Monday, March 24, 2008

Tie One One, Shoot One Off

Claudia Schiffer and lucky bastard Joseph Gordon-Levitt are featured in a new pictorial in GQ magazine this month wherein the supermodel and the barely just post-adolescent phased-looking actor get to play a game of spy cat and mouse ... which leads to some little s+m fun. Yeah, I'm not sure whose idea it was for this photospread to turn out this way but I imagine that JGL was very appreciative in the end ... oh yeah, in the mag Joe talks a wee bit about his appearance in the GI Joe movie and a bit more about his new movie Stop-Loss but you gotta wonder how he could really focus on anything other than his photoshoot with Claudia:

As a kid growing up in Los Angeles, Joseph Gordon-Levitt felt the weight of his parents’ politics early on. "I wasn't allowed to play with G.I. Joes," he says. "My parents drew the line at toys with guns." Which is ironic, considering the 27-year-old actor is now filming (yup) the bigscreen adaptation of G.I. Joe. Is Gordon-Levitt's stint in Hollywood ammo porn a slap in the face to Mom—a woman who, it should be said, once ran for Congress on the leftwing Peace and Freedom ticket? Nah. "The G.I. Joe costumes and the effects are just so fucking cool," he says. "And it looked like fun" ... The actor's do-right onscreen mission includes this month's Stop-Loss, Kimberly Peirce's follow-up to Boys Don’t Cry; it’s the story of an AWOL soldier (Ryan Phillippe) slapped with an unwanted return ticket to Iraq. Joe Gordon (that's what his friends call him), in a standout performance of complex rage, plays a soldier suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, a condition he self-medicates by using his household appliances for target practice. The film may be a tough sell, what with Iraq-themed movies falling at the box office. But he's quick to point out that unlike some of those films, Stop-Loss isn't a polemic: "The movie isn't about geopolitics or oil. It's about staying alive and keeping your friends alive—it's basic, and it's in a man's nature." Still, what would Mom make of all this gunplay? "The more guns you're around, the more likely you're gonna get shot," he says, pausing to smile: "But at the same time, they're fun as hell to shoot."

Again, I have *no idea* what any of this movie talk has AT ALL to do with the accompanying photospread which, may come as a bit of a surprise to all y'all, I really like ... after all, who wouldn't get a kick out of a pic like this:

I guess GQ really does understand their target audience ... I don't know that many publications would so adeptly pair talk of guns with sexy pics like this ... and in such a classy way that even *I* find the whole thing interesting. It would appear that metrosexuality swings both ways. [Source]