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Friday, July 28, 2006

I Got That Tick, Tick, Boom! That You Want

Spederline have packed up their things and have made their way to Kevin Federline's favorite playground -- Las Vegas. The fam is in town for the taping of K-Fed's video for the song Lose Control at Pure nightclub tomorrow night. Remember ... if you're in town and you want to be a part of Spederline history, you need to get your booty to Pure so that you can be in his music video. Here is a picture of Britney Spears and K-Fed introducing their young son Sean Preston to the glitz and glamour of Vegas as only they can:

Photo credit: X-17

That boy is prolly gonna have a gambling addiction by the time he starts walking. Besides the taping of his first music video, I'm sure The Federline has a nice, full agenda of male bonding activities for he and Sean P. I somehow doubt this will be little Sean's first visit to a strip club. Long live, Spederline! [Source]

Miami Vice had its UK premiere in London yesterday ... here are a couple pictures of Colin Farrell at the premiere:

I can't lie ... Colin Farrell is a good-looking man. I wanna like his movies, really I do. I kinda sorta enjoyed Phone Booth ... there were bits of Alexander that really spoke to me (er, okay ... it was only the nekkid bits ... but they were good nekkid bits) and I honestly liked The Recruit. I'm not really sure I want to see Miami Vice ... I think it's the idea of the '80s TV show that is turning me off. I dunno ... I think I'll wait until I hear something good who's seen the movie before I decide to plunk down the $12 bucks. There are so many other great movies I need to see ... I dunno ... are there any nekkid bits in Miami Vice? [Source]

While Jake Gyllenhaal and Matthew McConaughey are bizzy bike riding together all over Southern California together, the third part of the trifecta has been curiously absent. It turns out that Lance Armstrong is in Iowa participating in the Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa which is an annual seven-day bicycle ride across the state. Here are pictures of Lance doing his thang in the great state of Iowa:

Cycling icon Lance Armstrong got a taste of Iowa's muggy summer weather, a bit of pie and adulation from thousands of fans Thursday as he continued his trek across the state. Riding in his second day of the Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, Armstrong and his cycling entourage made a quick pit stop in this rural town where he was swarmed by riders, reporters and residents awaiting his arrival ... On Wednesday, Armstrong joined an estimated 20,000 cyclists pedaling 70 miles of the fourth leg of RAGBRAI, a summer ride that stretches across the state and is as much about sampling pie, sweet corn and stopping at beer gardens as it is about cycling. He then made a stop in Newton and told a crowd of thousands that his visit to Iowa was about mixing business with pleasure. As a cancer survivor, the 34-year-old wanted to raise awareness about the nation's leading killer ... After getting a late start Thursday, Armstrong biked across the gentle rolling hills, oceans of corn fields and small towns across south central Iowa, waving to onlookers as he breezed through several small towns along the 77-mile route. At midday, Armstrong stopped briefly at the beer garden in Montezuma, where he signed autographs and posed for pictures. He then finished in Marengo and dashed off to spend the night in Iowa City. This sounds like a fun event ... especially for someone like Lance Armstrong. As much as I love the company of friends he keeps, I think I love his dedication to speaking out on the need for cancer research and funding much more. Go, Lance, go! [thanks Janice]

Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz have been spotted in Mexico this week ... are the pair in town for rest and relaxation or is there something more going on? Here are pictures of the pair playing on the beach together:

I hear that the pair are in Honolulu where they were spotted dining with a big time realtor. Word is that they are purchasing a $25 million dollar estate together -- apparently this estate is the most expensive piece of residential property for sale on the island. Hmm ... I wonder if this joint big-purchase is a sign of other big news to come. [Source]

Did you know that Nicole Richie is a huge fan of karaoke? Did you know that she likes to sing songs by Journey, Eminem and Dr. Dre? See ... this is why she rules. Here are a couple pictures of Nicole singing her little heart out at Guy's Tuesday night karaoke party which is hosted by supastar DJ Samantha Ronson:

All hail Nicole Richie! The Simple Life star has been ruling the scene Tuesdays at L.A. club Guy's hot new karaoke night. Recently, Richie and pal Lindsay Lohan hit the stage for Dr. Dre and Eminem's "Forget About Dre." "Just so you know, I'm black, so this is from my roots!" Richie yelled into her microphone. And when they poured their hearts out to the Journey classic "Don't Stop Believin,'" Mary-Kate Olsen, who sat nearby, held up a lighter concert-style ... week earlier, Richie kicked off her stilettos for Vanilla Ice's "Ice, Ice Baby" while pal and celeb deejay Samantha Ronson (who hosts Guy's weekly karaoke event) danced backup. I love it! I'm not sure what the little boy undies have to do with karaoke but I'm down. I hope Nicole keeps up her residency at Guy's ... I may have to pay a little visit myself to check out her skills. [Source]

Well ... Kid Rock only has one night left of freedom before he marries Pamela Anderson in the South of France tomorrow ... here is a picture of Kid Rock thinking about all the things he's about to give up when he says "I Do" to Pammy Pie this weekend:

Yeah ... I don't think that he should be frettin' over the chicks that he's giving up for Pamela. She is woman enough for him ... actually, she's woman enough for 3 of him. I think these two are going to have a great marriage together ... I've always thought that they were well suited for one another. Best of luck, y'all ... I'll be toasting you with a PBR tomorrow night! [Source]

Us Weekly is reporting that Tori Spelling is in dire financial straits ... according to this week's cover story, poor little Tori doesn't have 2 nickels to rub together since her mother, Candy Spelling, cut her out of her father's estate:

In the history of poor little rich girls, Tori Spelling may be the poorest. At least that's the way her story is told in the new Us Weekly, which quotes sources as saying the daughter of Aaron Spelling will inherit just $800,000 of the TV legend's estimated $500 million fortune ... Crunching the revised numbers in its Aug. 7 issue, Us reports Tori Spelling's designated share amounts to a 0.16 percent fragment of the nine-figure largesse. The actress' next likely move, according to the magazine: Contesting the will--potentially charging that an ailing Aaron Spelling "was not of sound mind" when he signed revisions to the document three months prior to his June 23 death ... "She was never banking on getting a lot of money," the "pal" tells the magazine ... Tori Spelling's inheritance is said to be shy some zeroes because of her ongoing estrangement from her mother. While Us' moles intimate that Candy Spelling put the kibosh on Tori getting more money, the magazine further reports that Randy Spelling, Tori Spelling's 27-year-old actor brother, who is not estranged from his mother, also will inherit $800,000. Still, Us' pro-Tori insiders insist Tori and Randy will not be treated equally. "Randy is set for life," a source tells the magazine. "Candy will take care of him." Candy Spelling is the sole executor of her late husband's estate, Us says. This shizz is insane ... but the best part of this whole story are the pictures that US Weekly has of Tori and new hubby Dean McDermott shopping at a Dollar Store and hanging around pawn shops. LOL! Poor Tori. [Source]

Here are a few screencaps from the trailer for the upcoming season of Laguna Beach:

MTV is really billing this new season of the show as a rebirth of sorts. This season will focus on a whole new cast (I believe only 2 girls from this season's cast were shown in season two episodes ... and only briefly). From the looks of the trailer, it looks like it's gonna be the same show ... but we'll have to see if any of these kids can pull off a persona like LC, Kristin, Stephen or Talan.

You can tell that they really want it ...

... we'll see if they can pull it off. Click HERE to check out the trailer for yourself. [Source]

Speaking of really wanting to make it, here are few new promo pictures of Danity Kane:

I've been watching Making the Band 3 and I gotta admit ... I'm not sure that DK are gonna make a go of it. I haven't been that impressed by what I've heard so far. They are going to need a super hot single to even get them up to Pussycat Dolls status ... and that ain't saying much. I'm not ready to count them out yet ... I see lots of potential in Aundrea and Aubrey ... but I'm not really holding my breath. They look cute tho, that's something ... right? [Source]

Here are new promo pictures of Beyonce who thinks she looks cute:

And she would be incorrect in that assumption. I'm not exactly sure what kind of vibe she's going for in her latest promo shots but ... if this is all a result of her Sasha nonsense then I think she has really lost it. [Source]

It seems that Jessica Simpson (or her record company) was none too pleased with the cover artwork for her not-yet-released album A Public Affair because she's already ordered up a new picture:

It's not vastly different from the first cover artwork. I actually prefer the other one better. Who knows, maybe she'll give it another shot and change the cover one more time before the album is released ... she still has about a month to go. [Source]

And finally, here are a few pictures sent in by Pink readers in various states of celebration. Ashlee sends in this picture of her friend Lainy who just got married ... Jodi sends in this picture from her daughter Courtney's 1st birthday party ... and Becca sends in this picture of the birthday cake that her friend Chris made for her birthday:

I am just really touched that so many people like to include PITNB in their celebrations. It makes me really happy that this blog is a fun resource for people to enjoy with their friends ... while at work, at school, at home ... whenevs. Thank you all so much for all the support ... I heart you all! XO [thanks Lainey & Ashlee, Jodi & Courtney and Becca & Chris]

So there I was yesterday morning ... knee deep in furniture boxes from my delivery from Crate & Barrel when I got a call from CNN. They asked me to be a guest on Showbiz Tonight again. The topic was The Power of Celebrity Blogs (with a slight focus on the Lance Bass story). You kinda can't say no to CNN so I dropped what I was doing and got ready. The fine folks at CNN were nice enough to send a car for me so I got door-to-door service ... which was very nice. Here are a few screencaps from my most recent appearance on Showbiz Tonight:

I was very happy with this appearance, I was much less nervous than I was the last time I was on the show (when I gave commentary on the Britney Spears Dateline interview). I was running around so frantically yesterday that I didn't get a chance to update the site with news of my appearance. I'm not sure how many of you got to see the piece that aired last night but you can read the transcript HERE.

After the interview and all the fussing with my bedroom furniture, I had to get ready to go to the theater. Davey and I were invited to see the Jonathan Larson show Tick ... Tick ... Boom! last night ... and we had a great time:

If you are a Rent fan then you must see this show. It is very unfair to compare it to Rent itself but you can definitely see and hear little bits and pieces of Rent in this show. The music is great ... I loved the songs ... Jonathan Larson is an amazing lyricist. The staging was simple but effective and I felt the acting was superb. Wilson Cruz (who played Michael) was phenomenal. I never knew that he could sing that well. I was very impressed ... The lead role of Jon was played by the understudy Matt Lutz. We were told it was only his third performance but I would've never guessed. He was great! But my favorite performer was Tami Tappan Damiano. She played Susan and totally blew me away. Her range was incredible ... she could sing, dance, be funny ... I really enjoyed her performance.

If you plan on seeing this show, don't go expecting to see a Rent prequel ... you may suss out elements that made their way into Rent but this show is different. It's simpler but poignant. I really wish Jonathan Larson was able to write more shows ... he was taken from us way too soon. That's pretty much all I kept thinking about as I watched the show last night.

Jim and I have some fun sushi plans tonight and I hear we may make a cameo at Pop Starz for dancing. Should be fun.

That is all ... have a great weekend! I'm out.



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