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Monday, May 26, 2008

Having Fun By Making Fun

Ah, Britney Spears ... how I love you so ... especially when you are taking the piss out of your fellow celebrity cohorts like Julia Roberts:

Photo credit: X17

Isn't it great that our dear Britney is no longer the butt of jokes? Now she's the one making them. Love it!!


Let's Get Physical

The ladies of Girls Aloud have embarked on a new tour, called Tangled Up!, and have unveiled some of their sexy costumes designed specifically for this new tour at their show in Newcastle, England over the weekend ... check out these totally awesome 80's-inspired outfits:

It's easy to see how Girls Aloud will get through 150 pairs of fishnets on their Tangled Up tour. As the raunchy stars gyrated energetically in leotards and the sexy legwear on stage in band member Cheryl's home town of Newcastle last night. In the second of their two sell out nights at the Newcastle Metro Radio Arena, the girls donned high-cut Liza Bruce day-glo coloured leotards and nude fishnets in a raunchy look which revealed plenty of the girl's increasingly slimline figures. During their 34-date tour the chart-topping girl group will get through 15 tubes of mascara, 145 sets of fake eyelashes, 50 cans of hairspray, 250 fake nails, 150 pairs of fishnets. And although it doesn't look like their on intimate terms with them, they'll also get through 2,000 chocolate bars, 3,500 packets of chewing gum and 6,000 cans of energy drink. The sell-out Tangled Up! tour, is their fourth tour in the six years they've been together.

I love it ... the girls look so totally rad. I am really digging all this 80's-retro stuff going on this year ... I've really missed the day-glo neon fun from my youth. Girls Aloud are a really fun little group -- it's a shame that many folks in the US don't even know who they are. See all the fun you're missing? [Source]


Bloody Awesome

Here are a couple new photos of Sienna Miller in the role of Cobra badgirl The Baroness on the set of the new GI Joe movie which is currently being shot in Prague:

Covered in blood and carrying a large gun, Sienna Miller cuts a commanding and scary figure. But fortunately the actress isn't on any death mission but filming on set for her new film G. I. Joe in Prague ... The usually blonde starlett dyed her hair dark for the role which sees her play an intelligence officer for evil arms dealing organization COBRA. Her character, based on the classic army comic strip, is an evil but sexy woman and despite the fake blood and gun, Sienna still manages to look great on camera. A smiling Sienna is obviously enjoying showing her darker side with sources revealing the 26-year-old has had a lot of fun while filming the role.

Woot! Sienna looks great as The Baroness. I must admit, I had my doubts when I heard that she would be playing the role of this femme fatale but I like what I see thus far. I have high hopes for this movie ... I was a huge GI Joe fan when I was little ... I hope they do right by me. Judging by the costumes alone, I think they're on the right track thus far. [Source, Source]


The TV Guide: Blondes Are More Fun

Last night David and I went to see Legally Blonde: The Musical for our second time in order to catch the amazing Laura Bell Bundy in the role of Elle Woods one more time before she leaves the show in July. As you may know, MTV is about to debut a competative reality show where the winner will take over the role of Elle on Broadway ... but before that happens, I wanted to make sure I saw my girl LB do her thing once more on stage:

The show played to a sold-out house and was just as fun as the first time I saw it last year. I am still amazed at how incredibly fun and entertaining the show is. I forgot about all the fun little jokes and the hilarious lines thruout the show. LB brings it on stage every single performance ... whoever they cast to replace her has got some big shoes to fill. Those beyotches on the MTV reality show are gonna have to work their asses off to take over for Laura Bell. Folks, do yourselves a favor ... see this show with Laura Bell Bundy in the role of Elle Woods while you still can -- you don't want to miss her amazing performance.

OY! The weather is so beautiful today ... I am trying to wrap up work as quickly as I can so I can get out and enjoy the day with David. We're planning on spending as much time outside as possible and are prolly doing dinner with Marissa later on tonight. I hope all y'all are having an amazing Memorial Day, today.


Les News: Indy At #1, Carmen Wants Babies, France Wins Big At Cannes


He Said/She Said

Um ... what do you suppose was the topic of conversation between Madonna and her hubby Guy Ritchie in this photo that was snapped of the pair having (what looked to be) a heated discussion at one of the events at the Cannes Film Festival last week:

Irregardless of the convo, you know who won the argument. Personally, I'm of the mind that arguments can actually be good for the longevity of a relationship. I think I'll take this photo of a sign of happily wedded bliss between these two :) [Source]


Goin' HudStrong

Here are a few more photos of the newly attached Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong who spent the early part of their weekend showing their fellow party-goers at the Dolce & Gabbana Cannes Film Festival party how much in lurve they are and who spent the rest of their weekend canoodling on a yacht in Monaco:

In a move which is bound to cause ex-boyfriend Owen Wilson further heartbreak, actress Kate Hudson stepped out with her new love – and Wilson’s friend - cycle legend Lance Armstrong. The pair were seen leaving their hotel in Monaco together to take a boat trip. They arrived in Monaco after partying at designer Dolce and Gabbana's party in Cannes where they were seen kissing and cuddling. The seven-times Tour de France winner stepped went public with Miss Hudson, who announced her split from Wilson a fortnight ago ... It is the second time Armstrong, 36, has moved in one of Wilson's exes. He previously had a three-year romance with singer Sheryl Crow only to see Armstrong move in after they split and get engaged to the pop star. A source said: "Kate and Lance have been dating for a couple of weeks. She thought it was funny when people were writing recently that she was engaged to Owen because the reality was that they had split again and she was secretly seeing Lance. She and Lance are both physical, passionate people, she's never been happier." Miss Hudson started dating Armstrong after sparks flew at a private New York dinner party. The source said: "They have known each other for a while and Lance is one of Owen's good friends. When Kate was with Owen, she got to know Lance really well but they hooked up again recently at a dinner party thrown by a mutual friend and that's when the romance began. They have both been keeping it very quiet."

Ain't lurve grand? Isn't it especially sweeter when it comes in the form of shady betrayal and scheming? It didn't occur to me that Lance and Owen were such good friends ... I also failed to realize that Lance had previously "stolen away" Sheryl Crow from Owen only to end up doing it again with Kate. Man, Lance must be a demon in the sack ... I wonder what he is doing to these ladies to make them fall under his sway? [Source, Source]


Big In Japan

The happily married Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are on the move ... the couple were spotted making their way thru LAX Airport this weekend bound for an ultra-secret destination that the couple would not reveal as they made their way thru the airport ...

Photo credit: Splash News

... but the secret wasn't a secret for long, Mimi and Nick surfaced at the Narita International Airport:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Apparently Mimi has made her way to the Land of the Rising Sun in order to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at the Yomiuri Giants vs. Rakuten Eagles match at Tokyo Dome on May 28:

American singer Mariah Carey, 38, will throw out the opening pitch at the Yomiuri Giants v Rakuten Eagles match at Tokyo Dome on May 28. NTV said Carey will take part in the ceremony to promote her new album "E=MC²" from which the network's baseball telecast theme song "Lovin' you long time" comes.

I would hope that Mimi is in town for more than just a baseball game. In any event, much congrats and felicitations go out to Mimi and Nick on successfully remaining married for a solid month! Congrats!!! [Source]


Kingston James Turns 2, Unborn Baby Rossdale Gets Showered

Kingston James McGregor Stefani Rossdale celebrated his second birthday in style over the weekend (even tho his actual birthday is today) at a birthday party thrown in his honor by his parents Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale at a home in Beverly Hills, CA. Kingston's party was attended by some of his famous celeb-baby friends like Harlow Winter Madden (who was accompanied by her daddy Joel Madden), Max Liron Bratman (accompanied by his parents Xtina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman) and Cruz Beckham (accompanied by his robot Victoria Beckham). Here are a few pics from this weekend's event:

Photo credit: INFdaily

Unfortch for little Kingston James, the focus wasn't solely on him at this fun little fête ... his birthday party was also a baby shower for his unborn sibling. I can see the probs forming already ... Kingston will, no doubt, start feeling resentment towards his little baby brother or sister who is already horning in on his celebrated events. I hope he's enjoying as much attention as he can these days ... once that baby comes, he'll be yesterday's news. Poor kid. [Source]

Incidentally, here is a pic of the happy Stefani-Rossdale family getting a police escort from some policemen as they made their way out of the La Brea Bakery earlier in the weekend:

Photo credit: INFdaily

Clearly, the fam was out doing some shopping for the joint birthday party/baby shower and felt the need to be protected by the po po. Hee hee, it's a cute pic, so I had to post. Happy Birthday, Kingston!!!


Probe-able Cause

In Science news (which is a phrase we don't usually get to hear around these here parts), NASA reported yesterday that their Phoenix spacecraft successfully landed on the surface of planet Mars and will begin to take samples of the terrain and has already begun transmitting "crystal clear" images of the red planet. Here are a couple of the photos that have been sent by the probe over the 422 million miles between Earth and Mars and a portion of a report from USA Today:

NASA's Phoenix spacecraft successfully touched down on the surface of Mars Sunday night, the first time in 32 years that the space agency has landed a probe on the Red Planet using retrorockets. Jubilant officials at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, Calif., burst into cheers when Phoenix's radio signal came in as scheduled at 7:53 p.m. ET, indicating that the $457 million lander is in position near Mar's northern polar cap. About two hours later, the mission controllers got word that the craft's solar arrays had successfully deployed. The twin 6-foot circular disks are the power source. If they hadn't deployed, Phoenix would only have had about three hours of battery power. And immediately after that, images began to arrive — the scientists' best-case scenario. "What we're looking at is a surface of Mars that we've never seen before," said Dan McCleese, JPL's chief scientist. The "crystal clear" images showed a flat surface with very few rocks. The images released at a midnight press conference looked much like illustrations of the surface prepared by NASA, the brown terrain dotted with troughs and small rocks. "I know it looks like a parking lot, but that's a safe place to land, by gosh," joked Peter Smith, Phoenix's principal investigator, at the press briefing. Smith, a planetary sciences professor at the University of Arizona, proposed and helped develop the mission. "This was just perfect. It didn't seem real," said Smith. "I'm on Cloud 9." JPL's Barry Goldstein, the project manager, noted that one image shows that the planet surface was not greatly damaged by the rocket thrusters. Edward Sedivy, Phoenix program manager at Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company, which built the probe, described the landing as fairly gentle at 5 mph. Sedivy said the priority for the next few days will be assessing the craft's power requirements and regeneration. He said the team must see how much power the lander needs at night and how quickly the solar arrays are able to recharge the batteries during the day ... "Engineers in Mission Control are saying that our actual landing went far smoother than any simulation or test that was ever done," said Shockley, the mission's configuration and information management Engineer. It takes 15 minutes for Phoenix's radio signal to reach Earth, which meant a long, suspenseful wait in the home stretch for members of the mission staff assembled in the JPL's mission control room. As the mission team awaited word of the craft's fate, the early stages of its entry into the Martian atmosphere appeared to go well. As the news arrived that each challenge had been met — that the cruise-stage hardware had been jettisoned and the craft had pivoted to turn its heat shield towards the planet's surface; that the parachute had deployed and the radar had been activated — the control room filled with applause. This happy ending to Phoenix's 423-million-mile, nine-month journey was far from a safe bet. Of the 11 missions that have tried to land probes on Mars since 1971 — by the United States, Russia and Great Britain — only five have succeeded ... The Phoenix lander is designed to collect and examine ice and rock samples for evidence of microscopic life. NASA scientists hope that if a rudimentary form of life existed there millions of years ago, traces of it might remain. There's a reason this Mars mission is named Phoenix, after the mythical bird that rises from the ashes of its own funeral pyre. The spacecraft originally was scheduled to launch in 2001 as the Mars Surveyor, but it was grounded because of the Mars Polar Lander crash. Phoenix's equipment includes a robotic arm that will dig up soil samples and a portable laboratory that will test the soil. The Martian soil is expected to be a frozen matrix of rocks, gravel, sand and ice as hard as concrete. The samples will be viewed by an onboard microscope, and high-resolution images will be beamed to scientists on Earth. Phoenix also is a weather station with a mast that will rise 4 feet, allowing scientists to calculate the extent of water vapor and cloud cover. Phoenix isn't alone on Mars. NASA has had the golf cart-sized rovers, mobile geology labs called Spirit and Opportunity, on the surface since January 2004. Overhead are the Mars Odyssey, which began its orbit on Oct. 24, 2001, and the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, which reached Mars in March 2006. The European Space Agency's Mars Express orbiter also has been circling the planet since 2003 ... The mission is expected to last 90 days. In three months, winter will come to the Martian north pole and the sun won't rise again for 100 days. The solar-powered craft is not expected to survive the frigid temperature.

I can understand the elation here ... can you imagine spending time and energy (and $457 million dollars) on a project that had a 50/50 chance of success and then learning that all that planning and hard work (and money) actually paid off? I love that we've finally gotten around to doing some more space exploration. I recall the days of my youth when the US Space Program was a thriving enterprise and things like Space Camp and astronaut ice cream was all the rage. Tragedies like the Challenger explosion brought those carefree and hopeful days to an end ... or at least, that's the way it seemed to me as a kid. I would really love it if there were regular missions into space again, even if they consist of unmanned probes. Things like this latest accomplishment give us a hopeful outlook on the future and will, no doubt, fuel the dreams of a new generation of kids looking up to the heavens. [Source]


Just What Does Joe Simpson Have on Tony Romo?

US Weekly is reporting that the fauxmance between Jessica Simpson and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is back on ... or at least, is carrying on for a bit longer since reports surfaced that Romo ended the relationship with Jess a few weeks ago. According to the magazine, Jessimo reunited in Dallas, TX for the Memorial Day weekend and were spotted dining together, openly showing physical affection for one another ... HMMMM:

It appears Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo have smoothed out their rough patch. After a brief split, the pair reunited in Dallas for Memorial Day weekend. Simpson and Romo shared a corner booth at N9Ne steakhouse on Saturday night according to Alan Peppard of the Dallas Morning News - the columnist who was first to report on the couple's split. According to Peppard the pair noshed on steak (for him) and a burger (for her) - and stopped to say hello to another diner with a baby girl on their way out. On Sunday, Simpson and Romo took in brunch at Sneaky Pete's in Lewisville, Texas.

I dunno ... I have a hard time believing that this continued romance is the real deal but in the end, I guess it doesn't matter what I or anyone else thinks. Whether they are a real couple is beside the point ... if they have restarted their romance then good for them, if they are merely putting on a show to save face then I feel sorry for them. My gut tells me that Papa Joe Simpson is pulling the strings here and, if true, I just really feel sorry for the entire Simpson family (and their love interests) for having to endure his machinations. Good luck, y'all. [Source]


Hogans Shouldn't Drive

Okay ... so either Brooke Hogan has been jealous of all the attention that her younger brother Nick has been getting since he caused his own car accident last year or the Hogan children just really suck at driving 'cuz they gone and done it again. If you can believe this, Brooke Hogan was involved in a car accident yesterday in Clearwater, FL ... fortunately for her, tho, she was not at fault. Her car was hit by another car that was speeding down the freeway. Every the industrious thinker, Brooke decided to blog about her experience on her My Space profile making sure to link her accident to the near deadly one that was caused by her brother last year:

Brooke was the one involved in the accident -- not Hulk, as was first reported. She was driving in the center lane of the Bayside Bridge when the car in front of her lost control while changing lanes. According to the report, the other car collided with Brooke's, pushing her into the left concrete barrier wall. Brooke's car came to rest on the left shoulder, while the other car went back across the bridge and came to rest on the right shoulder. The report indicates that, according to witnesses, the other car was speeding. Florida Highway Patrol reps tell TMZ Brooke was not at fault. She had one other passenger with her in the car, but it wasn't Hulk or Linda ... UPDATE 8:15 PM PT -- Brooke has already posted a blog on her MySpace page about the accident. You'll never guess who she credits for saving her life: her brother Nick and John Graziano -- Nick's BFF who is still in a coma! She credits them for reminding her and her friend to put on their seat belts.

Brooke has since removed the posting on My Space but fortunately I was able to copy the text of her post before it was removed -- all typos and grammatical errors are copied exactly as they were posted:

Seatbelts saved MY life today...

What happened to my brother and our friend John was horrible and very hard for both of our families. But I truly believe my brother and John saved My life and my best friends life.... I don't know if you heard, but my friend and I got into a really bad car accident today ourselves... As I turned on my car I clicked my seatbelt. As we pulled out onto the road, I looked over and realized my friend didn't have her seatbelt on. I reminded her to put it on and the minute she clicked it, a car crashed into us. It was a horrible car accident, one that most would be severely hurt in, but we had our seatbelts on and they kept us in tight. I have to thank my brother and my best friend John for teaching me an important lesson that saved our lives.

I know that because my family is under a microscope, the turn of unfortunate events are magnified and seem like they just keep on coming...And having everyone watching and commenting on our life is extremely hard. If I could stop it I would because it feels terrible. We try to stay away from it but can't help that its shoved in our faces. So please, if youre a supporter, please spread the good around cause its nice to have friends when things go awry. And for the haters, Im sure we're not the only ones you're hurting. I would hope people are never this mean to you because it makes things so much harder......You're human and so are we. Nothing different.

God Bless

~~~Hey this is Brookes friend and passenger, I just wanted to say that Brooke basically saved my life by making me wear my seat belt ....She is such a great friend and a good person! You all should know that! check out what I have to say on my MySpace... I'm on her top friends : La♥La

Thank goodness Brooke Hogan's life was saved by the mere fact that she remembered that her "good friend" John Graziano is hospitalized in a vegetative state because of injuries he suffered in an accident caused by her reckless brother Nick. I am just *stunned* by the audacity of this ridiculous family! It seems very odd and grossly attention whorish to endure a car accident where one's life was "in danger" and then blog about it on My Space in order to try and steal some attention from the last car accident the Hogan family was involved in. I don't know about you but I think the Hogans are real winners. [Source]



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