Friday, January 07, 2005

Color Coded

Get this ... argh ... my work makes me so mad! ULS does its best to incorporate its students and faculty in materials such as advertising as well for in-house printed materials. Our yearly calendars highlight different kids for different months and our newsletters feature various teachers engaged in teaching, field trips or in posed settings. I've been working here for 5 years and I have never appeared in anything other than the yearbook (due to kids who like me and want me to show up on tons of pages -- I always get asked questions for quotes in the yearbook). I have been mentioned in literature in reference to my work with diversity issues.

Anyways, the yearly report came out last week which has an extensive itemized summation of the previous school year mainly published for parents and trustee members. Much to my surprise they used a picture of me on page 3 of the book:

Click image for larger size

Note the accompanying text:

Hello, can you say exploitive much? I'm the "darkest teacher" they have and all the sudden I'm the posterboy for People of Color?!? Geeze, a few months ago the school's photographer asked if she could take pictures of me while I taught my government class ... I never thought to ask her why.

This is extremely annoying ... but the real important part is that I don't look too bad in the picture so I guess I can't be that angry. But still ...