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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

One Down, Four More To Go

TMZ is reporting that Britney Spears, who has made an "amazing" recovery, will be released this week from the Promises Rehab Facility in Malibu, CA ... Hmm ... has it been 30 days already?

TMZ has learned Britney Spears will be leaving rehab this week, and she has made one of the most amazing turnarounds in celebrity memory. Sources say Britney and soon-to-be ex Kevin Federline had an "amazing meeting" on Sunday. They are not only getting along, they are hammering out the terms of custody. We're told when Britney gets out, she and Kevin have agreed to a 50/50 split with physical custody of their two children. The plan is for Britney to eventually gain primary custody and Kevin will have visitation.

Interesting ... I had anticipated some inkling that Spederline would be getting back together after all of this rehab stuff. I must say, I am equally pleased that Britney appears to be doing so much better AND that she intends on going ahead with her divorce to Kevin Federline. Perhaps she has finally seen the error of her ways (all of her ways) and can finally go about her business of staging the most successful comeback in music history!!! Well ... I can still have hope, can't I?


Woot! I am *still* loving this season of 24 even tho the excitement is hitting the lull stage (as always happens as the show nears mid-season). Let me start off by saying that I was completely shocked that there was absolutely NO MENTION of what happened to former President Logan last week (you may remember that his former wife Martha Logan stabbed him in the chest/shoulder with a paring knife, hitting an artery and it looked as if he was going to die) -- not even in the "Previously, on 24" opening dialog. WTF?! Are we to assume that Charles Logan Peaced the Spork Out in that ambulance? In any regard, there was enough new info in last night's ep to keep me occupied ... especially when that one shocking piece of information was finally revealed:

DAAAAAMN! I cannot believe that they killed off Audrey Raines? It's so unfortunate that she had to die on 24 only to be resurrected on the ABC show The Nine -- which got killed off mid-season and now that leaves her ... where? It's so cute that Audrey went to China to try and save Jack from prison ... and so very sad that she was killed in the process. THO it occurred to me that she might not be dead after all. The Chinese government may have faked her death and imprisoned her to use as a bargaining chip if Jack Bauer should ever escape their custody ... Hmm ... that way Kim Raver could go off to try her luck at ABC and still have a place to come back to if that show ever failed (which it did ... miserably). Don't be surprised if Audrey still lives! Okay ... moving on ... now, I'm all for Marilyn and Jack hooking up and doing the do (something about a chick going after brothers that is veeeery interesting to me) but I think her seduction tactic of telling him that his last girlfriend is dead was a misstep. I'm annoyed that there is yet another CTU leak this season ... has there ever been a season where there wasn't a spy inside of CTU? I don't believe that Nadia is the spy ... why, if she is Muslim, would she be chosen to infiltrate CTU -- of course they would suspect her (unless the bad guys are trying reverse, reverse psychology ... or something). Nah, I just don't buy it -- but there is a traitor inside of CTU and they better make it a shocker ... I am interested to find out just what Ricky Schroder aka Mike Doyle "did" in Denver that was so bad. Is he torture happy? I guess we'll find out. Can I just say how much I hate VP Noah Daniels? His irritating "We must retaliate at all costs" bullshizz is really tiresome ... does it remind you of anyone? I think the similarities are meant to be obvious ... and disgusting. So yeah ... loved last night's ep. The preview for next week didn't show much insanity (but it will feature my girl Regina King, Holla!) ... but I'm sure much insanity is yet to come. Love it! [Source]

So ... yesterday Naomi Campbell managed to survive her first day as a civil servant as she began her 5-day sentence of community service for assaulting her assistant with a jewel-encrusted cell phone. Only in America, folks, only in America. Here is what Naomi looked like all dolled up in her cleaning garb ... alongside an illustration from

Naomi is such a diva ... she is *so* trying to make that orange vest look hot. It ain't working, but she does get snaps for trying. I much prefer the illustration of Naomi instead ... it's a damn good pic, if I say so myself. [Source, Source]

Miss Campbell had herself a very trying day yesterday, as is evident by these photos. She worked so hard that she had to take a break (chumming up with one of the real workers who was prolly *thrilled* to be working with Naomi Campbell) and tried to sneak out at the end of the day with her dirty hands holding up a copy of Vanity Fair magazine to hide her shameful face:

Photo credit: Splash News

The last couple pictures were taken last night as Naomi went out for a night on the town ... wearing a pair of comfortable shoes. Apparently, she got tired of wearing both stiletto heeled boots and work boots altogether. LOL. [Source]

Early this morning, Naomi showed up for Day 2 of her work week trying to look as normal as possible:

Photo credit: Splash News

Which meant, of course, that she had to be seen wearing some sort of dead animal draped across her body. Gross. I suspect that we'll get to see a new, different outfit on Miss Naomi as the week progresses. Hopefully she'll make them interesting or I'll have to stop caring. [Source]

In other community service news, David Beckham has launched a new website as a resource for kids and their parents to find coaching advice ... or whatever. Here are pictures of hottie Becks with a group of carefully selected students getting their first look at his new website (which can be visited HERE):

Photo credit: Splash News

The website is an extension of Beckham's football academy which hosts free educational days. So far more than 12,000 children in the UK have benefited from those open days but now Beckham is hoping anyone, anywhere can take advantage of what his academy has to offer. Beckham, visiting Bristol's City Academy School, said: "I have seen first-hand how boys and girls respond to the coaches at the academy. I am extremely proud of the work we have achieved to date with schools and community groups who visit the academy for free and I am pleased that now every school will get the chance to sample what we provide." Aww ... bless ... ain't that so sweet. While kiddies will prolly get much more out of a site like Pink is the new Blog, I think it's great that Becks is offering this other resource to kids and their parents alike. Oh ... and he looks tres hot in these pics. Wee! [Source]

Madonna is only 2 days away from the worldwide launch of her first clothing line M by Madonna in H&M stores across the globe ... but she's already begun work on one of her next ventures. Here are pictures of Madonna as she makes her way, with guitar in hand, into a recording studio to start work on her new album:

Even tho Timbaland is remaining mum on the subject (only saying that that information is "top secret" when asked the question), he is among the rumored producers working with her on her next album which is supposedly due out later this year. The thought of Maddy and Tim working together gets me all hot and bothered ... I can't wait to start hearing some of this stuff. [Source]

In other Madge news, here is a supercute picture of her newly adopted son David Banda as he goes skateboarding with his nanny:

He may not be ready to walk just yet but he can skateboard like a pro already! [Source]

And speaking of walking babies ... it appears that little Suri Holmes-Cruise has already attained the Thetan level that allows babies to take their first steps ... that is, if you wind them up properly:

Photo credit: Splash News

You will note the little wind-up key sticking out of the little child's back ... they really should try and hide that thing better. [Source]

The love betwixt Kate Moss and Pete Doherty grows stronger and cuter every day ... despite the fact that Pete is suffering from his own affliction (that thing he's covering up with that scarf) he still has the strength and fortitude to sweep Kate off her feet and carry her off like a gallant:

Photo credit: Splash News

Apparently, Kate hurt her ankle or something like that and couldn't be bothered to walk on it ... so Pete came to her rescue. So cute I could puke. [Source]

Yesterday, the 2,331st star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was awarded to Vanessa Williams. I'm unsure if she received her star for her work as a musician, an actress or a deposed Miss America but here are a few pics from the unveiling ceremony in Hollywood:

Photo credit: Splash News

Many predicted Vanessa Williams would fade into obscurity when she gave up her Miss America crown because of a scandal over nude photographs, but her star shone brightly Monday. Williams received the 2,331st star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Fellow cast members from the TV show "Ugly Betty," in which she plays a villainous magazine editor, showed up to cheer for her at the ceremony in front of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. "We were so happy to get Vanessa," said Salma Hayek, the show's executive producer. "She is brilliant because she is so nasty on the show, but in reality she is the sweetest person." ... On Monday, [Vanessa] thanked fellow "Betty" cast members for attending the ceremony on their day off. "I love working with these people," she said. "I also want to thank my family for allowing me to live my dreams. The sun didn't shine today, but my heart is shining." I have always been a Vanessa Williams fan ... and I remember when she was dethroned as Miss America (after winning the crown to become the first Black Miss America) when her nude pics came out in Penthouse magazine. After taking a few years off she came back on the scene as a pop singer and released a few amazing albums (Comfort Zone plays regularly on my iPod ... the song Save the Best For Last holds a special place in my heart) and then slowing began acting. Her current stint on Ugly Betty is absolutely perfect. Vanessa truly deserves this honor (much more than most other Walk of Fame star recipients) and I send her all my love and congrats! [Source]

Here's a shocker ... Shanna Moakler and Travis Barker have announced to the world that they are happily back together as a couple and are, once again, "in love":

Photo credit: Mavrix

Shanna Moakler has reunited with her rocker husband Travis Barker, she tells PEOPLE exclusively, but denies rumors she's pregnant. "While I hope one day to have more children with Travis, I am not pregnant," says the former Dancing with the Stars contestant. "But yes, I'm madly in love with my husband." Barker, 31, the drummer for Blink 182, threw an early 32nd birthday for Moakler over the weekend at Miami's Cameo nightclub. "They were really affectionate with each other all night long," says a partygoer. "They really looked loving and happy." ... More than 100 guests ... watched Moakler – whose real birthday is March 28 – blow out the candles on her cake while Barker sang an off-key rendition of "Happy Birthday." Moakler then kissed Barker on the lips while the crowd applauded. The two also were spotted over the weekend strolling hand-in-hand and kissing on a Miami beach. Eh ... no surprise here. I love that they chose to announce this news to a legitimate magazine like People instead of posting the news on their My Space profiles ... I guess they only reserve that medium for their public bitch-fights. Ahh ... doesn't it seem like just yesterday that Travis was making out with Paris Hilton and Shanna was throwing Happy Divorce parties in Vegas? Well, good luck you two ... you're gonna need it. [Source]

EEK! The Olsen twins burrowed out of their cave and stepped out into the sunlight this week:

Photo credit: Splash News

I'm not sure which is which but the one wearing the disgusting fur coat and Eskimo boots should go back into her cave. I wonder what adventure is a foot for these two creatures. [Source]

Scott Caan was photographed shoving his hand down the front of his pants this week, presumably to enjoy what he's got stashed away in there ...

Click above to see larger, uncensored images
Photo credit: Splash News

... Not that there's anything wrong with that. [Source]

Bjork has announced a handful of US tour dates that are set to go on exclusive pre-sale on her official website very soon:

"Bjork announces today the first dates of her forthcoming world tour. Following her April 27 headline appearance at a sold out Coachella festival, she will play a select group of dates in the U.S. and one in Canada. Beginning May 2 at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, the debut run will take her to several New York City venues, Chicago, Denver and San Francisco. The tour will then break for a month before resuming in Europe in June with a headline appearance at Glastonbury festival. Further announcements will be made over the coming weeks and months. There will be an exclusive 48 hour pre-sale to subscribers of on March 22 and 23 for the San Francisco show. The pre-sale for the rest of the dates will take place on March 28 and 29.

U.S. tour dates:
May 02 - New York - Radio City Music Hall
May 05 - New York - United Palace Theater
May 08 - New York - Apollo Theater
May 12 - Chicago - Auditorium Theatre
May 15 - Denver - Red Rocks Amphitheatre
May 19 - San Francisco - Shoreline Amphitheatre
May 23 - Vancouver- Deer Lake Park

San Francisco, CA – Shoreline Amphitheatre tickets will go on sale March 24; All other dates will go on sale March 30. Tickets will be available for purchase through for 48 hours prior to general public on-sale.

Woot! I have made 2 previous attempts to see Bjork in concert (both times in Toronto, Canada because she never visits Detroit anymore) and both times was foiled by cancellation. The dates were rescheduled to other dates that I couldn't make ... I hope this time I will be successful in seeing her live. NIN, Tori Amos and Bjork all touring in the same year?! I'm gonna party like it's 1995! [Source]

Pink reader Austin sends in these amazingly hot photos of my girl Mary Lynn Rajskub from the new issue of Geek magazine:

I always knew that Mary Lynn would look great on the cover of a magazine ... and she looks pretty damn hot in that Lara Croft garb. [thanks Austin]

Reese Witherspoon is featured in the new issue of Harper's Bazaar magazine ... here are a few of the photos from that photoshoot:

She looks absolutely beautiful. I previously commented that I wasn't all about the crazy Technicolor cover of the mag ... but I love the colors as they are utilized in this photoshoot. She looks amazing. [Source]

Justin Timberlake is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Details magazine:

In his interview, Justin gives his thoughts on how he feels about tabloid magazines: "I despise what they do. They create soap operas out of people's lives. [Cameron and I] had our thing, and it's over. They edit that stuff like MTV edits reality shows. It's a spin game, and I choose not to take part in it." LOL! As if he doesn't agree with marketing or selling himself. I find this rationale a bit hypocritical ... he's happy with his fame and fortune as long as he can remain totally private and untouched or bothered? LOL ... get over it dude ... you're too big a star to be complaining about this stuff. [Source]

Orlando Bloom is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of V Man magazine:

I actually like the shaggy, gross-looking hair. Actually, these pics look like he's trying to do his best Johnny Depp impersonation. [Source]

And speaking of ... the new trailer for the upcoming blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End is streaming online:

Yep ... it looks like it's gonna be a whopper. Bring on the summer blockbusters! I'm already ready already!! [Source]

Les News:
Blah ... I spent much of yesterday afternoon working on tax stuff. As much as I like working for myself, dealing with the income tax ramifications is not fun at all. I pretty much got most of my stuff done yesterday ... I only have a few other numbers to sort out before I hand it all over to a tax dude. Trust me ... it's not fun.

I spent the rest of yesterday getting my place ready for a couple of houseguests who are due to arrive this Thursday night. Tracey and Zakiya are coming to LA to spend the long weekend with me ... and I'm trying to baby-proof the place. Unfortch, I'm not doing a very good job of it ... I've got way too much stuff. I'll have to get her a very posh playpen to secure her for some of the time ... thankfully, she still loves her playpen time. I have some surprises up my sleeve for this weekend ... but those will come later.

Tonight I have a thing to go to ... we'll see if I make it, I still have much to do before Thursday. I hope your Tuesday isn't gloomy ... cuz it's kinda overcast here today. Have a good one! I'm out.



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