Thursday, December 29, 2005

Ever Have That Not So Fresh Feeling?

Paris Hilton is one classy biatch ... there is no question about it ... who else would be able to so expertly shove her hand into her crotch, give it a little scratch, in such an elegant manner?

It's a shame she left her ZOVIRAX® ointment at home ... don't you just hate when that pesky inflammation rears its ugly head at the most inopportune times? [Source]

In shocking news, Tara Reid showed up in South Beach, FL completely sober and fully dressed:

Her ample and normally heaving bosom looks very diminished these days. Perhaps she really did open up her boob scars and have her silicone implants removed once and for all. Perhaps this year Tara will ring in the New Year without getting plastered ... well ... that's prolly taking it a bit far. Just don't die, Tara ... that would be a bummer. [Source]

Ashlee Simpson has emerged in Hawaii after being spotted doing some shopping at Louis Vuitton:

Yay! Her taste isn't all bad ... [Source]

Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson haven't jetted off to some far off locale, they just stayed home in LA for the holidays ... here are pictures of the cute couple taking in a movie at the Arc Light in Hollywood:

I love these 2 ... they're so ... normal. [Source]

OH NO! Look out Jess!

It was only a matter of time before the crazed members of Team Lachey would come out and launch an attack on Jessica Simpson. I wonder if she escaped unharmed? [Source]

Tori Spelling and her latest fiancée Dean McDermott took their immense love to the streets ... here are a few pictures of the new couple on the day he proposed to her:

Yikes! I'm not sure which I'm more appalled by ... Tori's horrid outfit or Dean's defiled fingers ... [Source]

Hugh Jackman has got some cute kids ...

... wait, he's got a cute baby. It turns out that the little person in this picture is not a mini 40-year old woman but is, indeed, his son Oscar ... [Source]

Christian Bale also has a cute baby ... here are pictures of the hot dad and his baby girl hanging out at The Grove in LA:

They are both so cute! How cool would it be to have Batman as your dad. [Source]

But, those 2 hot dads can't hold a candle to Super DAD Brad Pitt ... here are pictures of Brad engaged in 2 of his most favorite activities ...

... flying Zahara to day care and racing off to pick up Maddox from a playdate. Either by land or by air ... Brad Pitt is always there. [Source]

Sadly there was no new episode of Project Runway last night but here's a little bit of PR to get you thru the day ... our favorite contestant Santino has himself a My Space profile. Here are some pictures from his profile:

Um. Yeah. Well, it looks like if things don't work out for Mr. Santino on Project Runway he's always got a shot at America's Next Top Model. [Source, thanks Katie]

Madonna has chosen Sorry as the second single to be released from Confessions on a Dancefloor. She has chosen this as the artwork:

We've seen it all before. The pictures from this photoshoot won't seem to go away. [Source]

And finally, I have to send out mega Birthday Love to my very good friend Jim:

Jim always manages to take care of all the things that I am horrible of keeping track of ... I knew that we would be great friends from the moment I met him. I really wish I could be in LA to party with you tonight but I promise to make it up to you when I'm in LA next. Have a super kickass birthday!!! XOXO

Les News:
Can I just tell you how much I love this heat wave that Detroit has been experiencing for the past few days? With the temp soaring into the 40s I can actually leave my winter coat at home ... the snow is mostly all melted away and you can actually see the grass again (well, the brown, muddy stuff that used to be grass). Love it! But I digress ... yesterday was kinda chill ... Jake and I had a great lunch at Noble Fish before he had to get on the road back to East Lansing. I managed to tidy up the house a bit before Erik got home ... then we went out to Pizza Papalis in Greek Town for dinner. No stress ... no running around ... it was very nice.

This afternoon Sarah and I are hanging out a bit ... I barely ever get to see her alone anymore ... I'm taking her to Somerset so that she can spend the gift card she received for Xmas (I will get to use my P.F. Chang's card as well).

That's about it for now ... I'll have The Year in Spederline post later on today. I'm out.