Sunday, March 16, 2008

Table Dancing Queen

In case there was any doubt that Kylie Minogue is a secret party animal, the Daily Mail has published new "old" photos of Kylie kicking up her heels at the after-party for the Brit Awards in London back on February 20 ... where a very trashed-looking KM was snapped dancing on the tables in celebration mere hours after she wowed the crowd and took home a her very own Brit Award for Best International Female Artist:

Three hours earlier the applause had been rapturous and her performance immaculate as Kylie Minogue was named Best International Female Artist at the Brit Awards. Even as her delicate frame was swept aloft by Dr Who star David Tennant, who presented her with the Brit, Kylie had kept her composure. Now, in the throb of Movida nightclub in London's West End, it was a rather different story. Kylie was doing something most un-Kylie – knocking back champagne with friends and dancing on the tables. She was having a ball. For somebody whose persona is usually so rigidly controlled, it was a rare glimpse of Kylie the woman rather than Kylie the brand.

Ha! I love it! While I am fairly confident that we will never see Kylie blitzed to the point of sloppy debauchery, I think this image of a semi-hammered Kylie actin' a bit of a fool is really cute. Let's be honest, every one of us has been in this state (some more than others, I'm sure) so it's a nice way to see Kylie Minogue in this light as opposed to the prim, proper and incredibly stylish way that we are used to seeing her. As long as she doesn't take her partying to Tara Reid-like levels, I think she'll be OK. She looks really fun ... I'd love to party with Kylie myself :) [Source]