from a restaurant because the restaurant does not allow dogs inside ... Britney was able to convince the manager to allow thier entry if she put Bit Bit inside her purse:

Now we know why celebs carry such huge purses.

I love Spederline ... I doubt I will ever run out of stuff to talk about ...

The Calm

Our Lady Britney Spears has started bleeding from the eyes:

... in celebration of her newfound enlightenment:

Britney on Her Recent Actions: I feel as though I have been very quiet and still lately. "The calm before the storm"... I can really relate to that statement right now.

What the hell is she talking about? Her new marriage? Her hiatus? Her dog? I think it's time for a new Letter of Truth to clear this up ...

Moving on ... 50 Cent and The Game kissed and made up yesterday:

All is well again in rapper-land once again!

Victoria Beckham looks good naked:

... that bitch! When will David Beckham realize that he can never find happiness with her and their 3 children?!

Ryan Phillipe is the cutest dad ever (well, except for the aforementioned Mr. Beckham but we've moved on). Here are some pictures of Ryan with daughter Ava at the beach:

While Ryan is the parent that takes Ava to the beach (and birthday parties), Reese is the parent that takes Ava to church:

Here's mom and daughter having a snack after church. God, these Hollywood families never work out do they?

Jessica Simpson was busy spending money at Barneys:

While not-cute-at-all-daddy Joe Simpson was busy looking like a homeless man. I love his phone (it's my Moto RAZR V3) but he needs to shave ...

Nick Carter went out for burgers a couple of days after he was arrested for drunk driving:

I think his plan is to get fat and ugly just in case he has to do jailtime.

Nicole Richie and her fiancee (I don't even know his name) stopped in the park to do some smooching:

... while their dogs did their business. How romantic!

Hilary Swank made female boxing famous and Beyoncé wants to do the same with female wresting:

She could totally take Urshuuur.

Josh Duhamel can pump his own gas:

But on the TV show Las Vegas he's the one who got pumped:

Click HERE to see what exactly this scary-looking woman is grabbing onto (NSFW). [via and]

In other Josh news, check out Hottie McHotster Josh Madden:

Ultra led me to these fun pictures and I just had to share.

And in further Josh news, Exceptional Mediocrity highlighted this guy, Josh Wald, as the Hot Ass Man of the Week:

I recognized this guy from his Out magazine photospread. He's a tattooed skateboarder ... who models ... and is of questionable sexuality ... now That's Hot! Click HERE to see scans from that Out magazine photospread.

And finally, because you can never have enough hot guys, these pictures come from Tranism:

Why did I let my gym membership run out?

Oi! Let's do the news:
Last night was a quiet night at home. I have some interesting plans for the weekend but I'm not ready to talk about it yet ... Work sucks ... I need a vacation.

More soon ... now, I've gots ta G-O!