Thursday, August 26, 2004

Does Hot Saucing Work On Pop Stars?

Let's see ... I bet she got the rosary from her friend M. and ordered the custom-made shirt from the ad section of US Weekly (which is, incidentally, where I ordered a certain fake engagement ring -- Hey! I said no judging!) but the good news is that she, for once, is wearing footwear. Click the tiny picture to see the whole picture. I must admit I think the footwear is fUGGly but anything is better than bare feet.

There are rumors (none that I can quote ... yet) going around that by wearing this shirt she is hinting that the wedding will be sooner than November. I've even heard that it might take place on Labor Day weekend. We now know that the surprise ending to her upcoming My Prerogative video will show Britney meeting Kevvy at the altar. Wouldn't it be funny if they really did get married while filming the video? It makes sense, her brother has a cameo in the video and I suspect she'd have other family on the set -- why not just get married right under everybody's noses; right in front of everybody's faces? Then the video will forever be a record of her first only marriage. She would be sure to get in heavy rotation on MTV (and by "heavy rotation" I mean that it will play every morning, between 5am and 8am, at least twice and every late night, between 2am and 4am, another 2 times -- these are the only hours that MTV airs videos anymore). It's an interesting theory and remember, you heard it here first from me.

Oh and just in case you want to see more picture of Britney and her latest barefoot restroom romp there are a lot more pictures to see HERE. There are even a few of her barefoot in a convenience store. Oi!

What else is going on in the world:

  • Navy records corroborate John Kerry's version of what happened to him in Vietnam. The March 18, 1969, weekly report from Task Force 115, which was located by The Associated Press during a search of Navy archives, is the latest document to surface that supports Kerry's description of an event for which he won a Bronze Star and a third Purple Heart. In other news, Bob Dole is still an asshole. Dole also says that he thinks Kerry should stop talking about what a "great veteran" he was, that he thinks the American people admire the "quiet heroes" and it pays to "not talk about yourself so much." In such an important election as this one I think it is IMPERATIVE that the presidential nominees talk about their military history. I can't wait for GWB to dare to flaunt his military career. Bring it on Dubya!
  • Who knew that Blair Warner would turn out to be such a psycho bitch?! Lisa Whelchel is an advocate of Hot Saucing kids as a form of discipline. "[The practice of "hot saucing" a child's tongue as a method of discipline] does sting and the memory stays with them so that the next time they may actually have some self-control and stop before they lie or bite or something like that," Whelchel said on ABC News' Good Morning America. I do not believe that Mrs. Garrett would approve. Whelchel has an insane-o website that talks about her discipline beliefs. You should read her stuff on home schooling. She even has a blog! Check it out HERE. [goss via]
  • The Wayans Bros. are set to make a movie based on The Munsters. The good news is that none of the Wayans Bros. will actually star in the movie.
  • X-tina was seen puking out of her limousine but claims that she is not pregnant. But what I want to know is whether or not she was wearing shoes. It's a valid question these days.
  • Farnsworth Bentley needs to get an effing life! Dumb story about his name change HERE. [goss via]
  • Abercrombie & Fitch gets yelled at for picking on West Virginia, again. The entire state of West Virginia takes offense at t-shirt that reads "West Virginia: No Lifeguard at the Gene Pool" "It is unfortunate that Abercrombie & Fitch continues to perpetuate stereotypes rather than positive things like the number of residents serving in the military or the state's PROMISE scholarship program," [W. Virginia Governor] Wise spokeswoman Jodi Omear said Wednesday. Yawn! You can order your own shirt HERE.
  • Wal-Mart is now offering White Trash Weddings. Neither bride nor groom work at the discount store. Still, they spend more time there than many employees do, wandering the aisles and visiting friends for up to six hours a day, nearly every day since the store opened two years ago ... "It never dawned on me to have it anyplace else," said the 55-year-old bride. God, I hope Britney doesn't catch wind of this. Oh wait, what am I worried about, Wal-Mart has a strict No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service policy ... which I bet isn't strictly enforced ... God, I hope Britney doesn't catch wind of this.
  • Morrissey has announced more tour dates and will be visiting The State Theater in Detroit on October 17th. You know that I'm going to be there ... who else wants to accompany This Charming Man? [Yeah, I know that was a horrible line but hey, they can't all be gems ... you get what you get]
  • THIS is just one of the many reasons I love reading -- you should be reading too.

Yesterday, I ended up not going into work. I stayed home and read my text book trying to get ideas for class lecture topics. It was fun (that was sarcasm). Erik and I had an extremely fun time hanging out with Scary Sarah and Jeremy at their place in Hammy Trammy. It was so nice hanging out with them again. Scary had just gotten an amazing tattoo on her chest of a Mexican Day of the Dead sugar skull.

Isn't it freaking awesome?! We've made plans to hang out some more so I'm very much looking forward to that. I think we're planning on having them over for dinner with us in The Shores.

Today I really have to go into work. I'm attending a 2-hour seminar for first year teachers from 9am to 11am. Later on I have a haircut appointment at 3pm. I shall return.