Friday, March 21, 2008

A Shining Eggs-ample Of Philanthropy

It's Easter weekend and today is Good Friday, ya'll ... so what better way to celebrate the occasion than by russlin' up a fun batch of Easter Eggs. I'm sure many of y'all will be dying your own eggs this weekend but just in case you want to let someone else do the work for you, here are a couple of eggs that just might be up your alley. The chocoloatier Thorntons has whipped up a batch of Easter Eggs with the likenesses of British celebs, like David and Victoria Beckham, for sale at auction just in time for the big day Sunday ... check them out:

Celebrity egg-heads are being auctioned off on the web to raise money for the children's charity Barnardo's. Five chocolate eggs bearing the faces of Gordon Brown, Victoria Beckham, David Beckham, Lily Allen and Prince Harry have been created to "represent a spectrum of British culture". Chocolatier Thorntons worked with design duo Id-Iom, known for their graffiti-style art, to create the bespoke eggs. Dark chocolate has been used to stencil the portraits onto white Easter Eggs which will go on sale on eBay ... Peter Wright, marketing director for Thorntons, said: "Our customers have always loved the fact that they can personalise Thorntons' Easter eggs with an iced message. With this in mind, we decided to join forces with select creative experts, to celebrate our dedication to personalisation and innovation in chocolate, and engage people with a variety of cultural interests. We look forward to seeing how much we can raise for Barnardo's."

I think this is such a cute and inventive way of raising money for such a great cause. To be totally honest, tho, I don't know that all of the eggs really bear a striking resemblance to the aforementioned celebs ... some are better than others. I can easily recognize Vicki B. on her egg but the Becks one isn't all that spectacular. Nonetheless, as far as celeb-emblazoned Easter Eggs go, this batch ain't so bad. I'd still happily eat the David Beckham one :) [Source]