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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Fashion! Turn To The Left

You can take the man out of the trailer park but ... oh, you know the rest ... I don't know what I was thinking ... I guess I figured that maybe, just maybe there might be a chance that Kevin Federline would clean up his act just a wee bit ... I hoped that his new haircut would be the heralding sign that he was on the road to recovery ... check out these pictures of K-Fed as he heads into a studio to, uh, work:

... it appears that Kevvy is not at all interested in cleaning up his appearance. My guess is that there is too much Federline in him ... which is a major hindrance for any salvation. It looks like the wife-beater shirts and baggy clothes are here to stay. It looks like he's carrying master tapes or something in his hands ... can you imagine what a windfall it would be for all of us if those tapes were ... lost? Maybe there is hope for miracles yet. [Source]

UPDATE: Head on over to Kevin's official My Space profile ... he is offering a new song called ExclusiveK that is strictly for "all the haters" ... which is, well, everyone. This new jam is dope, y'all. [thanks Deirdre]


Lord have mercy ... things on 24 are getting quite interesting aren't they? I caught a preview advertisement for 24 before last night's episode aired and it said something along the lines of "If you think you know where things are headed you don't know 24" -- and then I squealed like a little girl. I have no idea where things are headed on 24 but I can't wait to find out:

The ep started out sadly enough with the focus on Tony's dead body ... which is still a major bummer. It looks like there is a new chick on the block who's ready to raise some hell for Jack and the gang. Thus far, I have to admit, I am far from impressed by spy/terrorist Collette Stenger. She is supposed to be this uberslick agent who the German government has been trying to nab for months? C'mon, Jack Bauer apprehended her in about 35 minutes ... LAME! There is no way that Collette is gonna turn out to be as cool as 24's all-time BEST spy/terrorist Mandy (or Nina Meyers for that matter). We'll see if she can step up her game but ... I'll believe it when I see it. I feel really sorry for that new Homeland Security douche bag Miles What'shisname ... he is gonna go head to head with Chloe and she is gonna just chew him up and spit him out -- I LOVE IT! I'm really glad that Wayne Palmer is still a player in this season ... he has to have some juicy info to provide but I wonder why he's going to Secret Serviceman Aaron Pierce and not to Jack himself? Hmmm ... anyways, I also suspect that we haven't seen the last of Theo Stoller -- that German spy dude. (UPDATE: I'm a total dork ... Pink reader Mark reminded me that the actor tho plays Stoller also plays Desmond on Lost! I thought he looked familiar but didn't put 2 + 2 together) Anyways, he is pi-issed at Jack for betraying him and I think he's gonna try some revenge. And HELLO ... what the hell is going on with Audrey?! Could she really be in cahoots with the terrorists? My guess is that she either got tricked into providing the information to Collette (or some other accidental thing happened) or she is as good as Nina Meyers was and will turn out to be the ultimate double-crossing beyotch from hell. Damn ... poor Jack ... he really can't trust any other person on Earth. If Audrey turns out to be a bad guy then I wouldn't be surprised if Kim did as well. AHHHHH I love it, love it, love it! Thank you 24 for not taking any stupid hiatus' and for airing a new episode every single week for the duration of the season. This, my friends, is why 24 rules all! [Screencaps via]


Okay, I don't normally do Prison Break commentary (and I don't suspect that I'll make a habit of it) but since last night's episode was the first new ep in a few months I guess I have a few things to say about it. I have to admit, I was pulled immediately into last night's episode ... I was afraid that I wasn't gonna care anymore but they did such a good job of exploiting all of the tension that I got reeled in again. I'm still not down with the long hiatus we had to go thru but, thankfully, the show is still gripping. Even tho you know they can't get caught yet there were a lot of eeky close calls that drove me nuts. I love that prison captain Brad Bellick is turning into even more of a douche bag - he is utterly loathsome which makes him all the more kickass. Uh, and am I the only one who totally missed the information about the VP bro still being alive??? I don't remember that being said in the last episode ... but it has been a long time since I've seen it. In the end, I really enjoyed last night's episode ... the dimming lights were a nice touch ... but is Lincoln really gonna get fried next week? They are doing their best to really make us believe that he is ... but I don't buy it. I suspect someone did something to that chair after they fixed it (Sucre perhaps?) and they are gonna get their 3-week stay of execution. I guess we'll have to tune in to find out.

Incidentally, does anyone know of a site that does Prison Break screencaps the day after episodes air? I might start doing recaps if I can find screencaps.

Okay ... let's move on ... Sunday night TV Land held the 2006 TV Land Awards in Hollywood and managed to get all the A-List TV stars from the days of yore to show up for the event:

They got the original Catwoman (Julie Newmar), Mary Tyler Moore, Loretta Switt (Hot Lips from M*A*S*H) and Tina Yothers (Jennifer Keaton on Family Ties) to all attend ... now that's Hollywood magic, y'all. They even managed to get 98% of the cast of Good Times to show up ... hey, if you give someone an award then they will most likely show up to take it home (unless they're the Sex Pistols). It would have been really kickass if Janet Jackson had showed up with the cast of Good Times to receive their award ... but I suppose Janet is too big (har har) a star to do something cool like that. [Source]

What the hell is wrong with Paris Hilton? Why in the world would she spray paint her hair white? Halloween is still 7 months away ... where did she find hair paint anyway?!

She looks so ridiculously bad especially with that bad tan ... it's kinda funny as hell. [Source]

Thank goodness that Michelle Trachtenberg didn't follow Paris' lead and do the same thing to her hair ...

... I mean, it would've killed her mother if she would've shown up at her Bat Mitzvah with spray painted hair. Whatever Paris Hilton wants you to do, Michelle, make sure you remember to just say no. [Source]

Remember last week when I was wondering what ever happened to Mel B. aka Scary Spice? Well, she has turned up in LA for Fashion Week:

Is she not familiar with the concept of "Fashion" Week? I see she's still rockin' her trademark scary hair ... I would expect no less. Keep it real, girl! [Source]

Xtina Aguilera and her hubby Jordan Bratman were front and center for the Agent Provoceteur fashion show this week:

Agent Provocateur, you may or may not know, makes lingerie and we know that Xtina ain't too fond of wearing underwear of any sort ... so that makes her appearance at this show a bit curious. I'm not even gonna dignify her lipstick with a response. OY! [Source]

Awww ... why does Jake Gyllenhaal look so sad? Check out these pictures of a pitiable Jakey Poo as he wanders the streets of Santa Monica, CA:

It's gonna be okay Jakey ... I'm moving to the West Coast in just a little while. There's no need to cry. The poor lamb. [Source]

We know that Tommy Lee is a great musician ... we even know that Tommy Lee is a great lover (well, we know he's got a huge schlong and that's half the battle right there) but are we to believe that he is a great DJ as well?

These pictures come from Tommy's recent DJ set at Rokbar in Miami. Is the dude a madman on the decks? Hmmm ... I have my doubts ... [Source]

It looks like Brad Pitt has taken up smoking again ... didn't he quit for a while? I wonder if Angelina Jolie knows about this ... I wonder if she knows that he's smoking inside their Paris, France penthouse apartment?!?

I wonder if she is the reason that he has started smoking again? [Source]

Moby was on hand to celebrate with Princess Superstar on her birthday at QT ... check out these scandalous pictures from

Um ... can I never have to see Moby in any form of undress ever again? Thankfully he kept his weenis underwraps -- altho the same cannot be said for the lad in the last pic ... I don't think I could handle having to stomach the sight of Moby's thingie. Head on over to to see the rest of the party pictures (including the uncensored pics above) -- obvs NSFW. [Source, thanks Maria]

Thanks to the wondrous magic of Photoshop celebs, like Hilary Duff, can appear on different international versions of magazines, like Cosmopolitan, without having to go thru the bother of having to do multiple photoshoots ... without having to even change their clothes at all:

It appears that there is a need for at least one different facial expression but c'mon, these celebs have to do some work, right? [Source]

My, my ... kids these days (like Leigh from MisShapes) grow up so fast ... one day they (and their friends) conceive of, orchestrate and host major danceparites in New York City and the next they are appearing on the album covers of major rock stars (like The Sounds). Okay, okay ... it's not really fair to call Miss Leigh a "kid" nor is it fair to call The Sounds "major rock stars" but it's all cool nonetheless:

Leigh is a sweetheart ... I'm so happy that she's on the cover. I absolutely love the debut album Living In America by the The Sounds and I'm gonna have to pick up this new album. Click HERE to stream the new album Dying To Say This To You and check it out for yourself. [Source via Stereogum]

Jewel is also back on the scene with a new album ... I am a big fan of her last album 0304 which is surprisingly poppy and fun ... her new album Goodbye Alice in Wonderland is due to hit stores on May 2nd:

I'm not really counting on a return to that musical style but I'm willing to give Jewel another go. Click HERE to see the videos for both Goodbye Alice in Wonderland and her new single Again & Again. [Source]

And finally, is giving away a free remix of Hung Up if you sign up for Madonna's mailing list:

If you are a Madonna completist you have to head over to to sign up and download Hung Up (Archigram Remix). It's fly, bitches! [Source]

Last night after I was done with Prison Break and 24 I met up with Sarah at the Magic Stick to see what their new monday night party Manic Mondays was all about. I had high hopes for the evening ... there is free 80's dancing upstairs at the Magic Stick, $5 bowling downstairs at the Garden Bowl with 80's karaoke in the main bar ... we got there at around 10:30PM and there was no one else there ... so we just hung out at the bar upstairs. I was a little miffed that not all of the music was purely 80's (the DJ played 2 Peaches songs) but we had a good time anyways. We stayed til about 12:30AM and left as some girl was singing Journey's Open Arms in the bar downstairs. Yeah, I'm really gonna miss Detroit.

Tonight Sarah and I are gonna go back up to the Magic Stick to check out the Scion Xpress Music Fest:

Let's see ... cool Detroit-made videos to check out, music provided by the Dorkwave DJs and free booze for 21+? Le sigh ... I think it'll be a fun time.

That is all ... I'm out.



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