Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Fear The Darkness

Tonight was very fun! Sarah called and wondered what I was up to and since I was up to nothing I decided to hang out with her. Hello, just like old times ... we had a lot of fun. I went over to her place because we weren't sure if we were going to meet up with Angi and Tony for dinner and a movie or what. We ended up staying in for pizza -- we also played Trivial Pursuit: The 90's Edition:

Hello, she kicked my ass all over the place! It was ridiculous!! While I knew a few of the answers pretty easily SHE KNEW EVERY OTHER ANSWER PRETTY HANDILY. I got my ass beat like crazy! Grrr ... she ruled that's for sure.

Another reason we decided to stay in for the first part of the night was to watch MTV's Real World/Road Rules Battle of the Sexes 2 because we knew from the episode promos that Dipshit Steven was going to get his ass kicked off the show:

The stupid idiot decided that he was going to smack Shane across the HEAD because he was getting annoyed. Of course MTV has a "no hitting" policy (much like in grade school) and he was immediately ejected from the show. I howled with glee ... I can't stand that asshole!

So the Battle of the Sexes ended at 10:30 PM but our night was not finished. Sarah and I decided that we were going to a late movie right after the Battle of the Sexes was over ... we couldn't decide what movie to see. We toyed with seeing either Closer, Meet The Fockers or Darkness. We wanted to be scared, rolled the die and ended up choosing Darkness:

What we ended up getting was a steaming pile of horse shizz! I'm not exaggerating here -- it was quite possibly the worst movie I've ever seen! We were hoping that since Anna Paquin was in it (hee hee, we love Anna Paquin) that it would have some redeeming merit. This movie blew so hard ... I mean ... STUPID! Not scary, not interesting, not worth a poop sandwich ... it just plain SUCKED! Do NOT See This Movie ... you have been warned.

It is now 3 AM and I am ready for bed. I love being on vacation. Wee!!!