Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Change Of Pace

While Kylie Minogue is making the promo rounds here in the US, Mariah Carey is bizzy doing the same sort of promo rounds in Europe ... here are a couple pictures of the fabulous Mimi wearing a lovely striped outfit at the Showcase club in Paris, France yesterday as she made an appearance to promote her new album E=MC2:

The only thing missing from her Parisian outfit was the beret ... but I think the ponytail works in its place. This '60's Brigitte Bardot-look is a good one for Mariah ... I quite like it ... [Source]

... and apparently, Mariah loved it too. Here are pics of Mariah causing a commotion as she arrived at Claridge's hotel in the Mayfair district of London, England late last night/early this morning ... you will note she is still wearing the same outfit:

Now, under normal circumstances, a person who wears the same outfit all day long even while traveling is perfectly OK ... but Mariah Carey changes her clothes more times than pretty much any one else (celebrity or not) I've ever heard of. Could it be that Mimi has finally run out of outfits to wear? Does this mean that she is just a regular person like anyone else? I wonder what this news does for the morale of all her faithful Lambs out there. [Source]