Thursday, March 27, 2008

Head's Up, Prison Break Wins Back A Major Character

In a TV convention usually reserved for sappy Soap Opera storylines, Prison Break is bringing back a character who was killed off on the show last season to reprise their role next season ... explaining that the character wasn't really killed off in the first place. As you may recall, Sarah Wayne Callies was axed from Prison Break last year due to an ugly contract dispute (resulting in her character, Dr. Sara Tancredi, getting decapitated on the show) but has now reconciled with producers so that she can return to the show next season. TV Guide broke the news of this development in the show earlier today:

Prison Break fans, prepare to seriously lose your heads. Sarah Wayne Callies — whose rather ugly contract dispute with producers led to her apparent decapitation last October — is returning next season. Full-time. As Dr. Sara Tancredi. Head and all. Seriously. How? Why? When? WTF?! All legitimate questions. Good thing I just hung up with Mr. Answer Man (aka executive producer Matt Olmstead).

TV GUIDE: So... I take it that wasn't Sara's head in that box....

Matt Olmstead: Yeah, that wasn't.

TVG: But initially it was supposed to be her head. What changed?

Olmstead: What changed was.... once we realized that the emotional hook of Season 3 was going to be the death of Sara, when we didn't get the actress to do it, as soon as we wrote it and shot it, we realized that there was actually a way she could still be alive. Lincoln glanced at the head in the box for a split second. That could've been anyone. He wasn't about to pull it up from the hair and inspect it closely. And then we were fairly careful thereafter of references we made to that and who took credit for it and what was seen or heard, and we left it fairly [vague]. But initially when we realized that we never actually saw the character get killed, we just had that knowledge in our back pocket and moved forward with the narrative as we intended. Which was: she's out of the picture, Michael's [feeling guilty] and Lincoln is freaking out because if they did that to her, they could do that to his son. It really gave us a real push for the season.

Bullshizz! Prison Break got lucky to get another season and they decided to eat crow, make nice with Callies and concoct this whacky scheme to win back viewers. It's a gamble that might pay off ... but I dunno if bringing back this one character will really save the show. I guess we'll see how it all plays out next season ... I, for one, am intrigued but not totally convinced just yet. Click HERE to read the rest of the TV Guide interview with the Prison Break producer as he tries to explain the decision to bring Dr. Sara back from the dead. [Source]