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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Know Your Role

After spending the night partying away with her BFF Marc Jacobs and other such fashion dignitaries at the 2008 CFDA Awards at the New York Public Library last night, Vicki B. put away her ruffled hearts dress and put on something more ... provincial ... to wear as she stepped out into NYC today to take care of some biz around town. Here are pics of VB making her way out of her hotel earlier today:

Photo credit: INFdaily

I hate to say it but I really like VB's look when she wears these June Cleaver dresses out in public. It gives her that Stepford look that I'm sure she prefers considering that she's a robot and all. The slicked back hair, harsh make-up and over-the-top dresses don't really work as well as this simpler look does. When she's all gaudy, it looks like she's trying too hard to look cool. Dressed like this she looks like the sweet and simple animatronic humanoid robot that she was meant to be. Stick with your strengths, VB ... it's not like you have all that many to take advantage of. [Source]


Big Daddy

Prive nightclub, in its infinite wisdom, has deemed Kevin Federline as the Father of the Year and plans to honor the man at a Las Vegas event at their nightclub inside the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, NV on Friday June 13th ... just in time for Father's Day:

Photo credit: X17

Kevin Federline is the new father of the year! Just in time for Father's Day, Prive Las Vegas will award the proud papa of four his "father of the year" status at a party he is slated to host there June 13. Sources tell PEOPLE he will be awarded the title during a presentation at the club. The unofficial honor is Federline's second such recognition in a relatively short time. Last November, Details magazine also anointed him father of the year – an honor he shared with onetime Anna Nicole Smith boyfriend Larry Birkhead.

No word was given as to what qualified K-Fed for this distinction but I suspect an affinity for makin' babies has to be at least one of the qualifications (and boy, does K-Fed like makin' babies ... and with different women, too!). In all honesty, I do have to give K-Fed props for taking relative care of his family and for not kicking Britney Spears when she was down. I understand he has been working closely with Britney in order to help her get better so that she can be the best mother to their children Sean Preston and Jayden James as she can be. Yeah, I guess that's Father of the Year material. And suddenly, I cannot *believe* I just wrote that. [Source]


So That's How He Got Into Aniston's Pants

John Mayer, Jennifer Aniston's current beau, was spotted gassing up his baby blue and orange Ford GT hot rod before picking up his ladylove for lunch at The Beverly Hills Hotel this week ...

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

... could this be reason that Jennifer Aniston fell madly in lurve with Mr. Mayer? I mean ... how does one go from Brad Pitt to John Mayer unless there is a hawt car involved. I'm just saying. [Source]


The TV Guide: We Have A Winner!

Whew! There is a lot going on right about now as we move into the final week before relaunch. The amazing designer who is working on the site is carefully tweaking and fixing all the things that I keep throwing at her ... which is keeping me from freaking out. I, of course, want everything to turn out perfectly but I will be ecstatic if things just turn out smoothly.

Yesterday, I selected the winner of the Pink is the new Blog Relaunch Party contest and gave her a congratulatory call last night. Jamalia David is a medical student at Texas A&M who will be taking some major exams this weekend and then will be starting her third year of medical school shortly thereafter -- but in between, Nestea and Nikon COOLPIX will be flying her out for an all expenses paid trip to LA to come party with me and my friends on June 11th. I am so happy that she won and I can't wait to meet her and introduce her to all my peeps. More info of Jamalia will be posted at ... which you may want to bookmark, that is where Jamalia will be posting her blog and photos from the party next week :)

As much as I don't have much time to breathe these days, I made a commitment to my boys Michael, Steph and Alek that we would go to Disneyland today ... so instead of cancelling on them, I'm gonna cut out soon to make our date. I really need a break from all the stress goin' on ... I'll be very happy once the site gets relaunched next week and things can get back to normal.


Les News: Always Blame The Dog, Hatch Appeals Again, SJP Gets Duped


Motion: Denied! Nick Hogan Stays In The Big House

TMZ is reporting that Nick Hogan's request to be released from jail so that he can serve out the remainder of his 8-month sentence (for pleading no contest after causing a crash that seriously injured his best friend John Graziano who remains hospitalized in a vegetative state) has been denied. Imagine that! He's actually going to have to pay for the crime he plead no contest to:

Poor Nick Hogan! A judge has just denied his request to be let out til his 18th birthday. For now, Nicky Boy will stay put in the Pinellas County, Fla. jail. 17-year-old Nick -- whose real name is Nick Bollea -- complained he was essentially in solitary confinement, isolated from the general population, saying it "wasn't fair." Tell that to John Graziano and his family. He wanted to be placed under house arrest til his bday in mid July, presumably because his parents have been such a good influence on him.

The fact that Nick is actually suffering in jail is good ... maybe he will actually learn the lesson that he was sent there to learn. Kudos to the judge for not buckling under the pressure to placate the Hogan family. Maybe they'll learn a lesson, too. Click HERE to read the court documents relating to this denial. [Source]


Lohan To 'Han Combat

Ex-husband and wife Michael Lohan and Dina Lohan met today in New York family court to discuss the terms regarding visitation of their youngest children Ali and Cody Lohan. Here are pics of the parents arriving separately at a Nassau County courthouse earlier today:

Photo credit: Splash News

Lindsay Lohan's divorced parents met in family court in New York on Tuesday to discuss visitation with their younger children Ali and Cody. After spending part of the morning in private talks, Judge Stacey Bennett said in open court: "I'm encouraged to hear that the parties and counsel are working at ways to repair the relationship between the children and the father." Michael Lohan, 48, and Dina Lohan, 45, reached a settlement in their contentious divorce last summer. But other issues remained to be worked out, including parental access to their minor children – Ali, 14, who costars with her mother in a reality TV series, and brother Cody, 11.

I guess Michael Lohan wants a bit more time with his kids than merely having to tune in on Sunday nights to watch them on E! I know it sounds terrible but I really feel like Michael Lohan is just trying to get more visitation so that he can horn in on the sad celebrity that Dina and her children share. I find it very difficult to believe that he is being genuine. [Source]

In positive news, tho, both Dina and Michael presented a united front after the court hearing was finished to try and "plead" with the media to "leave them alone" as they figure out their family issues ...

Photo credit: Splash News

... besides, Dina wants to have a monopoly on exploiting her family's travails on her own TV show (Michael just wants a cameo).


The 2008 Fashion Oscars

So, the big to-do last night in NYC was the 2008 Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards (the "Fashion Oscars") which took place at the New York Public Library and gives all the fabulous fashionistas license to get all gussied up in hot (and sometimes ridiculous) designs. Apparently, there were a few awards handed out as well but the real focus of the event revolves around what/who attendees were wearing. Here are a few pics of some of the fashions that made their way into the soiree last night:

Photo credit: Splash News

Fransisco Costa of Calvin Klein took home the Womenswear Designer of the Year award on Monday night at the Council of Fashion Designers of America awards. It marks the second time the designer has won the honor, the top award in the U.S. fashion industry, winning for the first time in 2006. Tom Ford received the top award for menswear, while Tory Burch won for accessory design. "To be recognized is surreal, especially alongside Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors," said Burch in her acceptance speech. Jacobs and Kors were also nominated. The Swarovski-sponsored awards for the three top newcomers in the same categories included Kate and Laura Mulleavy for Rodarte in womenswear, Scott Sternberg for Band of Outsiders in menswear and Philip Crangi for accessory design. Calvin Klein presented Carolina Herrera with the Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement award. As guests mingled during the cocktail hour outside the New York Public Library, where the awards were held, Herrera noted her key to her enduring success as a designer. "When you are in this business, you have to go on and on and on," she said. "Life changes, and the only thing I think all the time is to make the women who wear my clothes look beautiful, comfortable, natural. It's not about trends, or anything like that. It's about being classic, with a modern touch." ...'s Candy Pratts Price received the Eugenia Sheppard award for her achievements as an influential fashion editor, while Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg was awarded the Board of Director's Special Tribute award for his initiatives to support the fashion industry in New York, a major economic force. Yves Saint Laurent, who passed away at the age of 71 the evening before, was on many designers' minds. "It's makes me feel so lonely, like it's not a good world anymore," said Isaac Mizrahi. Marc Jacobs, nominated in two categories this year, womenswear and accesories, said his fluttery heart dress worn by Victoria Beckham that night was an homage to Saint Laurent. "There has never been a collection that we've done where we haven't thought about Yves Saint Laurent," he said. "I think about him all of the time."

I guess it sounds like a fun night for the folks in the fashion biz. I bet it's fun being able to dress up in whacky fashion just because you can every once-in-a-while. The ladies always tend to amp up the drama with the stuff they choose to wear (VB is such a drag queen) but it sucks that the dudes can only wear tuxedos (white ones if you want to stand out). It's kinda funny that with all the awards that get handed out for achievements in fashion, they can't come up with something more interesting for men than tuxedos and suits. Anyways ... congrats to the winners and props to the fashion fearless who like to play dress-up for all of us to have a chuckle with. [Source]


Hollywood, PA

Pink reader Nina lives in Bethlehem, PA and sends in a cool photo that she snapped (the night pic) and an article link from the first day and night of filming Transformers 2 at the Bethlehem Steel plant yesterday ... check 'em out:

A black military helicopter roared to life in Monday's twilight, rising from the former Bethlehem Steel lot in front of a cheering crowd of hundreds. As the throng of toddlers, teenagers and grown-ups pointed and whipped out cell-phone cameras, another chopper buzzed low overhead -- just a few minutes after Hollywood director Michael Bay had personally invited everyone to a better spot to watch the helicopters take off. "Oh my God, I have goose bumps on my arms!" gushed Leeann Smith of Bethlehem, making plans to spend the rest of the night beside Bay's "Transformers 2" set. Monday evening marked the start of filming in Bethlehem for the DreamWorks movie about giant shapeshifting robots from another planet. For the Bethlehem scene, which will open the movie, Bay has transformed the Steel site into a fictional Chinese city. Shooting will continue tonight and Wednesday night. Even before the cameras started rolling Monday night, hundreds from across Bethlehem and as far away as Harrisburg gathered on bridges and parking lots near the Steel, hoping for good views of the six helicopters on the set and Bay's trademark pyrotechnics. "I'm a big fan of 'Transformers' from when they first came out with the cartoons," said William LaTorre, who lives just a few blocks from the filming site. "I can't wait to see the explosions [and maybe] people jumping off roofs and stuff." It's not clear whether stunts like that will really be part of the shoot, but officials with the production and Bethlehem Mayor John Callahan have indicated the scene will feature at least one computer-generated "Transformers" robot emerging in front of the Steel's iconic blast furnaces and battling with Chinese police and military forces.

Nina's night photo was taken at 5AM from the Fahy Bridge. She reveals that she spied "a semi full of Harleys" that she believes will get "totaled". All of this action sounds really fun and I imagine that the folks in Bethlehem are enjoying it while they can. Filming is scheduled to happen tonight and tomorrow so there is still time for folks out there to see what they can see. It'll be really cool to see what the final product will look like once the movie opens in theaters next year ... we can think back and remember how the opening scenes of the movie got made. [Source, thanks Nina]


It's Not The Size Of The Ship That Matters (It's The Amount Of Sea Men)

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip ... that started from this tropic port aboard this tiny ship -- and boy, do I mean tiny! Last week we learned that Prince William became qualified to join the British Royal Navy and that his first posting would be in the Caribbean aboard one of the Navy's finest ships ... well, here it is -- in all its glory:

As a future head of the Armed Forces, Prince William can look forward to having the Royal Navy's biggest warships under his overall command. But even a king in waiting has to start at the bottom of the ladder, as his first experience of taking the helm of a Royal Navy ship proved today. His first training boat does not exactly look like the high-speed vessel he might have expected when he was told part of his time with the Navy could involve him going in armed pursuit of Caribbean drug smugglers. The Prince's second day at Naval college also got off to a shaky start when he was given the job of 'slipping' a ship's anchor. It is a Navy tradition that if a sailor fails to do the job of lowering the anchor properly he has to buy the rest of the crew a drink. William duly stepped up but fluffed the first attempt and joked his mistake meant he owed a colleague a 'crate of beer'. Fortunately, he fared better when he took to the helm of the 40ft boat on the River Dart in Dartmouth and was praised for his boat handling skills. Sub-Lieutenant Wales, as he is known in the service, will spend the next three weeks undergoing basic naval training.

Hee hee ... you know ... I expected something sexier from Sub-Lieutenant Wales ... perhaps a watercraft that is a little bigger than a dingy? Ah well ... I guess he should start at the bottom and work his way up just like everyone else has to. I can't wait to see pics of Prince Wills, er I mean, Sub-Lieutenant Wales battening down the hatches, swabbing the poop deck and other such colorful ship tasks. I'd like to see him in those white bellbottom pants too, you know, just because :) [Source]


High School Reunion

The New York Post is reporting that the new CW spin-off series based on Beverly Hills, 90210 will be filming at the same school site that the original series filmed at. Torrance High School was filmed as West Beverly High for BH, 90210 (it was also used as Sunnydale High in Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and will, once again, stand in for West Bev High when the new 90210 show begins filming next week:

THE new version of "90210" will look familiar to fans of the original shows for at least one reason - it's being filmed at the same high school. The new show - which begins filming next week - will be shot at Torrance High School, the same place the first show was shot, according the officials. Torrance High, with its Spanish-style architecture, served as the fictitious West Beverly High in "Beverly Hills 90210" and as Sunnydale High, the alma mater of Buffy Summers in the series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

To me, Torrance High School will always be Sunnydale High first and foremost (even tho BH, 90210 filmed there years before BtVS was created) but I am glad that 90210 is returning to the original school for filming. It really sounds like the show's producers are doing everything they can to ensure that the spin-off show will have as many original elements of the original show as possible (so there's still hope that Ian Ziering will get "the call"). The show sounds like it's coming together nicely ... so far, so good. [Source]


Tough Break?

David Beckham surfaced in NYC yesterday (with his wifey Vicki B. in tow) with a wrapped injured left wrist. VB made her way to the Big Apple to attend the fancy-schmancy 2008 CFDA Fashion Awards thingie which took place last night and apparently Becks had to be there as well ... despite the fact that the LA Galaxy had a game to play against Toronto FC over the weekend ... which Becks skipped because he was in Trinidad & Tobago with the English soccer team -- where he, most likely, got injured. Here are a few pics of Becks and VB as the made their way around NYC yesterday:

Photo credit: Splash News & INFdaily

It's unclear just how injured Becks is but thankfully his injury is above the waist not below the waist. You may recall that Becks injured his ankle last year which left him pretty useless to the Galaxy for a large portion of the season. Hopefully this ouchie isn't anything major (pronounced may-juh) and Becks will be back in tip-top shape in no time! Heal well, Becks!! [Source, Source]



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