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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ashl33n Do People Magazine

The new issue of People magazine which features the exclusive wedding photos of Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz is out on newsstands now and here are a couple of the many pics that are featured in the magazine:

Ashl33n really did have themselves a goth wedding ... except for when Ashlee walked down the aisle in her white Monique Lhuillier wedding dress ... but even she changed into a black outfit for the affair. I love their idea of having a photobooth on site so that all the wedding attendees could take photos for the guest book. Brills. The article also reveals that Ashlee is planning on changing her name to Ashlee Simpson-Wentz ... whether that will be her stage name is another matter (my guess is that it will not be changed). The photos are ... interesting ... fans of the couple should rush out and get copies of this issue of People magazine to see the rest of the happy pics. [Source via ONTD!]


The TV Guide: Shoppin', Eatin' & Chillin'

Yesterday afternoon I got to hang out with Monique for a few hours before she had to board the jitney headed for the Hamptons where she will be spending the remainder of her Memorial Day weekend. We made our way to SoHo to get our shop on and ended up walking away with quite a few fun purchases. Mo got a pair of amazing bubblegum pink Prada shoes which she will debut at the PITNB relaunch party in Hollywood next month and I got some fun stuff as well :)

After Mo and I had to part ways, David and I met up with Andy and Dave for dinner in Alphabet City at a wine bar called In Vino (on 4th St. between A and B). The food was delish but it was really a treat getting to hang out with Andy and Dave again after so long. We spent most of our time catching up on what's been going on and had a really nice dinner together. The four of us decided to call it an early night so we all went home ... where David and I retired to the couch for some nice alone time.

The weather outside is so perfect, I think David and I are going to enjoy some of the city before we have our date night tonight. David made us reservations at one of our fave restaurants ... so I'm really looking forward to that.

I hope all y'all are enjoying this lazy Memorial Day weekend ... things seems so quiet everywhere ... maybe the goss gods are telling us to take a break for a few days ;)


Les News: Indy Falls Short, Kate & Lance Heat Up, Che Debuts


PITNB Readers: Birthdays, Travels & An Engagement

Here is this week's batch of photos sent in by Pink is the new Blog readers -- Marizel and Danny send in THE CUTEST PIC EVER of their daughter Chloe celebrating her first birthday -- Sonya from Albuquerque, NM sends in a cute pic with her niece Hailey, rockin' a hot pink coat, who she was visiting in Chicago, IL -- Jessica, my girl from Detroit Rock City, sends in a pic from her 21st birthday celebration, part of which took place on the Detroit People Mover -- Liz and Kate send in a gorgeous pic of Paris, France taken from atop the ciy in Montmartre -- Becky sends in a pic from her recent safari in South Africa -- Jessica sends in a pic of her showing off the engagement ring she *just received* from her boyfriend (now fiancée) Brock who asked her to marry him just last night:

Much love, happy birthday and much congrats to all y'all today. Thank you all so much for continuing to send in your fun photos from all over the world. Thank you, also, for continuing to share your fun events and experiences with all of us. XOXO


Graceful Exit

Naomi Campbell celebrated her 38th birthday in style this week, rollin' like a big dawg on P. Diddy's massive yacht in Cannes, France that is until Naomi got into a "heated" discussion with Diddy that led to her being expunged from the watercraft ... which, of course, resulted in a tumultuous onslaught of tears and overdramatic nonsense from the lovely Miss Naomi. Here are a few pics of her travesty dealing with the horror of being publicly embarrassed by mean ol' Diddy and further public embarrassment as she crumpled in a mess of sobs in front of the paparazzi:

Glamazon Naomi Campbell celebrated her 38th b-day Wednesday by getting into some ridiculous drama! So when Naomi ... showed to party on Diddy's yacht in Cannes, the s**t hit the fan! Sources say the poster child for anger management got into a mayjah confrontation with Diddy -- and he threw a sobbing Naomi off the boat. Happy birthday to you!

Thus far, there's been no word on what the confrontation with Diddy was all about but it couldn't possibly be more entertaining than the aftermath. It's really a sight to see this 15 ft. supermodel, dripping in diamonds, carrying on as if someone close to her had just been brutally murdered right in front of her. And I mean, she was really a mess ... she was so bizzy crying that it didn't even occur to her to hit someone ... anyone in her close vicinity. Hahahahahaha. Poor Naomi. [Source]


How Clean Is Your House?

Amy Winehouse never ceases to amaze and entertain with her kooky yet strangely humorous behavior. While most sane and sober folks are happily content with sleeping thru the wee hours of the morning, Amy finds that time of the morning to be her most productive. In recent weeks and months, Amy has been spotted roaming the streets of London while bloodied and boozed in search of groceries (and other things) on a semi-nightly basis. Last night, Amy decided to stay in and do a bit of spring cleaning. Here are a few pics of our favorite tragedy taking out the trash after a long night of frantic housekeeping:

Photo credit: Splash News

I quite like the head-wrap she's wearing ... we wouldn't want her to get dust in her beehive or anything like that. Why this insane woman hasn't been turned into a reality show is beyond me. I realize that I complain about her all the time for being a frantic mess who really doesn't deserve much attention and yet ... I cannot stop being intrigued by her ridiculousness. I would really love to know what the thought process was that got Amy in a cleaning mood rather than in her usual self-destructive mood. I want to know what clicked in her brain that said, Let's clean the house today! She is such a mess ... but at least she's a cleaner mess today than she was the day before. [Source]


How To Party Responsibly

Designer Christian Audigier celebrated his 50th birthday in fine, gaudy style in Hollywood last night with a few of his closest (gaudiest) friends at L.A.'s Petersen Automotive Museum. Audigier's newest friend, Britney Spears, was in the hiz last night for the celebration (and Papa Jamie Spears came along to accompany her/keep an eye on her) as well as was the gaudiest one of all -- Michael Jackson -- who made a surprise appearance. Sounds like it was a party fit for a queen:

It was a girls' night out – plus dad – for Britney Spears Friday. Spears, in a black dress and sun-kissed blonde hair, told PEOPLE she's doing "good" at designer pal Christian Audigier's 50th birthday party at L.A.'s Petersen Automotive Museum. Spears, 26, hung with two girlfriends in a roped-off VIP area at Audigier's blowout gala. Fergie, Snoop Dogg, Pamela Anderson and – surprise! – Michael Jackson also made appearances. Jamie Spears joined his daughter, sitting on a couch about five feet away with his head resting on his hands. Spears stayed about an hour and a half, smoking cigarettes on an outside patio, nodding her head to a live performance from Macy Gray, and abstaining from alcohol. When she left for the evening, her father joined her. "I am friends with Britney," Audigier told PEOPLE before the party. "She was at my office, I believe, three weeks ago. She got some presents for Jamie-Lynn and herself too. She got a ton of T-shirts, a ton of caps. She loved it." Spears left the party before Jackson, clad in a shiny blue shirt, came onstage to wish Audigier happy birthday.

It was very nice of Britney to make an appearance for Audigier's 50th birthday but it seems clear that she (and her father/conservator Jamie Spears) is taking great pains to ensure that she stays out of trubs and away from temptation. Britney has been doing an amazing job of staying away from questionable places and people so that she doesn't court any more trouble. Clearly she knows what the important things are in her life ... [Source]

... and who the important people are:

Photo credit: JFXonline

With folks like her father and former manager Larry Rudolph in her life, she seems poised to finally start living a nice, normal and safe life once again. And to that I say, Woot!



Those industrious chaps at TMZ got themselves a-hold of recorded phone conversations between the currently incarcerated Nick Hogan (who is serving an 8 month jail sentence for causing an accident that nearly killed his friend John Graziano and has left him hospitalized in a semi-vegetative state) and his parents Hulk/Terry and Linda Hogan wherein Nick complains about how difficult it is for him to handle the reality of incarceration, he blames what happened to Graziano on Graziano because he was a "negative person" and wherein Nick's parents soothe their imprisoned son by talking ill of Graziano's family -- specifically his mother who Mama Hogan calls "nasty and vindictive":

I'm absolutely stunned that these self-righteous and egotistical people are able to properly function in society. Never once does anyone lay any of the blame for this horrible accident (and the numerous accidents and traffic infringements that occurred before this most recent one that almost killed a man) on Nick -- who was drinking and driving on the night of the occurrence. Linda Hogan thinks that Graziano's mother is vindictive? Well, if some idiot kid almost killed my son and left him totally incapacitated in a hospital then I might be a little pissed myself. For Linda Hogan to claim that she is suffering more than Graziano's mother is a complete joke. These people seem like horrible people to me ... hearing their conversations really show what they are all about -- themselves. You'd think that the Hogan parents would be ecstatic that their son wasn't killed or even injured in any way considering the magnitude of this accident. You'd think the Hogan parents would spend as much time as they can teaching their son that he was at fault and he should be sorry for almost killing a man. You'd think they'd be so willing to do anything they can with their outrageous wealth to try and help the Graziano family heal in any way possible. You'd think. In one of the conversations, Hulk and Nick talk strategy on how to get a TV show out of Nick's eventual release from jail -- if there is any justice in the world, they will not only NOT get a TV show like this but they will also lose every penny they have in a lawsuit brought against them by the Graziano family and that they will really understand what suffering is. I hope they are prepared for the karmic retribution that is to come ... my guess is that they have no idea. [Source, Source, Source]



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