Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cate Blanchett Pops; Gives Birth To A Baby Boy

Cate Blanchett has given birth to her third child today, another son, named Ignatius Martin Upton ... here are all the known deets thus far:

CATE Blanchett and husband Andrew Upton welcomed their third son, Ignatius Martin Upton, into the world [Sunday]. Initial reports are that Sydney-based mother and child are both well. The Elizabeth: The Golden Age and I'm Not There star gave birth [Sunday] with the little boy weighing just over 8 pounds. Blanchett and her writer-director husband, who have shared co-artistic director responsibilities at the Sydney Theatre Company since January, already have two sons: Dashiell, 6, and Roman, 3.

Much congrats goes out to Cate and her growing family. I just love her and couldn't be more happy about this great news :) [Source]

The TV Guide Part II: All Vegased Out

So, I finally made it back home to LA after spending a very long 3 1/2 days in Las Vegas. I have to say, I'm not a big Vegas person. I always have fun when I go because I tend to go with great people but the whole Vegas thing just isn't my scene. I hate gambling and you pretty much bleed money no matter what every single day that you're there. That being said, this trip was among the more fun trips since we got to spend most of our time with David's fun NYC friends who flew in to celebrate Isaac's 30th birthday. After an unsuccessful evening of shopping, we all got gussied up for the main even at Mix at THE hotel at Mandalay Bay for a party on the patio of the 64th floor. I was really bad with the taking pictures (ie. I hardly took any) but the party was a blast:

I was pretty wrecked on Saturday morning after all the drinking I did Friday night (thanks to the our heavy-handed bartender Marissa) so I opted out of drinking last night. Pretty much everyone got trashed (I understand the lime vodka was a particular favorite) which made everyone all the more fun to hang out with. I got to meet Pink reader Ko who was also partying at Mix last night ... it was great getting to say hello to her.

Today, as I mentioned previously, the MGM Grand wouldn't allow late check-outs so I had no time to do my work earlier in the day. Generally when we go to Vegas we stay at Luxor and they have always been very accommodating to us. I think I'm over the MGM Grand as a hotel, tho.

I was bummed to have to part ways with David again (there always seems to be the goodbyes) but I have my trip home to Detroit later on this week to look forward to. It'll be great to see everyone back home. And so ... the weekend comes to a close ... another one for the books.

Les News: Jodie Gives Birth, Ivana Gets Married, Charlton Laid To Rest

Hot Dude Of The Week: Jon

As I've mentioned a few times today already, the weather has really heated up this weekend here in Southern California. Temperatures soared into the upper 90s today (surpassing the high temps in Las Vegas, even) which is great cause for the shedding of clothing to keep cool. It's not like we really need a good excuse to gawk and gander at shirtless Hot Dudes of the Week but I'll take what I can get. Let's all say hello to Jon:

Photo credit: All American Guys

Shirtless and serious ... just the way I like 'em. Even tho a smiling face is a nice addition to a really hot bod, I can see the appeal in a glowering guy lookin' all mean and serious as well. To be quite honest, I don't mind if the Hot Dudes of the Week are happy or sad, friendly or serious ... as long as they're ripped and mostly nekkid. I think Jon fits the bill nicely, yes? [Source]

Hilary Duff , Bien Sur

Hilary Duff is featured on the cover and (I believe) in the pages of the new issue of the French magazine Bien dans ma Vie ... here is her coverphoto:

The raven-haired Hilary has been raising eyebrows among her faithful fans as new footage from her latest movie War, Inc. has made its way to the Interweb. By now you've, no doubt, seen the infamous You Tube clip where Hilary drops a scorpion inside the front of her pants and then asks a man to "get it out" for her (ie. he shoves his hand into the front of her pants to fish out the scorpion from her crotch region). Yes folks, our little Hilary Duff has grown up a bit over the years. It's unclear how this new "grown up" Hilary will be perceived by her fans but I don't really think her new movie is really geared towards the Lizzie McGuire fanclub. She still looks innocent enough on this magazine cover ... tho we have no idea what she may have stuffed into her pants for the covershoot. [Source]

Saturday Night Lurve

This week's Saturday Night Live host, Ashton Kutcher, hosted a SNL after-afterparty at the Cutting Room in NYC last night where new BFFs Michelle Trachtenberg and Blake Lively were among the guests in attendance ... seemingly joined at the hip ... as they have been ever since Michelle joined the cast of Gossip Girl and the ladies have been working together filming new episodes for the hit show. Here are a few pics of Michelle and Blake all up in each other's biz late last night/early this morning:

Photo credit: Splash News

Clearly the girls have a strong affinity for one another ... I don't think we ever get to see Blake acting this chummy with her other Gossip Girl co-star Leighton Meester off set. It looks like it's all lurve from where I'm standing ... [Source]

... which is interesting because here are a couple pictures of Ashton with his lady love and wife Demi Moore lookin' about as miserable as can be as they made their way out of the afterhours shindig:

Photo credit: Splash News

Is the honeymoon over already ... or have they just morphed into an old married couple? Ah well, at least we know that the true love is still alive among the Gossip Girls ... for this week, that is. [Source]


With the temperature soaring into the 90s this weekend here in SoCal you'd expect folks to be making their way in droves to the beaches along the coast ... and celebrity families are no exception. Here are a few really cute pics of Gwen Stefani, her husband Gavin Rossdale and their first born child Kingston James frolicking at the beach in Santa Monica, CA this weekend:

Photo credit: Splash News

Gwen is getting plumper and plumper by the moment ... it's hard to imagine that her family life could get any more perfect. I have a feeling that Gwen is currently incubating a baby girl so that her little family will be evenly matched and truly become perfection. It's always great to see new pics of Gwen out and about with her family ... they are a constant reminder that celebrity can still be wholesome and normal. [Source]

Knives Out

JFXOnline is reporting that Britney Spears's former paparazzi paramour (and, most recently, Kathy Griffin's Beverly Hills shopping buddy) Adnan Ghalib was stabbed in an altercation this weekend in the wake of receiving "more and more death threats in recent weeks" tho the site is light on any further deets about the incident:

Photo credit: Splash News

Adnan was attacked and stabbed last night but he is doing OK after receiving medical attention for his wounds. He received a stab wound to his arm, facial lacerations as well as a nice shiner. I'm not sure what to make of this considering that he's received more and more death threats in recent weeks. Is it coincidence? I don’t know. But in the ever growing Adnan hating world that some blogs live in, the repeated venom spewed at him could have finally boiled over to the real world ... Yes we're tight with Adnan and all but still, this attack pushed this situation into a whole ‘nother level that I'm having trouble accepting. Hopefully the attackers will be found and brought to justice. And by the way, we're all thankful that Britney wasn’t hurt in her fender bender earlier in the evening.

Curiously, no other site has any information on this attack. One would expect that Finalpixx blog (the paparazzi company that Ghalib worked for before he got involved with Britters) would have some information about this but, as of Sunday evening, there is no mention on their site either. Could this be merely a ploy for Adnan to get more attention in the media now that Britney has cast him asunder or does the guy really have more enemies than he knows what to do with? Hmmm ... I wonder where Kathy Griffin was last night ... she better have a damn good alibi. [Source]

The TV Guide: To Be Continued ...

OY! My Vegas weekend has come to a close and I find myself scrambling this AM to try and get everything in order (which includes trying to rouse David from his dead sleep brought on by his crazy night last night -- I opted for sobriety ;) so that we can check out and make our way back home. For some reason, the MGM Grand isn't allowing late check-outs so we're being forced from our LV home sooner than I had anticipated (and they get a resounding Poop Sandwich! from me). This means that I won't be able to post for the rest of the day until I arrive back home in LA later this afternoon.

I deffo plan on posting for the rest of this Sunday but those posts will have to come later on in the day ... I understand the temps will reach the high 90s in SoCal today, which I'm very much looking forward to. But for now ... I must be off ... I shall return.

Crash! Boom! Bang!

As was first reported by That Other Blog last night, Britney Spears was involved in a minor car accident on the 101 freeway in SoCal last night ... and despite the attempt by some media outlets who are trying to turn the incident into a major event (I really believe that calling her fender bender a "three car pile-up" is a bit excessive) this was really just a small accident that really amounts to nothing. Here are a few pics from the scene:

Photo credit: WENN and X17

Britney Spears is unhurt after being involved in a highway accident Saturday evening in the Los Angeles area. The pop star was driving her 2008 white Mercedes northbound on the 405 connector to the 101 freeway when the collision occurred at 8:18 p.m., the California Highway Patrol confirmed. According to the accident report, "The collision occurred when the driver of the Mercedes, driving in the #3 lane, in stop and go traffic failed to observe the vehicle directly ahead of her come to a complete stop. She attempted to brake but failed to stop her vehicle prior to colliding into the rear of the Nissan [in front of her]." The Nissan, as a result, collided into another car, which was not damaged. No one was injured, according to the report. Later on Saturday night, Spears went out to dinner at Dominick's in West Hollywood with her mother Lynne – driven by bodyguards.

Photo credit: X17

These sorts of things happen on the 101 freeway all the time ... there is constant stop and go traffic and you see these little bumps all the time ... this one just happened to involve Britney Spears. I'm actually quite disgusted by The Sun's reporting of this incident. They quoted a "source" who was allegedly on the scene as saying, "Britney just appeared to lose concentration and drove into the car in front of her." TMZ is reporting that Brit Brit was given a field sobriety report to see if she was driving under the influence of alcohol ... which turned up completely negative. In any event, this whole thing is such a non-issue but it's deffo worth talking about since it involves Britney Spears. [Source, Source]

Earlier in the weekend, Britney was spotted having dinner with her agent Jason Trawick (who, if memory serves, was the person instrumental in getting Britney her guest starring spot on How I Met Your Mother) at Sushi House Unico on Friday night, no doubt cooking up their next plan of attack career-wise:

Photo credit: X17

It's too bad she didn't have Jason drive her around last night, she might've avoided her latest overdramatized car accident. I find it very encouraging that the two met up for dinner because that means that she prolly has some new career opportunities in the near future. Could they have been discussing her next guest starring role on TV? I guess time will tell.