Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Goin' It Alone

Pink reader Francesca was in the hiz at The Roxy nightclub on the Sunset Strip in LA this week for one of the first solo concerts of former Backstreet Boys member AJ McLean. Here are a few of Francesca's pics that she sent in for sharing and her short write-up from the show:

Hey! Just wanted to let you know [that AJ put on] a GREAT show!!! He came out to the line of fans outside The Roxy before the show and took pictures with practically everyone! (Myself included!!) He was so nice! He talked to all of us while signing autographs and it was hilarious because a Star Line Tour Bus went by and stopped in front of the venue seeing all these flashes and crowds of people. The people inside the bus were screaming banging on the windows and taking pictures. When we got inside all of his friends and family were in the seated area. His songs were great and his heart was in every song :) I attached a pic of me and him and some performance pics as well as a picture of JC Chasez who was there as well! He was flirting with the girl in the blue all night!

Well now ... JC Chasez was in the hiz to support his boyband compatriot and he showed up sans Chace Crawford ... interesting. I'm not sure who the girl in blue is but I highly doubt she'll be able to come between JC and Chace ;) But anyways, I'm glad to know that AJ's show went off without a hitch ... to be honest, I'm surprised he didn't do this solo thing years ago. He was always the most avant garde of the BSBs and I figured he'd make a break from the boyband scene sooner rather than later. It remains to be seen what kind of success he might have with his solo outing (I don't think he'll reach Justin Timberlake proportions but I hope he does better than Nick Carter did) but he seems to be off to a pretty good start thus far. [thanks Francesca]

UPDATE: Pink reader Amy remnds me that AJ did do a solo thing before under the alter ego Johnny No Name. Um, yeah. I had forgotten all about that ... which is why I hope this time around he's a bit more successful.