Friday, January 07, 2005

We'll Have A Gay Ol' Time

Hung out with Sarah last night ... we ate, chatted, laughed at Borders employees (well, one singular employee) and basically had a great time. Time is short this morn, so I'm going to get right to it ...

This will be the last time I rehash the Ashlee/Orange Bowl hoohah (I'm almost fairly certain that it will be the last) but I just have to post this picture:

Poor Ashlee. She is SO about to cry. Notice the inset picture -- that was the cover of The New York Daily News (article HERE) which I feel is going a bit too far. There is no way that audience was going to cheer for her, no way in hell. I do think it will be extremely difficult for her to bounce back from this ... coupled with the SNL incident ... poor, poor Ashlee.

But, let's move on. Okay, as a fan of MTV programming I am very familiar with their True Life documentary series. A very industrious member of Say Hey! discovered that the very-macho-"girl-crazy" guy featured on the episode I'm Getting Plastic Surgery has a little secret. He was all about his "hot body" and how he had to have calf implants so make him look "perfect" (he was also fond of rubbing body glitter all over himself because, he claimed, that's what real men do). Well it turns out that Mr. Macho is doing gay porn now:

BE CAREFUL: THIS LINK is totally Not Safe For Work, but will take you to a page where you can download sample clips of this guy "in action." Additionally, there was another guy featured on the episode I Want The Perfect Body -- this one was a body builder who wanted to make it as a professional. Yeah, he's doing "modeling" now:

For a site called All American Guys. While this site isn't necessarily gay-specific (there are hot guys and I'm sure chicks dig the pictures too) there is defo a gay vibe about it. Check it out ... the guys aren't nude (I think you get the nudies if you pay a fee). Mr. Body Builder has his own website too.

What's with everyone turning gay? Hello Antonio Sabato, Jr.

No, he's not doing gay porn too ... he just played a gay character in the recent movie Testosterone. I believe these are "promo pics" for the film. He looks very comfortable to me. What a great actor!

While hanging out with Sarah last night at Borders we discovered that Robbie Williams is on the cover of Attitude magazine:

Click the image for a NSFW surprise

I would have purchased it but the only copy was all mangled (and janky-looking). The Robbie article looked hilarious ... they asked him a bunch of "gay questions" including asking him to quote a Dannii Minogue song (a sure sign of homosexuality) and he burst into the song Put The Needle On It. I didn't want to read too much because I hate reading magazines that I plan on buying before I buy them. I feel like I'm getting cheated. Hopefully I can find the article to share. Okay enough with the gay stuff ...

Well, maybe one more teensy tiny almost gay thing -- as we all know J. Lo Jennifer Lopez (::gay icon::) is back with a new album and a new single. I caught the video for Get Right yesterday and boy well ... I kinda liked it (gasp -- I truly must be gay):

She plays all of these different characters in the vid (my favorites are the Chulo chick and her gang-banger friend). The song is growing on me but lemme tell you ... that noise is hard to get used to (if you've heard the song you know what I mean, if not ... you'll know it when you hear it). The song is sure to be a mega smash hit!

Whoa, look out! Here comes Britney Spears 2.0:

Jamie Lynn Spears caused a stir when she showed up at a Late Show with David Letterman taping the other night. She does remind me a lot of Britney when she first came out. Next thing you know Jamie Lynn will be on magazine covers and stuff ...

Riiight. Well, let's just hope she doesn't marry an idiot someday ...

Britney really needs to stop buying her husband whatever toy he desires. He looks so dumb on that bike! What is it with white guys and motorcycles that just screams ...


And because it was so well-received before, here is another Lindsay Lohan picture for no reason at all:

And now, the news:
  • Love Kylie? Check out her undies HERE. The site also streams a clip from an unreleased song called Je t'aime.
  • Why would you sue Fear Factor for this?! There have GOT to be better reasons to sue.
  • Marky-Mark back on the block? Say it isn't so!
  • Snoop Dogg gets back with his wife. Good doggie.
  • Aaron Carter is on fire! Well, almost ...
  • I hate hearing about THIS. But, I liked the title of the article so ...
And that is that. I have to get to class now ... I will return with more later on today ... For real doe!