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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Double Entendre

Okay ... so it's not like I'm trying to harp on the whole scandal involving Audrina Partridge from MTV's The Hills and her racy, topless pre-fame photos which made their way to the Interweb earlier today but I kinda have to post this one last pic and then move on (er, for today). People magazine posted a pic of Audrina doing a bit of shopping at Pottery Barn in Beverly Hills earlier this past weekend (from the last set of pics taken of Audrina before the nudie pics came out) and they captioned the photo of Audrina carrying a shopping bag in each of her hands very cheekily ... well, here you go, read it for yourself:

I dunno why I think it's funny ... it just seems very ironic to make a joke about Audrina Partridge "double fisting" especially when you consider that in the same day the nekkid pics of Audrina also came out as well:

You know, she had to know that these pics would get released one day. At some point during the first season of The Hills when she started getting more famous ... well, more well-known ... that she had to know that "those pictures" were still out there and they might get released one day. In fact, if you consider the speed with which her statement came out confirming that she is, in fact, the topless girl in the photos you have to think that she's prolly been prepared for their release for some time now. She did the right thing tho ... own up, weather the storm and move on. I can only think that this will do wonders for ratings of The Hills. [Source, Source]


Who Let The Dog Out?

Can you guess which Hollywood actor is pictured below in full make-up for the new remake of the 1941 horror classic film The Wolf Man?

Entertainment Weekly has just posted this first look at the new Wolf Man along with a short interview with make-up man Joe Johnston who created this new monster:

It's been 67 years since the Wolfman first attacked the box office, but he'll be making a comeback next year in a remake by Joe Johnston (Hidalgo, Jurassic Park III). Fortunately for all you lycanthrope fans out there who just can't wait that long, EW caught up with the horror flick's makeup artist, six-time Oscar winner Rick Baker, for an exclusive First Look at how he's transformed star [this Hollywood star] into the famed beastly creature.

Unless you already know who has been signed on to star in this movie, I think you'll find it near impossible to base your guess on this photo alone. Click HERE to find out who it is and to read the interview with Joe Johnston. [Source]


The TV Guide: Fil 'Er Up

After my crazily exciting night on Monday hangin' with my boys Ryan and Channing, I spent a relatively quiet day at home yesterday doing a bunch of menial, yet necessary, chores. I'll be flying back East to NYC this Friday afternoon so I had heaps of clothes that needed washin' and an apartment in shambles that needed tidying up. Sometimes, it would be easier to just burn the place to the ground and rebuild but I just didn't have the time. I had planned on seeing The Bravery at Spaceland last night but I couldn't get all that I needed to get done in time so I had to bail. I did find the time to make a quick trip down to Redondo Beach, CA to grab a bite to each at Chick-Fil-A ... don't worry, I shant ramble on about how delicious everything was but I will say that I was happy to share the experience with some of my friends this time around. Steph and Alek were intrigued by my raving praise for Chick-Fil-A so they were interested in trying the food for themselves ... so we drove down to together and ate everything in sight:

Yes, folks, they are now members of the Chick-Fil-A fan club. As you can see by all of the empty containers on the tray, they enjoyed the food as much as I do :) We hung out in the mall for a bit afterwards and then it was back home again.

No big plans tonight ... I'm gonna try and grab food with a friend otherwise I'll be packing and working. No complaints at all, tho, life is good. I hope y'all's hump day is going well.


Les News: J. Lo's Babies Revealed Tomorrow, Listen To The New B52s, What About Joe E. Tata?


Mariah Parades Her Clout

The promo machine for Mariah Carey's new album E=MC2 is in full swing as she appears on the cover of the new issue of Parade magazine which is due for release this Sunday. In her interview with the magazine, Mimi denies and then confirms that she is a diva (do try to contain your shock and awe) and explains how her famous life makes her sometimes feel like an "ATM machine with a wig on it". LOL! Here is the cover of the mag and a few pictures from the photoshoot which is available only online at

"Not to give a woe-is-me moment, but it's not as easy as everybody thinks to have this kind of life," Mariah Carey tells PARADE's James Kaplan, during an interview in the backseat of her $400,000 Maybach Touring Sedan. "Even sitting here talking to you, I feel like there should be a bit of intimacy, and when there is always somebody else around, it's tough." Kaplan asks Carey flat out if she's a diva. She rolls her eyes and says, "They throw that word around like it's a friggin’ Frisbee! I grew up hearing it, because my mother is an opera singer. The actual definition is 'a talented female singer.' Definition two is 'a difficult woman who is successful,' I believe. So I take it as a compliment." Later in the interview, she tells Kaplan, "You know what? I guess I am a diva in many ways! When it comes to certain things, yes, I can be difficult and a little bit rigid about what I want. Am I demanding? I don't think I'm demanding enough. I think if I were more demanding, I would have felt that I had some sort of power, as opposed to feeling like a pawn, which is something I had to grow out of. You've got to go through some stuff," she continues. "Somehow people have to know there’s something that's not perfect about you. I had to learn to grow up a little bit. I feel like I connect to people through song because it's filling a void in me. I need to make music. If I didn't have this, I don’t know where I would be." Kaplan notes that Carey shows her emotions easily and seems touchingly—and oddly—eager to please. "My self-esteem has never been topping the charts," she admits. "You don't know who is here for the glamour, for the gossip factor. You really just want to know that somebody loves you for you. That's a difficult thing when, you know..." She hesitates. "Sometimes you just do really feel like an ATM machine with a wig on it."

Well, at least she owns her divaness because I really doubt she'd be able to reach her level of fame without having to throw her weight around a bit ... and to be honest, in my estimation, she's earned it. Mariah Carey has one of THE most successful careers in music history and she is showing no signs of stopping. Should she expect folks to fall at her feet in supplication every time she walks by? Of course not (well, okay, maybe sometimes) but she is deffo due her respect for being such a powerhouse in the music industry. The woman is the definition of fierceness (despite what Vicki B. may believe) because she has the talent to backup her persona. A viable and still very relevant performer who has even more #1 hits than a juggernaut like Madonna and may likely surpass Elvis Presley for the record absolutely has the right to extol her divaness. I say, bow down. [Source]


They Have No Idea

Okay ... so we know that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is a wiz at playing football so it makes sense that he may not know all the ins and outs of the game of basketball ... but what do you suppose is Jessica Simpson's excuse for lookin' so stymied at the LA Lakers vs. Dallas Mavericks game last night?

Oh, riiiiight. Jessica Simpson. I got it now. [Source]


Parental Control

A less than thrilled-looking Britney Spears hit the town last night for a nice dinner with her parents Lynne and Jamie Spears at Paradise Cove in Malibu, CA. It appears that Team Spears has reunited in a show of support for all of the great things that have been going on in Britney's life recently (and for once, the scandal of the day has nothing at all to do with her). Here are pics of Brit Brit and her folks making a mad dash away from the restaurant last night:

Photo credit: X17 and Splash News

Britney Spears divorced parents joined forces again last night in their continued efforts to restore normality to their troubled daughter's life. Jamie and Lynne Spears, who last year denied rumours of a romantic reconciliation, took the Gimme More singer for dinner at Malibu's Paradise Cove restaurant. But the 26-year-old looked less than thrilled to be spending the evening with her parents - she could barely muster a smile as they left the beach side venue ... While [Jamie] watches over the singer in LA, Lynne has spent most of her time in in Kentwood, Louisanna with the couple's pregnant 16-year-old daughter, Jamie Lynn. The friend told People magazine: "As a mother she feels needed in both places. She's doing whatever she can to help both girls. She's got that maternal instinct, and it's in high gear."

It is my hope that Brit's unhappy demeanor has more to do with the constant crush of media attention and little do with having her parents around her. I'm still in awe of how quickly and significantly her life has turned around in the short weeks that Papa Jamie has been in control of her life. Having her parents play an active role in her life is doing wonders for her professional and public image. Stay on course Britney ... steady as she goes. [Source]


LC Does Letterman; Keeps Her Clothes On

In completely unscandalous Hills news, Lauren LC Conrad was lookin' pretty damn good in a funky little number that she may or may not have designed herself (I've no idea if it's a real designer dress or a piece from her new fashion line) for her appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman last night. LC was in the hiz to do promo for the new half-season premiere of her MTV reality TV show The Hills (which I am *extremely* excited for, btw) which goes down next Monday night ... behold:

Photo credit: Splash News

Lucky for LC her appearance on Letterman happened before those topless photos of her Hills cast mate Audrina Partridge made their way to the Interweb otherwise she might've had to answer questions and do damage control. Instead, all she had to do was answer fairly benign questions and play nice with David Letterman. Click HERE to watch video of her appearance on Letterman last night. [Source]


An Up Hills Battle For Damage Control

Pink reader Lauren gave me the head's up that the blog What Would Tyler Durden Do? has posted a set of NSFW topless photos that are supposedly of Audrina Partridge of the MTV show The Hills. Of these photos, WWTDD writes:

"Just in time for The Hills comeback ... We just posted the racy, naked photos of Audrina Patridge that she used to audition for Playboy. Sources say the beauty from a wealthy Orange County family was a natural in front of the camera and loved every second of the shoot at an LA mansion and was thrilled with the results -- particularly the raunchy schoolgirl pics. Lucky for us Playboy showed no interest in the pics."

Now, I am always very skeptical of these sorts of things when they first come out but it turns out that Audrina released a statement, thru her rep, acknowledging and confirming that she did take these photos:

"I took these photos years ago when I was just out of high school and beginning to model. I was young and very trusting of others and I didn't know to protect myself. It is a lesson learned, for myself, and hopefully for the young girls who look up to me."

Man ... no wonder Justin Bobby hung around for so long ... Audrina isn't as innocent as we previously believed. I wonder what this little scan-dal will do for the ratings on The Hills. Head on over to WWTDD to check out the full batch of NSFW images of Audrina and her hills. [Source]


Becksness Casual

David Beckham has finally returned home to SoCal from his recent jaunts with the LA Galaxy to the farthest reaches of the globe and a few places in between. A very dressed down, yet sexy Becksie was spotted in Beverly Hills, CA yesterday lookin' as fine as can be ... take a look:

Photo credit: Fame

Dang ... how is it that a mortal man can be so pretty as to make a plain t-shirt and work-out pants look hawt? [Source]


A Show Of Farce?

It took a few days after the first reports of marital discord between Madonna and Guy Ritchie for the denials to start coming out ... but almost as soon as the statement that the Ritchies "remain happily married" was released to the media the couple made a very public show that they were still very much together by going out in public last night ... together. Here are a few pics of Madge and Guy showing the world the strength of their marriage by emerging arm in arm from Harry's Bar in the London, UK neighborhood of Mayfair last night along with the official statement of happily wedded bliss from Madonna's longtime publicist Liz Rosenberg:

Photo credit: Splash News

"I am delighted to confirm that Mr. and Mrs. Guy Ritchie remain happily married. Though they were in different countries recently – Madonna in the U.S. doing promotion for her upcoming album Hard Candy and Guy finishing up post production on his new film RocknRolla as well as completing a Nike commercial and working on several scripts in England – the family are joyfully back together at home in London. All is well and wonderful in the Ritchie household."

Suspicious? Maybe. Timely? Definitely. At this point, there will always be rumors going around that the couple may be on the brink of divorce (tho, even I have to admit that it looked pretty shady when Guy totally skipped out on attending Maddy's induction ceremony into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame a couple of weeks ago) which may or may not be grounded in any sense of reality. Until an actual official announcement is made (if one ever will) that the couple are splitting it doesn't really make sense to speculate further. After all ... Madonna strikes me as the kind of person that would do everything absolutely necessary to ensure that she does not do what is expected of her. She is a woman of her own mind who does things her own way. No one is going to tell her that her marriage is over. [Source]

In other Maddy news, Andy Towle of the blog Towleroad made note of the fact that the customized prize fighter belt that Madonna has been wearing in promo photos for her new album Hard Candy is emblazoned with the nickname M-Dolla:

M-Dolla? Really, Madonna? This sounds like a new "J. Lo" fiasco waiting to happen. You just know in 3 years when Madonna gives birth to adopts more children that she is going to force People magazine to stop referring to her as "M-Dolla" as part of the $12 million dollar deal to photograph her new children. [Source, Source]


The Fugitive

TMZ is reporting that Shia LaBeouf is a wanted man. Apparently, Shia -- who is no stranger to having run-ins with the law (how could we ever forget his little incident at a Chicago Walgreens drug store last year) -- was cited for unlawful smoking by the city of Burbank, CA last month and failed to show up to answer the charge in court Tuesday. The unamused judge issued a bench warrant for the lad's arrest ... as it stands right now, Shia LaBeouf is a wanted fugitive on the lam:

Photo credit: Splash News

LaBeouf received a ticket February 18 in Burbank for unlawful smoking, a misdemeanor. He was supposed to appear in court at 8:30 AM, but neither he nor a lawyer showed -- so a $1,000 bench warrant was issued for Shia's arrest. Shia was allegedly smoking on the sidewalk outside a shop called Skyblupink, a gift shop, when cops cited him.

On the plus side, Shia isn't wanted by the cops for drunk driving or any such clichéd unlawful celeb bullshizz behavior like that ... and I do believe that he is the only famous person of note to risk arrest due to "unlawful smoking" ... that's kinda pimp, right? I'd be surprised if anything will ever come of this ... tho, I wouldn't mind another one of those fun mug shots that we never seem to get enough of 'round these here parts. [Source]


Uncover My Body has finally unveiled the cover artwork for Mimi's latest effort entitled E=MC2 ... check it out:

Should we really be surprised that Mariah Carey decided only to wear a feather boa-like garment and nothing else on the cover of her new album? After all, she does only wear a top hat on the cover of her first single Touch My Body. One thing's for sure, Mariah deffo stays true to her usual formula for doing things ... less is more, especially for promo pics. [Source]



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