Friday, August 20, 2004

Sympathy For The Devil

So, Erik and I took care of a few little projects (behold, this weekend is "Project Weekend") before Brandon was to come over. We hung shelves, hung a new shelf and purchased a clock for the living room. Brandon arrived and we went out for dinner at Cedar Garden. I really wanted to see Exorcist: The Beginning tonight because, 1.) I knew it would be craptastic and 2.) it's one of those movies that if you don't see it early on then you'll miss it in the theaters. Erik was dead tired but Brandon was up for it and we went.

How was the movie, you ask? Well, it was nowhere near as horrifying as the original movie but it might be the best of the sequels. You have to know right off the bat that any movie with "The Beginning" in the title is going to be long and have a lot of slow backstory to go through. But, it did pick up eventually and there were LOTS of shockingly scary elements along the way. You'll be happy to know that there is a possession much like the Linda Blair/Regan possession of the first film (complete with scarred up face and disturbing body contortions). I was pleased with the film because I kept jumping out of my chair but, as I said earlier, it's nothing like the first film. That movie wrecked me for WEEKS! I might have to dig out my DVD copy and watch it again ... then again, I might not.

Let's hope I survive Project Weekend, y'all. With Brandon on board, I think I just might.