Saturday, August 28, 2004

Chilly Con Carny

So as I said briefly last night, Erik and I met up with Andy and his family & friends in Mt. Clemens for his birthday dinner. It was a very nice place with a huge staircase ... so of course we had to take a Brady Bunch picture on the stairs.

After dinner, we went up to the Carnival that has happening 2 blocks away. Most of us rode the pirate ship (which was actually called The Pharoah's Revenge) but Andy (the birthday boy) opted out. Steve won a cheesey prize at one of the games and then we made Andy go through a hall of mirrors-type thing. Let me tell you, it was hijinks all the way around. The funniest thing that happened was when a carny called Adam "Wall Street" because of the way he was dressed (tight long-sleeve shirt, A&F cargo shorts and flip-flops) -- he yelled out "Hey Wall Street, win a prize for the lady," it has hilarious!

We also managed to take funny pictures:

Then we went to a bar and sat outside on the patio. That is, until it started to pour down rain (which was kind of cold). We retreated inside but it was too crowded so we went up the street to another bar ... in the POURING (COLD) RAIN! As I said, I lost my shoe in the middle of the street -- it was very traumatic! We didn't stay for long though. The pix I took didn't turn out that great because the lighting really sucked, but I really like the way that this one turned out:

We got home and I bathed my feet twice. Then Mike came over to spend the weekend with us. We are about to head out and face the day. More to come ...