Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sticky Hilton

Despite denying reports that she may be suffering from an eating disorder, there is no denying that Nicky Hilton has lost a disturbingly significant amount of weight in the past few months. Here are a couple pictures of Nicky leaving a dinner party in the Hollywood Hills earlier this week showing off the new look she's been rockin' lately:

Photo credit: INFdaily

The heiress looked rail thin on Tuesday during her Nicholai show at L.A. Fashion Week. "Nicky definitely looked thinner than last year — even last season's — show," an onlooker tells "She wore a paper-thin printed dress that hung loose off of her frail frame." Nicky herself is inclined to disagree, however. When asked what she thinks about reports that she's too skinny, she blithely responded, "I don't care. There's no truth to any starvation, eating disorders, rumors," she told People yesterday in L.A. "I think the press has been printing a lot of pictures of me from unflattering angles. My friends see the pictures and they're like, 'Oh my god, are you OK?' And then they see me, and they're like, 'Oh... ' It's really not that interesting or true."

I sincerely hope that she is telling the truth when she says there is "no truth" to reports that she may be starving herself ... but these pictures are disturbing nonetheless. I cannot imagine that someone would want to go for a look like this. Her superthin legs make it look like she's wearing shoes that are three sized too big. In the second picture you can see how pronounced her cheekbones look, which is something you never saw before. I don't think you can blame all of this on "bad angled" photography. Whatever is going on, I hope things get back to normal for Nicky ... if her friends can see something in the pictures like the rest of us, then maybe she does have a problem she's not willing to address. [Source]