Friday, March 14, 2008

Ghost Of You

Trent Reznor has put a call out to all Nine Inch Nails fans to become a part of the new Ghosts project that he has just launched. Phase I was made up of the actual music creation and release of said music by NIN at Phase II requires the involvement of fans to submit short films or videos of their own creation inspired by the music of Ghosts for review by Trent (and a team of some sort), which may be highlighted in some way on the official NIN website. Here is a screenshot of a new video released this week by Trent wherein he explains the this new phase of this project and the short explanatory text blurb that accompanies the video at the official NIN You Tube channel:

To expand the idea of the "Ghosts" project, we're inviting anyone and everyone to create visuals to accompany the album's music. In a few months, we'll be gathering the entries we feel are particularly exceptional and highlighting them. There are no rules to this - be as creative as you like. Create a music video, or a short film, or something completely abstract. Use only one track from the album, or use multiple tracks. Only one caveat: Incorporating copyrighted materials (clips from movies, music by other artists, etc) into your video might limit our ability to feature it in the future. To submit your video, join the Ghosts group HERE and add your video to the group. Good luck, and enjoy.

Click HERE to watch the video of Trent explaining all of this in his own words. Honestly, I couldn't've imagined that the Ghosts project could get any cooler but I suspect that Trent and his crew are going to receive a ton of amazing videos and films (tho, I'm sure, they're bound to get more horrible vids than exemplary vids). I can't wait to see how this venture turns out. [Source]

In other wonderful NIN news, the Tour section of has been updated with the first official Nine Inch Nails live North American performance date of the year. According to the site, NIN is scheduled to perform at the Pemberton Festival in Pemberton, British Columbia on July 25. The rumors that NIN will headline Lollapalooza around the same time seem much more likely now. I expect that NIN will also head out on a new US tour at some point later on this year as well. [thanks Daryl]