Friday, August 27, 2004

Ninja Turtl ... REVEALED!

Stephanie found an exclusive exposé on the infamous Detroit graffittist known as Turtl. The has uncovered who Turtl is and tells the world HERE.

No one knew who he was, so he became known as the Turtle. No one knew what his turtles meant. An art gallery put a $1,000 bounty on his head. Former Wayne County Prosecutor Mike Duggan vowed to throw him in prison. For more than a year, he remained underground.

Law enforcement officials have established the identity of the Turtle, but they cracked the case too late. The new prosecutor, Kym Worthy, focused on Detroit's increase in violent crime and hindered by budget constraints, has made graffiti a low priority. She's not interested in the Turtle. Cops say they'll arrest him only if they catch him in the act. They are not following him.

And the Turtle?

He says he is no longer the Turtle. Or "Turtl," "Trdl" or "Turdl," as he variously tagged his drawings.

Interesting! His name is Ronald?! And the boy is WHITE! I never expected him to be a white boy. What a letdown. It's surprising that they are just going to let him go. There have been lots of articles (Writing On The Wall, Turtle Drawings Deface Detroit Landmarks, GRAFFITI: TURTLE MANIA) about how they were just itching to arrest this guy once he was found out.

If you are interested you can get your own Turtl apparel HERE.

Scherz [insists] his tagging days are over.

Sad day for Detroit Rock City.

Incidentally, Grambo @ is talking about this too but I got the email from Stephanie early this morning and just haven't had a chance to blog about it until now. But hey, great bloggers think alike.