Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Kickin' Ass, Again

Well, the Quop may never die but it does go on hiatus. Erik and I are playing kickball in the fall league but not on The Quop Brigade. There weren't enough Quoppers to make up a full team so Erik and I (along with Kirsten, Adam and Tracey) joined up with Stephanie for the Monday night league. This team won their league championship just this past season so Erik and I are looking to ride their coattails to victory. I want a trophy damnit! The fall league only has 8 games (4 double headers, every Monday in September) where the team with the best record will win the championship (there will not be play-off games). I really loved playing kickball this summer so I'm looking forward to getting back on the field for more games. I'm not sure what the team name, nor what the team color is but I'll be sure to pass along that information as soon as I get it. We have a few openings for SuperFans to come cheer us on. I'm pretty sure that VLB will do her best to come support us but I'm putting out the call to anyone who wants to come watch us play to please do. I would love it if semi-retired-Quoppers ::cough:: Michael T. ::cough:: could trek out to see us at least once.

Hahahaha! Would you like to own this:

It used to belong to Britney Spears and you can bid on it HERE. You better hurry though, the price is up to $460.96.

I'll have to go into work for a bit so let's get to the goss:

And I guess that's it for now. Work beckons, which really sucks, but I'll be back later with wondrous tales and fantastical stories to share. Ta ta!