Friday, August 20, 2004


There are times when I think I'm a pretty good blogger. Then I'll read a couple posts on other blogs and I realize that I'm just an amateur. Take, for example, Uncle Grambo @ While I was merely stating my minor annoyance at the first signs of this year's Dream Cruise, he adeptly offers a rant that brought tears to my eyes: hope you enjoy choking on all that exhaust coming out of my SUV! Dream Cruise. gag me with a spizz. some say a weekend that will forever live in infamy. makes me ashamed to be a Michigander. almost.

He also scrounged up a scathing review of Ryan Cabrera's new album from The Detroit News online:

It’s easy to attack Ryan Cabrera, the Ashlee Simpson boy toy with the ridiculous Yu-Gi-Oh! haircut, but it’s much easier to let his music speak for itself. On his debut album, the Texas native’s descriptions of heartache reads like a hypochondriac’s list of serious medical ailments; he complains about having trouble breathing on no less than four tracks and sings of being lost on two, before finally conceding “I’m running out of time!” on “Blind Sight.” Save it, dude, you thank “Jess and Nick” in your liner notes. Along the way, Cabrera musters up all the soul of a Coke commercial and manages to make Jason Mraz look like Bob Dylan. Hey Ryan, “Take It All Away” — and keep it there. GRADE: D

Yipes! Now, I actually feel some semblance of shame for liking his single On The Way Down.

But, I can take heart in the fact that he (along with Scott @ Stereogum) is a major Britney Spears fan. So far neither of them have posted the first pictures from the set of Britney's video for My Prerogative.

So maybe I'm not such a bad blogger after all. I know I have a lot to learn but as long as I'm amusing myself and I appear to amuse my friends then I guess that is all that matters.