Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Trimming The Fat, Outing A Gossip Boy

Are you hating yourself for missing out on watching Gossip Girl last night? Well, never fear, 236.com is offering up a vid clip of last night's episode, entitled The Blair Bitch Project, in an easy-to-manage 1-minute video that gives you only the most important bits of the ep without all that extraneous "plot stuff" that tends to get in the way:

To be fair, this 1-minute vid clip doesn't include all of the important bits from last night's ep ... the hilarious shout-out to Brody Jenner's phone didn't make the cut.

In other GG vid news, Kelly Rutherford (who plays Lily van der Woodsen) reveals which character on the show is going to come out as the "gay character" in an exclusive video interview with US Weekly:

I already called it but just in case you missed hearing it from me, you can watch the video above and hear it from Kelly.