Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Fabulous Biker Boys

Yay! Jake Gyllenhaal is back from his little French jaunt with Lance Armstrong and he has reunited with his other new BFF Matthew McConaughey ... it looks like they are getting right back into the swing of bike riding again. Here are some new pictures of these hot dudes pumpin' and sweatin' under the strong California sun:

Whoa ... there is a whole lotta spandex goin' on here! It's so fun to see these boys in all sorts of configurations ... one day it's Jake and Lance, then it's Lance and Matthew and today we have Matthew and Jake ... sometimes we get all three at once! It's all so menage-y! I don't care if Jakey is only hanging out with these guys because he's training to play Lance Armstrong in a biopic about his life ... I don't care if they really are just good ol' friends ... I just hope they continue to hang out in furture sorts of shirtless configurations. Wee! [Source]