Friday, March 11, 2005

Expressing Myself Solely Through My Art

Britney Spears has updated her official website with a message concerning her appearance on the cover of Allure magazine:

I haven't done a photo shoot in a while, it was such a great collaboration. (Michael Thompson is one of my all time favorite photographers.) I feel the article focused too much on my personal life and various events from my past. I've already dealt with these issues with the support of my family & friends and have fully moved on. In the future, I will refrain from discussing my private life in interviews. It will be expressed solely through art.

- B

Hmmm ... it sounds like she is regretting talking so candidly about her marriage and her rat husband ... or something like that. This sounds like a lot of hype but I wonder if she does reveal something in the interview that she now regrets? I will be picking up a copy of Allure when it hits the stands.

And I have to say that I greatly enjoy that Britney is updating her webpage much more frequently ... unlike some other Spears that I know ...

So did y'all catch The OC last night? Well, I didn't ... but I still managed to catch the much-hyped (and rightfully so) extended trailer for Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

It was AWESOME! News about Episode III just gets better and better! If you missed out on the trailer last night try and download it quick, Lucas Films is going after sites hosting the trailer and is making them take down their links. The Superficial has a few links that were working as of last night HERE (they even had a bootlegged copy of the trailer yesterday afternoon before The OC even aired). The gang at ONTD! have also come up with a few links HERE ... good luck!

Breaking News: Ken who runs MeSmErIzInG - AnOtHeR LiZ PhAiR WeBsItE has announced on the Support-System mailing list that Liz Phair is scheduled to release a new album this summer:

Hi folks,
A new Liz album has been scheduled by Capitol for a
July 26 release date. And our guy at Capitol is busy
redesigning the official Liz website, so it looks like we
will get a new Liz album this year. -Ken

I can't tell you how excited I am about this news!!! I don't want to get too excited about this in case it turns out not to be true ... but here's hoping!

Back to the goss ... Jessicas Biel and Alba like their doggies:

And they like to go out in public sans makeup. EEK!

Nick Carter has wasted no time getting back behind the wheel of his car:

You just know he's going to get off on his DUI arrest, don't you?

In shocking news ... Jessica Simpson pumps her own gas ...

... and Ashley Olsen ventures out without her overly ginormous bodyguard ...

Nicky Hilton is shocked and stunned:

The only thing Nicky does for herself is pick her own nose ... and it drives her mad that she can't hire someone to do it for her!

Pink was seen dancing, by herself, in the middle of the street:

... and then stopped for a cigarette break ... has she confirmed her pregnancy yet?

I reported earlier that Brigitte Nielsen got married for the 5th 6th time to her boy toy Mattia Dessi, and here are their wedding pix:

They look so ... insane! And what does Flava Flav have to say about this?

I wonder if she wore the gold teeth that Flava had custom made for her?

Finally, it seems that Jennifer Lopez is tired of seeing photographs of her next to her new hubby:

It's cool J. Lo, I'd be ashamed too.

Hey, have you heard that Ryan Seacrest is not gay, I repeat, is not gay?

Just wanted to make sure you were all aware.

Remember when Xtina Aguilera was all goth? Remember when Amy Lee was all Christian and then became all goth? Who do you think would win in a Gother than Goth contest?

So did Xtina copy Amy or was it the other way around? Sorry, I'm just thinking out loud ...

towleroad posted this picture yesterday and I just had to share as well:

Hahahaha! Touché!

Newstime! Newstime!
Thanks to amazing shoutouts from Andy @ towleroad and Toby @ VividBlurry, yesterday became my new all-time highest traffic day:

I broke 6k y'all!!! Woot! Thanks you guys, you're totally awesome!

So, enough of that ... this weekend looks to be a fun one. Erik and I are doing something fun tonight (not sure what, yet) and Sarah and I are hanging out tomorrow night. The Fondas are playing a show at Small's and I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to go ... but I'm not going to focus on it because every time I do that I end up not seeing them. Let's just say ... I'm hoping to see them tomorrow night.

Next week is my last full week of work before I get 2 weeks OFF for Spring Break! Heaven help me make it thru ... and now I am O-U-T.