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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Model's Clinc

Inmate #9818783 managed to successfully complete one day of incarceration and by most accounts, she seems to be doing well ... considering the parameters of her imprisonment. Inmate #9818783 is already being lauded as a "model inmate" ... maybe she's found her one true calling? At any rate, #9818783 appears to be doing well so far and has even been spared the indignity of having to take out her hair extensions after all ... see, it doesn't sound so bad at all:

Photo credit: Mavrix

Paris is winning over the jail staff. Fifteen hours in, they're calling her a "model citizen" -- gracious, thankful and polite to the staff. She's wearing a short-sleeved, orange jumpsuit. She still has on the makeup she was wearing last night. Her hair is down. Oh yeah, speaking of hair, we were told ixnay on the hair extensions, but that's not the case with her. The staff allows extensions that are "tightly wound." We're told Paris meets that standard, so she has been allowed to keep hers. She's not interacting with any of the inmates, at least not yet. She's only seeing them through glass. We're told she's not happy, but resigned to getting it done. She's not teary, just very quiet. As for her cell -- it's 12x8 feet, with a bunk bed, a toilet and wash basin. There are two windows -- a little one in the door, and one on the wall that overlooks buildings. Inmate #9818783 will not be allowed to see any visitors until the weekend but she is allowed to meet with her lawyer during the week. I fully expect that he has cleared his schedule in order to spend as much time with her as she wants ... which is prolly all the allowed time. Richard Hutton, the lawyer in question, is already proclaiming his client's success as an inmate and reveals that Inmate #9818783 is using her time in solitary confinement to work on her public persona in order to "change the attitudes that exist about her." Yeah, I think she's gonna need a little longer than 23 days ... maybe if she had 23 years. I wonder where all this introspection is coming from. Perhaps she didn't like the way she was treated at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, this from Marc Malkin who was also at the Movie Awards: Paris Hilton's time was cut short. Nope, I'm not talking about her time in the clink. While she was the surprise attendee at yesterday's MTV Movie Awards, I hear she was supposed to do a lot more than just show up. A source says the hotel heiress had agreed to appear on stage during the live ceremony at the Gibson Amphitheater. Just hours before the ceremony, I was told that Hilton hoped to use her time on stage to garner a little last-minute sympathy from the fans. So, what happened? Ms. Hilton wasn't feeling the love after Sarah Silverman's opening monologue included cracks about her that left the more than 3,000 people in the audience cheering for Hilton's impending incarceration ... I'm sure Hilton also wasn't pleased with the fella who shouted, "More time for Paris!" Yeah, ouch. [Source]

I think it's great that Inmate #9818783 is working out her issues while she cools her heels in the slammer ... I'm sure she's been hard at work on her much talked-about Prison Diary ... which prolly reads something like this:

Dear Prison Diary: So, I've completed the first day of my 23 day jail sentence and I'm already so over it. It's, like, so hard and stuff in here. It's not at all as cool as it looks on Prison Break. Now I know how Tupac must've felt. You know, people would be way more willing to come to jail to pay for their crimes if they made it more fun and stuff. One thing is for sure, I have really, really learned my lesson. I swear, I will never get caught doing anything bad ever again.

Lesson learned.

It turns out that Inmate #9818783 last real meal before going into jail might not have been the snacky finger foods that were offered backstage at the MTV Movie Awards after all ... Inmate #9818783 was snapped rolling thru a fast food drive-thru on her way to the bighouse:

Photo credit: Splash News

OY! I'm sure the poor little lamb thought she could Happy Meal her problems away. Bless. [Source]

Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in New York City has unveiled a new wax statue display to commemorate the world-famous incarceration of Inmate #9818783:

She looks good in stripes. I might've added a ball and chain around her ankle but I suppose this display will suffice as is. [Source]

In other news, it has been revealed that the storybook romance betwixt beauty and the beast Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson has come to a crashing end. The couple, who got together while filming a really horrible movie that no one ended up seeing (which prolly says a lot about the relationship in general), are now completely dunzo:

Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson have broken up, a source who knows the pair tells PEOPLE. "They're still friends," says the source, adding that the two split just before Memorial Day weekend. The cause of the breakup wasn't immediately known. And the world continues to turn. [Source]

The Council of Fashion Designers of America threw its annual shindig in NYC at the New York Public Library last night and all the usual suspects were in attendance ... here are a few pics from the red carpet:

Heidi Klum looked totally faboo in that dress, the Olsen Twins weren't all that horrifying in the least (Ashley wins this time, she looked great in that black dress) and Claire Danes & Hugh Dancey make the cutest couple ever! They actually look like they could be siblings ... which, now that I think about it, is kinda gross. Oprah shouldn't wear dresses that hide her feet, they make her look too stocky. On second thought, it's prolly wise that she hide that extra toe of hers. [Source]

Victoria Beckham's latest pit stop in LA is already over. She flew in this weekend for the MTV Movie Awards where she uttered 3 words on stage then spent the following day shopping around town before takin' her robotic ass to LAX to fly back home to Europe:

Photo credit: Splash News

Hmmm ... maybe she doesn't like it here as much as she thought she would. Since VB put the kibosh on her NBC reality show, I understand that NBC is still planning on using the footage they shot of her so far. Expect to see those wiley folks at NBC whip a Beckham style Coming to America special or two sometime during the summer. [Source]

Teri Hatcher almost joined the ranks of the famous Hollywood "It" Girls yesterday when she was snapped exiting a car in London on her way to have dinner:

Photo credit: Splash News

I think I speak for the world when I say, Whew! [Source]

Unabomber beards look good on so few men that I feel it is my duty to highlight the chaps that manage to make the look work ... like, for example, Ryan Gosling:

Photo credit: Flynet

Yeah, he can blow up my shoes any day of the week! Woot! [Source, thanks Cammie]

Pink reader Shannon gave me the head's up that yesterday, Monday June 4, 2007, was declared Mary Lynn Rajskub Day in her hometown of Trenton, Michigan (very near my hometown in Michigan) ... which I think is an amazing idea that is long overdue:

The forever-frowning Chloe O'Brian from TV's "24" was missing from Trenton City Hall on Monday night. She was replaced by actress Mary Lynn Rajskub, who beamed and occasionally covered her face during the standing-room-only ceremony in her hometown. Monday was proclaimed Mary Lynn Rajskub Day to honor Trenton's native daughter turned TV star. She also will be honored with half a dozen road signs indicating Trenton as Rajskub's hometown. "I've met a lot of famous people and got to do many things, but I never ever expected to be standing here," she said. Rajskub (pronounced RICE-cub) was in town for her nephew's high school graduation. "This is the most surreal thing that has ever happened to me," she told the estimated 150 people who crowded council chambers to see the 1989 Trenton High School graduate. "I'm a very grounded person because I grew up here," she said. Though known as a dramatic actress, Rajskub also is a standup comedian. She entertained the crowd with frequent quips. "I have a new bodyguard," she said, referring to Jim O'Brien, the embarrassed and beefy police officer assigned to escort her Monday night. "Officer O'Brien walked me in here. I'm taking him back to L.A." Awww ... I love it! Had I known about this holiday I might've flown back home for the celebration. SO, since I missed celebrating Mary Lynn Rajskub Day in Michigan yesterday, I am declaring that TODAY Tuesday June 5, 2007 is Mary Lynn Rajskub Day for the rest of the world! Celebrate accordingly! [Source, thanks Shannon]

Because Avril Lavigne wasn't content with merely recording her new single Girlfriend in 18 different languages she decided to shoot a new music video for the English version of her vid. Here are pictures of Avril on the set of the new Girlfriend video (the remix version which features Lil Mama) in LA earlier this week:

Photo credit: Celebrity Babylon

Gawd! Again with the black and pink! Hasn't she already beat that horse to death already ... er, oh wait ... uh, black and pink is so classic, it'll never go out of style. Looks great, Avril! [Source]

Heather Matarazzo and Bijou Philips, who both star (and will prolly be dismembered) in the new movie Hostel Part II, both appeared on the Fuse show The Sauce yesterday ... here are a few pics:

Now, I haven't able to watch the show for myself yet (my DVR is set to record it this Friday afternoon at 3PM) but by the looks of the pics it looks like the girls had a great time on the show. Hostel Part II opens this Friday and I'm scared, y'all. They keep showing more and more of the film with each new trailer and I don't know that I'm ready yet. I like these girls alive ... from what I'm hearing about the scenes involving Heather, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be scarred for life. Yeah, I can't wait to see it! [Source]

In other Hostel-esque news, director Eli Roth will be featured in a new book of photographs called Guts: The Art of Marketing Horror Films shot by Tim Palen. Here is a sneak peek at Eli's contribution to the book:

Click above to see the NSFW, uncensored image

Yeah, the size and magnitude of Eli's "contribution" had to be covered with three of my stars so that should give you a hint as to what's hiding under there. I must admit that the "contribution" is not real ... but that doesn't make it any less scary. Check it out, if you dare. [Source]

What do you get when you cram 2 former *NSyncers, 2 current fabulous fashion designers, a socialite, a transvestite and a porn star into a private jet bound to Vienna for the LifeBall? Well, as you can imagine, you essentially get a flying bathhouse:

Things were predictably bacchanalian aboard the Austrian Airlines flight carrying the design team Heatherette and friends—including Tinsley Mortimer, ex–'N Sync–er JC Chasez, and Amanda Lepore—to the Life Ball, a massive open-air AIDS fund-raiser in Vienna. At the preflight check-in there was surprise and concern that passengers might be asked to provide prescriptions for the abundance of Adderal and Percocet in carry-ons, and worry that the airline might object to smoking (it didn't). The other ex–'N Sync–er onboard, Lance Bass, estimated that twenty people either joined or renewed their membership in the Mile High Club that night, but declined to say if he was one of them ... Strangely enough, porn star Jenna Jameson slept through the craziness, and awoke refreshed for the ball. Surely all the foolin' around was safe foolin' around, right? After all, they were flying to an AIDS charity event ... right? [Source]

Rihanna's new album Good Girl Gone Bad is out TODAY so make sure you run out and get your copy so you, too, can play her hot new song Umbrealla over and over and over again. Rihanna is also featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Complex magazine:

The pics are really cute ... especially the bottom left one -- Rihanna looks like she's posing for her Junior High yearbook. I'm not kidding, her new album is so fun ... you should check it out. [Source]

And finally, Vanessa Minnillo is featured on the cover and in the pages of the July issue of Lucky magazine:

If you ask me, she looks really sharp. [Source]

Les News:
Boo. Sarah had to fly back to Detroit early yesterday afternoon so we didn't get to spend much time together yesterday before she had to leave. This past weekend was really fun for us. Sarah is planning to come back to LA next month for a longer vacay so that she can spend time with Adriana and me here in LA and then go up to see Angi in San Francisco. I can't wait for her to come back ... she'll prolly be back here before I can get back to Detroit again.

I can't be too upset that she's gone ... David will be flying back into town this Friday so I have another great weekend to look forward to. In the meantime, I have a wrecked apartment to put back together. Fun times.

June Gloom is in full effect here today ... it's kinda depressing. I hope it's sunny wherever you are! I am out.



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