Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Year In Spederline

What a wacky, crazy year it has been for our dear Spederline. Britney Spears and Kevin Federline started out the year as the dynamic duo and will end 2005 as a wee little family with the addition of their first child together (his third). We shouldn't be surprised if 2006 brings another new baby into the fold ... but that will be next year's story ... let's run thru my fave Spederline moments of 2005.

If Britney is anything at all she is consistent ... in 2004 she showed the world her love of the public restroom ... this favorite past time of hers was carried into 2005 as well:

We can be very glad that she no longer ventures into public restrooms in her bare feet ...

... but it would be nice if our dear Brit Brit wasn't associated with communal toilets.

2005 was Kevin's breakout year ... in February he was chosen for the cover of Details magazine:

And then in April he was featured in L'Uomo Vogue magazine:

Don't you just love the smell of fresh K-Fed arm pit in the air? We know Britney does.

Our dear Spederline have never been really hip to the latest fashion trends ...

... seeing Britney Spears wearing a scrunchie out in public was almost enough to make me want to abandon her forever. Kevin Federline wearing socks and flip-flops ... well ...

... I suppose it was always to be expected.

In March, Britney started to show the signs of her pregnancy:

And in April Fetus Spears made his blogging debut:

April also brought the debut of the UPN show Britney & Kevin: Chaotic ...

I had high hopes for this show ... I really tried to like it ... but I learned that I can't like something just because it has Brit Brit in it.

Kevin managed to weasel a brand new slightly used Ferrari out of his wife:

And when it broke down (the first of many times) he got himself a chopper to ride around in while his car was being fixed:

There was a glimmer of hope late in the year when Kevin discovered that his credit cards were cancelled ...

... for a brief moment it seems that Britney Spears had wisened up and put her foot down ... we even thought she had his Ferrari repossessed:

Eh ... but he got his car back and everything went back to normal for the two of them.

In shocking news, one of the Federlines managed to do the impossible ... Kevin's little brother graduated from high school in June:

He got an actual diploma ... no GED for this Federline. I'm sure the family was extremely proud that one of their kin found success on his own ... without having to marry an extremely wealthy woman.

In July we started seeing Kevin start work on his music career ...

... and now we are a mere 2 days away from his rapping debut. His first single is set to drop on New Year's Eve. I can't *wait* to hear PopoZao, y'all!!!

The biggest accomplishment for our dear Spederline this year was the birth of their baby boy Sean Preston ... here are pictures from Britney's baby shower ...

... if you recall, someone ::cough Kevin:: decided to shoot one of the paparazzi with a pellet gun to scare off the photogs. Classic!

Britney decided to give People magazine the exclusive first pictures of her baby boy and then immediately decided against releasing the pictures (and threatened to sue anyone who used them at all) before finally deciding to release the pictures after all ...

... and Spederline became a trio.

If this year was any indication, I'm sure we have much more to look forward to from our fave peeps. With a debut album from Kevin, a new album from Britney and a growing baby boy (and maybe a new baby to come) ... I can't wait to see how 2006 turns out for our dear Spederline.