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Monday, April 07, 2008

Pink Is The New Kylie Giveaway

Kylie Minogue's peeps want to hook up one lucky Pink is the new Blog reader with a prize pack to celebrate the US release of her 10th album X available in stores and online on Astralwerks/Capitol records. The price pack is made up of the UK Enhanced CD single of 2 Hearts along with a few Kylie stickers, postcards and a poster. I will also throw in a US copy of her album X, which includes the bonus All I See remix featuring Mims:

Don't forget that Kylie will be featured today on The Ellen DeGeneres Show so what better way to get into the Kylie spirit than by winning this fun prize pack. In order to enter for your chance to win this prize, just send in any Kylie-related photo which features you or your friends at a Kylie show, with your favorite Kylie item or just partying to Kylie's music. Make it a fun pic cuz it will be featured on the blog if yours is the winning entry. Send in your entries to THIS email address by Friday and a winner will be chosen and featured on the blog shortly thereafter. Good luck!


Bravo Is Sew Screwed! Project Runway Moves To Lifetime

Shocking Project Runway news ... The New York Post is reporting that megahit TV show Project Runway will be moving to the Lifetime TV network (yes, Lifetime) next season due to a huge spat between the Weinstein Company (who produces the show) and Bravo TV (the network that used to air the show). I'm sure we can expect this matter to make its way to court before the show actually makes its move but at this point, according to The NYP, Lifetime has acquired the rights to air this hugely successful show:

A courtroom catwalk cat-fight erupted today when Bravo abruptly has lost control of its biggest hit - "Project Runway" - which will now begin airing on arch-rival, Lifetime, in November. The change of venue appears to be the result of a deal gone sour between the show's producers, the Weinstein Company and Bravo. The move also appears to have caught Bravo executives by surprise. As news of the network shift spread today, Bravo owner NBC Universal slapped the Weinstein Company with a lawsuit in New York State Supreme Court aiming to block the new deal. Weinstein officials said that NBC had filed the suit after "declining to compete for the right to have 'Project Runway'..." and the legal action was simply, NBC trying to "disrupt the series moving to Lifetime." "We believe this lawsuit is without merit," Weinstein council, David Boies said in a statement. "While good for the market for lawyers, it is always unfortunate when parties try to win in court what they lost in the marketplace."

Speaking to Variety, Andrea Wong, president of Lifetime, had this to say about the new deal:

"'Project Runway' is one of the best television programs on the air today on broadcast or cable. I am a huge fan. All my friends are huge fans. Having watercooler movies, dramas, and reality shows like 'Project Runway' is what Lifetime Television is all about. We welcome The Weinstein Company, Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn to the Lifetime family for many walks down the runway to come."

LOL ... what she prolly really meant to say was:


And the Weinstein company has this to say about their new network:

"[H]aving Lifetime's unique cable reach will ensure that the show will continue to grow and expand in the years to come. Lifetime is one of the strongest cable networks in the industry, with great leadership and a true commitment to original programming. We are very excited for the many new opportunities that will now be provided to 'Runway' and its fans and look forward to premiering the sixth season in November 2008.

Apparently, Bravo will still air season 5 of Project Runway ... but that will happen in July ... Lifetime is planning to air its first season of PR in November. This means there will be 3 seasons of Project Runway airing in this year alone. Wow! What a huge boon for Lifetime! They prolly thought Your Mama Can't Dance would be their biggest hit this year (closely followed by endless reruns of The Golden Girls) ... it looks like Lifetime's stock has just gone up significantly. Bravo really dropped the ball on this one ... they prolly thought they could play hardball with the Weinstein's and just learned a horrible lesson. No word on what this development means for the look and feel of the show overall but if Lifetime is smart, they won't change a thing. This is sew huge. [Source, Source]


Ringing In Their New Marriage?

The (allegedly) newly wed Beyonce and Jay-Z made their way to Greensboro, NC this past Saturday (where Jay was due to perform with Mary J. Blige ... you may recall that she gave the couple a public Congratulations from the concert stage later that night) and we snapped deboarding their private jet ... it looks as if Jay was wearing a ring on his wedding finger but it was unclear if B was wearing one as well:

Photo credit: Splash News

Until we receive official confirmation of the nuptials from the couple we may still have to play this Did they or Didn't they? game for a while. [Source]


The TV Guide: A Vine Frenzy

Yesterday was a very chill day for David and me. I really wanted us to spend a quiet Sunday together ... basically, all I wanted for us was a nice dinner and movie. David got to pick the restaurant and I got to pick the movie. For dinner we grabbed some delish sushi at Geisha House and then chilled for a bit at Cafe Audrey afterwards (which is a very cute Audrey Hepburn-themed coffee shop). Since I got to pick the movie, I decided that we should see The Ruins:

Right off the bat, I have to say that the movie was very true to the book. I loved the book and I really liked the movie. Without giving too much away, the premise is a bit silly for a horror movie but if you just go with it, it turned out pretty creepy as hell. I will reveal that the ending is a bit different in the book than it is in the movie. If I recall correctly, there was a much unhappier ending in the book. That said, both David and I really liked the way the movie turned out. It's not an Oscar contender by any means ... it's just a really great, really fun popcorn movie. There is something a bit satisfying about pretty people suffering thru extremely disastrous situations ... the movie got a bit gross but not too much. I liked it ... I'd even seen it again.

Tonight, David and I are going to try and meet up with our friend Emily for dinner ... and I think that is all we have on our agenda. We have Las Vegas to look forward to later on in the week ... so we can plan on good times to come.


Les News: Feist Cleans Up, Blogging Hazards, Pavarotti Faked It


Head Over Heels

Here is an awesome pic of Fergie Ferg doin' the damn thing on stage at the Idol Gives Back charity event which took place at the Kodak Theater in the Hollywood and Highland complex here in Hollywood, CA last night. During her performance with Heart (they collaborated on a performance of Heart's song Barracuda), Fergie decided to show off her acrobatic skillz by flippin' out on stage ... check it out:

Well, you've gotta give it up to Fergie for going all out for her performance. Last December, Fergie got strapped to a harness by the wrist and was flung around the Kodak Theater for the Movies Rock event and last night she was doing flips for Idol Gives Back. Say what you will about Stacy Ferguson, the girl does know how to put on a show. [Source]


Back In The Family

Trent Reznor updated the official Nine Inch Nails website over the weekend with a photo of ex-NIN guitarist Robin Finck along with the caption Welcome Back! and NME reports today that Robin has, in fact, rejoined the group for the upcoming NIN summer tour ... here is the photo and the report:

Robin Finck, the man who played in Nine Inch Nails in the mid 1990s then again in 2000, has rejoined the band. Finck toured with Trent Reznor and co. during tours that coincided with the release of the 'Self-Destruct' and 'Further Down The Spiral' albums by the band. He then joined them later in their career for tours, coinciding with the 'Fragility v1.0' and 'Fragility v2.0' albums, before leaving the set-up. Finck was recruited by Guns N Roses' Axl Rose in 1996 as a replacement for guitarist Slash, currently a member of Velvet Revolver, and worked on the band's as-yet-unreleased album, 'Chinese Democracy' ... The musician rejoins Nine Inch Nails shortly after they have announced a slew of US live dates for 2008, beginning at the end of July and including an appearance at the Lollapalooza festival on August 3 in Chicago.

Ahhh yes, it seems like only yesterday that Robin and Trent were last scene destroying musical instruments on stage together while wearing matching outfits made out of latex rubber and covered in corn starch ... and now the boys have been reunited once again. NIN fans should be very happy at this news, Robin has always been an integral part of Nine Inch Nails and I'm very much looking forward to seeing him back on stage with the group again this summer. [Source, Source]


Carrie Dumps Chace By TXT, LOL

Carrie Underwood, who was a special guest at last night's Idol Gives Back event which took place at the Kodak Theater here in Hollywood, CA, revealed to Extra the circumstances in which her short romantic relationship with Chace Crawford (which we heard about HERE a couple of weeks ago) came to an end. It turns out that the love affair was extinguished by way of text message:

When Carrie Underwood and Chace Crawford split up, the couple called it quits digital style, says the country star. "It was completely mutual," Underwood told Extra at the taping of Idol Gives Back. "We broke up over text so ... it's like 'peace out.' " According to Underwood, the breakup wasn't a tearful confrontation, but a realization that the romance just wasn't meant to be between her and the Gossip Girl hunk. "It just didn't work," she said. "We both knew it didn't work and [had] no hard feelings at all whatsoever." Although the couple hasn't spoken recently, Underwood has nothing negative to say about her ex. "I don't dislike him, so it's no big deal." The split was a bit harder on Crawford, however. "He was upset about the breakup," his sister, Candice, told PEOPLE last week. "It's always hard when you lose a relationship." Underwood reveals that her high profile relationship was made harder by fame. "It's difficult while you're dating because people always make a lot bigger deal of things than they actually are," she tells Extra. "Then when you break up with somebody and then like two months later it comes out and it's like you're rehashing old stuff. I don't know what that's all out now."

HMMM ... I still have to wonder why it didn't work. Could it be that Chace was just spending too much time with his bro JC Chasez to show Miss Underwood enough attention? I mean, it's possible that altho no hanky-panky was going on between JC and Chace they still spent too much time hanging around with one another for Carrie to feel like she was part of the relationship. I guess we may never know the truth ... which remains between Carrie, Chace, probably Chace's BFF JC and who ever their mobile carrier is. [Source]


Ali Larter Does Lucky Magazine

Heroes star Ali Larter is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Lucky magazine, which hits newsstands tomorrow. Here is a sneak preview of Ali's coverphoto and a couple of the feature story pics:

Ali always looks so purdy on these magazine covers. It's always great to see Ali get a little magazine cover lurve every once-in-a-while. She is one of my fave actresses on Heroes and it's nice to see someone other than Hayden Panettiere gettin' a little attention for once ;) [Source]


Hometown Hero

Bay City, MI's favorite daughter has been invited by mayor Charles M. Brunner to return to her birthplace in order to be granted the key to the city. Considering the letter was addressed to Madonna Ciccone and sent to the postal address "London, England", it'd be a miracle if Madge even got word of this invitation in the first place. Tho, according to Mayor Brunner, Maddy's own father has promised to make sure that she receives the mayor's letter ... but we managed to get a copy of the letter too:

Thomas Wolfe wrote, "You can't go home again." But Madonna will, if Mayor Charles M. Brunner of Bay City, Mich., has his way, The Associated Press reported. The mayor wants to give the key to the city to Madonna, below right, who grew up there and in the Detroit suburb of Rochester Hills. The problem is that in 1985, according to The Bay City Times, Madonna was considered for the honor but some people thought then that her entertainment was too risqué. To make matters worse, the newspaper reported, the city refused to accept a sculpture of Madonna from an Italian artist in the late 1980s on the grounds that her popularity would fade. Now Mayor Brunner has written to Madonna to offer her the key, saying, "We have always been proud of your accomplishments, but recently your induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame reminded us that we need to honor you with the highest honor that Bay City can offer." What's more Guy Greve, president of the Bay Arts Council, wants to commission a sculpture of Madonna, and City Commissioner Christopher J. Shannon, who fronts a rock band, plans a Madonna tribute album, using local musicians to cover her hits, including "Like a Virgin" and "Express Yourself."

See ... Mayor Brunner is a real sport for making the offer and he prolly thinks she may consider coming back to Bay City, MI to receive this honor but if you consider that Madonna doesn't even deign to bring her tours to Detroit, MI anymore, well, I find it hard to believe that she's gonna be visiting Bay City, MI anytime soon. Perhaps Mayor Brunner can just mail her the key to the city ... we know that he already has her address. [Source]


BFF In The Buff

You know you've got a best bud when he is willing to strip down, butt nekkid, just because you ask him to ... which looks like was the case when Woody Harrelson and Owen Wilson were caught hanging out in Florida over the weekend together. Now, I'm not *entirely* sure what the circumstances were that led to the following events but here are photos of Woody and Owen walking towards the water together ... and cut to a very nekkid Woody flashing his bare bum for all the world (including BFF Owen) to see:

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin
Click above to see uncensored images

Woody Harrelson cools off in the hot Florida sun with an impromptu skinny dip with actor friend Owen Wilson. The Natural Born Killers star, 46, has been hanging out with the Wedding Crashers actor, 39, in Miami while Wilson films his latest movie Marley & Me in the Sunshine State. While Wilson seems content to bathe in his shorts, free spirit Harrelson strips off to his birthday suit as he leaps into the Atlantic. Over the boiling weekend in Miami, where temperatures reached 30 degrees Celsius, the pair watched both the men's and ladies' singles finals at the Sony Ericsson Open in Key Biscayne ...

Photo credit: Splash News

... After enjoying a dip in Miami Bay, Harrelson climbed out of the Atlantic for a naked work-out on his private dock. As he hoisted himself out of the water, Harrelson showed his tan wasn't quite all over as he flashed his white backside. Despite his tan lines, the 46-year-old cut an impressive figure as he stretched and did press-ups in the nude.

And cuz the back isn't as much fun without the front, here are a couple pics where you can kinda see Woody's wobbly bits:

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin
Click above to see uncensored images

You will note that Woody's wife is nowhere to be seen ... isn't that interesting? Previously we've seen this dynamic duo doing a bit of swimming together while wearing nothing but their underwear ... but it seems like the guys have taken their male bonding to the next level. At this point, who knows how far they plan on taking their relationship but I can't wait to find out. [Source]


Baby Spice

A new Marc Jacobs ad featuring the fashionable yet cybertronic Victoria Beckham has surfaced and it seems like she is trying to outdo her previous attempts at looking weird for fashion's sake ... check it out:

Victoria Beckham may look younger than her years but the jury is still out on whether she can carry off sucking her thumb in the latest Marc Jacobs campaign. In shots advertising the New York designer's latest creations, the former Spice Girl, designer and mum-of-three lies in a multi-coloured maxi-dress in the fetal position. Sucking her thumb, wearing her trademark oversized sunglasses and gloves that bare an uncanny resemblance to Marigolds, Posh evades the fashion icon status she has been chasing since leaving the girl group.

Um, what? The woman has been shoved in a bag, worn a pinwheel on her head and has kissed a fake frog all to try and help Marc Jacobs sell some clothes. I'm not sure how sucking on her thumb like a baby is meant to help that endeavor but ... here you have it. Maybe hubby David Beckham should get in on the sucking ... I might be willing to shell out some bucks for an article of clothing that has been sucked on by Becks. Um, is that weird? [Source]


Who's That Guy, Alanis?

Well now, what have we here ... new photos of Alanis Morissette have surfaced of the Jagged Little songstress holding hands with a mystery fellow as they made their way thru LAX Airport here in SoCal bound for a plane headed for Germany ... take a look:

Photo credit: Splash News

Could this mystery man just be a good friend ... or is this our first look at the new man in Alanis's life? I suspect that this dude is just a friend cuz, judging by her last long-term boyfriend, Ryan Reynolds, this man doesn't look like her type. Altho, we can't forget that she once dated (and wrote the song You Outta Know about) comedian Dave Coulier ... so .... I guess we'll have to reserve judgment on this new dude until we get more facts. To be honest, Alanis is going to have a hard time finding an adequate replacement for Ryan Reynolds ... he is a tough act to follow. [Source]

UPDATE: Pink readers Eduardo and Brian inform me that this guy is her longtime friend and bandmate Jason Orme ... tho, it's not clear whether or not the couple have moved their relationship into the romantic sphere or if they're just besties.


I'm Trent Vanegas And I Endorse This Message

In a stunning show of support, assistant district attorney Rachel Dawes (who is rumored to be romancing billionaire Bruce Wayne) has publicly come out in favor of Harvey Dent's election as district attorney of Gotham City. Here is a short video of Ms. Dawes's endorsement of Mr. Dent which has been made available by The Gotham Times:

Welp, that settles it ... with the endorsement of Rachel Dawes, Harvey Dent is sure to win election as Gotham City District Attorney. Still, if you're interested in lending your support to Dent's campaign you can find more information on how to help his campaign at his official website [Source]


April Showers Bring May Babies

Jessica Alba was joined by about 25 of her closest friends at a baby shower held in honor of the baby she is expecting with babydaddy Cash Warren at the Ever After Teahouse here in LA yesterday. Here are pictures of a semi-happy-looking Jessica as she made her way out of the teahouse after the festivities were finished:

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin and Splash News

Miss Jessica is getting pleasantly plump and it is really great seeing her look so happy. As we all know, Jess doesn't really like smiling for the cameras so she must've been in a real good mood yesterday. By looks of her swelling baby bump she should be giving birth to her first born child very soon. It won't be long now 'til the real congratulations are in order. [Source, Source]



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