Sunday, August 29, 2004

Closing Time

What a pile of turds the VMAs turned out to be. Britney was a no-show and an award shut-out, the performances were pretty weak (I can't even believe how horrible Hoobastinks sounded and Chaka Khan -- she couldn't hit a note!), the presenter's banter was stupid and I effing hated seeing Bruce Willis' stupid face every five seconds. As you can tell by the picture I posted earlier, Bruce Willis and some woman were sitting in Britney's seats -- so disappointing. I wasn't impressed by a thing during the whole show ... not even the Stevie Wonder thing, sorry. And what a faux pas having the Kerry daughters and the Bush Twins campaign during the show ... dumb idea ... total miscalculation. Bad Bad Bad!

The only surprise of the night was that Ashlee and Ryan showed up TOGETHER and holding hands. Veeeery interesting ... either they're the best of friends or they are so back together. Dave Chapelle was pretty funny and I actually laughed outloud when the announcer said "Together again, Mandy Moore and Marilyn Manson" -- that was pretty funny. Otherwise, I'll have to give this year's VMAs a big 2 poops on the floor. I am so over Usher and Jay-Z, so so over them. I was reading the offical VMA thread at Say Hey! and someone summed up the whole thing best by saying:

Catwoman was better than this!

I couldn't agree more.

We did click over during the commercials to the closing ceremonies of the Olympics which were not as interesting as the opening ceremonies but, eh, what do you expect? They had a lot of fireworks:

And a lot of dancing. Tonight wasn't that fun entertainment-wise. It was fun hanging out with Erik, VLB and Rod though ... the night's only saving grace.