Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Skinny On Colin Farrell

Yikes! Irish heartthrob Colin Farrell, who has been undercover for some time now, has finally emerged and is showing off his super-thin new look. Apparently, Farrell dropped all of his hunky weight for his new movie Triage wherein he plays a war photographer ... but it's still very shocking to see the once burly Irishman lookin' like a Olsen twin:

Photo credit: Big! Pictures

NO MOVIE role is too big, or small, for COLIN FARRELL. The Irish actor has shed the pounds to play a war photographer in his latest movie, Triage. However he's lost so much weight - believed to be three stone - that friends are worried about his health. Colin was pictured here on a break from filming in Spain looking gaunt and withdrawn, a far cry from his usual appearance. Though he's no stranger to changing his appearance for movie roles. He bulked up play the role of Alexander in the Oliver Stone movie and was at the peak of physical condition in S.W.A.T.

These photos of Colin bring to mind the image of the insanely hawt Christian Bale after he slimmed down to skeletal proportions for his movie The Machinist a few years ago. Ack, it's still really creepy to see ... that suit jacket just hangs on his frame ... it can't be healthy to lose this much weight so quickly. I hope he wraps filming Triage very soon cuz this man looks in dire need of a hamburger ... or 5. [Source]