Tuesday, January 18, 2005

J-L Spears Rules!

I am appalled, shocked and chagrined! All of the super-cool comments that were left at Jamie Lynn Spears official blog have been wiped out:

I don't know what to say? Maybe the Thigh Masta got a little too overzealous with his comments? I really hope he did use a pseudonym.

On the Zoey 101 front (still haven't watched an episode) the "official" Pacific Coast Academy website has been updated with Zoey's message board profile:

"Sports, fashion, hangin' with my friends" Egads! It's like we're the same person ... well, except for the Sports thing. Any chick who quotes both Albert Einstein and herself is got to be hella cool.

Hey J-L Spears, when does that debut album gonna drop?