Friday, August 20, 2004

The Olympics Are Pretty Gay

I'm having a hell of a time finding any goss for today. There either isn't anything going on or I just did a really crappy job of looking. But, I shant let this shortage of news deter me from writing an interesting entry (I hope). So as we reach the midpoint of the 2004 Summer Olympic Games let's talk about how gay the Olympics really are.

Can someone please explain Water Polo to me. THIS article takes great pains to show just how "touchy-feely" this sport really is. Though, the accompanying picture really says it all.

Water polo is a combination of swimming, soccer and basketball, plus wrestling, boxing and mugging. The players are phenomenal athletes who perform amazing feats of speed, grace, stamina and ball-handling. They also perform amazing feats of kicking, punching, scratching, clawing and choking. And that's just the men. The women are also fond of tearing each other's bathing suits off.

What? And as for many of the other sports represented, well ... they say that pictures are worth a thousand words, so here you go (Click the collage below to see it bigger):

Ah, for the love of sport. It's nice when the athletes of the world can come together in peaceful unison in order to strip down to the barest essential clothing, get sweaty or wet and roll around with one another. The original Olympic Games, thousands of years ago, were played completely in the nude so I guess the Games aren't as gay as they used to be.

In short, let us celebrate the very gayness of the Olympic Summer Games. At least until the Olympic Winter Games come along -- can someone explain Men's Figure Skating to me?