Sunday, August 29, 2004

The Slumber Party

Sarah and I had a totally fun time last night. I went over to her place to spend the night and just hang out. I left my phone in Erik's truck and forgot to bring like basic stuff, like shampoo, but we had fun nonetheless. We spent the majority of the night on the couch drinking French Martinis and Mojitos. We watched Party Monster (you have to hear Sarah's impersonation of Macaulay Culkin in this movie), Outfoxed (which was so infuriating) and Magnolia (though we had a hard time staying totally awake) and various things on MTV or VH1. In the wee hours, MTV started playing videos and Sarah exclaimed, "What the shizz is this?! I hate videos, I want my MTV!" It was hilarious!

We awoke to watch an E! Special on Kaballah and celebrities and then started watching a 3-hour E! Special on Britney Spears. I had to jet, though, so I finished watching the Britney thing at home.

Tonight VLB and Rod are coming over to watch the Olympic Closing Ceremonies. Sarah might come over to watch the VMAs so it might be a big old party.