Sunday, August 29, 2004


New York seems to be voicing its disapproval of all the Republicans that are descending upon the city for the Republican National Convention:

The marchers, estimated by organizers to reach as many as 250,000, passed the Madison Square Garden convention site as Republicans and visitors arrived in the city for the four day gathering where Bush will be nominated for another four years in the White House ... "He (Bush) is ruining the country that I knew as a child growing up," said Joan Azulay, a retiree from Austin, Texas, who complained of the president's policies on health care, the environment, taxes and foreign policy ... The start of the march took on a carnival atmosphere with people carrying large banners, shouting "no more Bush" and beating drums. The heat and humidity pushed the temperature to almost 85 degrees Fahrenheit (29 Celsius).

I am so encouraged by this outpouring of protest against the GWB administration. I know that the RNC was hoping that by having their convention in New York they could exploit the memory of 9/11. I really hope that these protests dwarf their stupid convention and really show what New York thinks of the current administration and their policies.

We need a regime change, and the people of New York agree!