Sunday, May 25, 2008

B-Jay To Settle Down In The 'Burbs?

First, the newly wedded Beyonce and Jay-Z quietly applied for a marriage license in the NY suburb of Scarsdale and now there is a new report that the couple may be in the market to purchase a quaint little mansion of their own in Scarsdale ... perhaps to start a family together? I never would've dreamed that the power couple would be happy to settle down in a place like Scarsdale but I guess stranger things have happened. Here are a couple pics of the happy couple a million miles away from Scarsdale, NY doin' the damn thing in Monaco over the weekend:

Photo credit: INFdaily

Jay-z and Beyonce tied the knot on a Manhattan rooftop, but now that they're hitched, they may be headed for the 'burbs. The first couple of hip-hop may be purchasing an enormous McMansion on one of the ritziest blocks in Scarsdale, reported on Saturday. The couple first tipped media off to their wedding plans when they picked up a marriage license in the tony enclave. If the reports pan out, the couple would be moving into an expansive colonial style house of about 15,000 square feet, on approximately 2 acres of land. The palatial home has been under construction for about 6 months.

Curious. I suppose it's possible that the couple may just be adding this new home to their cache of properties but there is something about the neighborhoodiness of Scarsdale that makes me think they might be ready to settle down there to raise little Beyonces and Jay-Zs of their own. I really hope this report is true ... I would love to see the Jiggaman riding around on his property atop a John Deere riding lawnmower :) [Source]

The TV Guide: Sky High

Yesterday afternoon, David and putzed around his neighborhood enjoying the afternoon and each other's company. We did some shopping and some snacking before heading over to Alta for our date night dinner. After we finished gazing lovingly into one another's eyes, we met up with his sister Eden and her guy Brain for a couple of drinks on a rooftop bar somewhere in midtown. I'm not sure what the place was called but we were in the shadow of the brightly lit Empire State building ... which was a very nice sight.

After we got crowded out there, we met up with Marissa and bar hopped to a couple of places for the rest of the night. As I mentioned before, the city isn't as bustling as it normally is since many folks have fled the island for the Memorial Day weekend.

Tonight, David and I are going to see my girl Laura Bell Bundy in Legally Blonde: The Musical one last time before she leaves the show (I think her last performance is in July). LB is one of my fave musicals and Laura Bell is amazing in the role of Elle Woods -- I just have to see her once more before she moves on to her next show.

That is pretty much the plan for today ... things are really slow in the goss world ... which is fine by me, actually. It makes it easier to enjoy this lovely Memorial Day weekend.

Les News: Bourne Again, Harlow <3s The Cure, No Rehab For Amy

Hot Dude Of The Week: Bryan

Weeee! It's time for our weekly ogling of the Hot Dude of the Week and this bright and sunny Sunday we get to take a gander at a bright and very yellow-clad dude named Bryan:

Photo credit: All American Guys

Not only is the man mostly nekkid but he's mostly nekkid -- and wet! You can't beat that. Yellow is a tricky color to pull off ... not just anyone can wear yellow as well as Bryan here. But, even tho the lad wears the color very well, I wouldn't mind seeing what he looks like not wearing these yellow undies. It's just a suggestion. You gotta give it up to the weekend hotness ... especially since our boy Bryan really knows how to pep up a Sunday afternoon. [Source]

Kim Cattrall Heads For The Hamptons

Sex and the City's Kim Cattrall graces the cover of the new issue of Hamptons magazine and was the host of the mag's annual Memorial Day Celebration at a private residence in South Hampton, NY this weekend. Here are pics of Kim and some of the other guests (including Kyle MacLachlan, Russell Simmons and CEO of Niche Media Jason Binn among others) in attendance at this weekend's affair:

Photo credit: Wireimage

NYC is kinda emptied out this weekend as many folks have fled the city for a weekend in the Hamptons so it makes sense that one of the Sex and the City ladies would be hosting a party in honor of the sojourn. The SaTC movie is only 5 days from release and I'm so DYING of excitement. I believe there are a couple more premieres for the movie heading our way this week and then the movie is out. Holla! [Source]

La Diva Latina Returns

Jennifer Lopez was lookin' all kinds of faboo this week as she was snapped stepping out to take care of a few errands (a trip to a medical building and a biz meeting in town) ... it's clear that she is back to her pre-birth fabulosity:

Photo credit: BuzzFoto

J. Lo is just the hawtness and I just love her. It's great to see her lookin' so amazing -- and Marc Anthonyless ... I'm just sayin' ;) [Source]

Spot The Fakes

Celine Dion and her elder husband Rene Angelil were immortalized as a new wax couple at the Grevin Museum in Paris, France which was unveiled in a lavish ceremony earlier this week. Here is a pic of the happy couple and their waxen doppelgangers:

Can YOU guess which pair is the waxy, fake-looking couple and which pair are the statues? [Source]

The Other Woman?

Kate Hudson isn't the only one creepin' around with a new love interest these days ... a few weeks ago, reports surfaced that Jodie Foster and her partner of 14-years, Cydney Bernard, ended their relationship ... and now we may know why. Here is a newly discovered pic (which seems months old considering that the women are carrying Xmas gifts) of Jodie with Cindy Mort, a screenwriter she met while working on her last movie The Brave One and who is rumored to be her new ladylove:

This is the first picture of the woman for whom actress Jodie Foster has ditched her long-term girlfriend. Oscar-winner Jodie, 45, stunned Hollywood this month when it was reported she had left Cydney Bernard, 55, her lesbian lover of 14 years, with whom she has been raising two children. Now it can be revealed that Jodie has fallen for screenwriter Cindy Mort, 41. They met on the set of her 2007 film The Brave One. At the time, Cindy was still with Melanie Mayron, 55, who starred in the Eighties TV series Thirtysomething. Cindy and Melanie share motherhood of ten-year-old twins Olivia and Miles. The two lesbian "power couples" regularly socialised together. A source said: "Jodie and Cindy became firm friends because of their similar situations. Both are openly out, had long-term girlfriends and were raising children with their partners. But things became complicated when their friendship developed into something more." Jodie has never identified the father of her sons Kit, nine, and Charles, six. While she was filming, producer Cydney stayed at their £4.5million Beverly Hills home caring for the children. The source said: "Cydney had no idea their relationship was in trouble until Jodie came home one day and told her she'd fallen in love with Cindy and was moving out. Cydney is devastated. Cindy wants to stay friends with Melanie because of the twins but Melanie has taken it very hard. It's not easy to be dumped for the most famous lesbian in Hollywood. It is the biggest lesbian love scandal to grip this town in years."

All this Cydney/Cindy stuff is a bit confusing ... as is the notion that all the ladies plan to stay friends with one another. It might be easier to just merge both families into one big house and just share everything evenly ... well, maybe not everything. It's really difficult to determine what's what ... especially when it concerns the very private Jodie Foster. The mere fact that this photo of Jodie and Cindy is months old goes to show that not everything rumored to be so about their relationship should be taken as fact. It's speculation, pure and simple. In any instance, I just wish her well and I hope that she is happy with whomever she decides to settle down with. [Source]

Coming Out Party

New couple Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong made the Dolce & Gabbana at Baoli, Port Canto in Cannes, France their unofficial "coming out" party as a romantic unit ... HudStrong were seen kissing and dancing all night long, clearly unconcerned with who was watching. Here are a couple pics of the pair making their way to the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco this weekend:

Photo credit: Splash News

Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong only had eyes for each other at Dolce & Gabbana's annual party in Cannes Friday. The pair kissed and danced to old Madonna songs and other '80s favorites. "They were beaming at each other," a source tells PEOPLE. "So cute." In a VIP room so packed that Petra Nemcova couldn't get in, Hudson and Armstrong chatted briefly with Cannes juror Natalie Portman, who was holding hands with her folk-rocker beau Devendra Banhart.

Clearly Kate isn't letting the moss grow underneath her feet ... she was just romantically linked with Owen Wilson, like, 45 seconds ago and now she's all up in Lance's biz. I understand that Lance is a bit of a cad, tho, so I guess we'll have to see how long this new romance lasts. [Source]

Laying The Smack Down

After a string of LA Lakers games where David Beckham was spied paying particular attention to the scantily-clad cheerleaders gyrating around courtside (including one instance earlier this week), wifey Vicki B. thought it might be prudent to accompany her hubby to last night's Lakers vs. San Antonio Spurs game to ensure that he only had eyes for her. It looked as if Becks was a good boy last night, doing his best to keep his eyes faced forward (and away from the cheerleaders) so I'm sure he was rewarded with a cookie once VB and Becks returned home from the game:

It looks as though Victoria Beckham has had enough of husband David's court-side ogling of the cheerleaders at LA Lakers basketball games. The LA Galaxy player has been spending a good amount of his free time at the Staples Centre in LA, and has been snapped a few times with his eyes on round bouncy things- and we're not talking the basketballs. The front row seats which are just a few feet from the court are hot tickets for celebrities and basket ball fans alike and now Victoria, 34, knows why. So this time around- despite her obvious disinterest in the game- the former Spice Girl wasn't taking any chances and decided to join David at the match to keep her husbands gaze away from the scantily clad cheerleaders. But the hot-pant wearing, mid rift showing cheerleaders strutted their stuff in front of the Beckhams as they entertained the crowd. And as hard as David, 33 tried to keep his gaze firmly fixed on the match his eyes wandered a few times to the disapproval of Victoria who gave him a few menacing looks. Posh -- who is known for her glum looks -- couldn’t hide her annoyance at the line women with their meager attire who seemed set on standing in front of her husband to perform their dance routine. And although she kept David in check on several occasions even she couldn't help taking glimpse at the well toned cheerleaders ... David even tried to shut his eyes a few times in an attempt to block out the sexy ladies dancing just a few feet from where he was sitting. Luckily for Victoria, David only had eyes for her and even gave his wife a few reassuring pats on the back.

Aww ... poor Becks ... it looks like the poor chap's balls are held securely in Vicki B.'s robotic claws. Incidentally, the Lakers defeated the Spurs with a final score of 101-71 -- yeah, it wasn't even close. I'm not sure that Becks was even aware that there was a basketball game going on ;) [Source]